Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10.2 - Green Hat (2)

    JinBei, Xu Jiawei is gone?" He Di came into the room and saw Zhou Shiyun standing there, slightly stunned. "Dr. Zhou, you are also here."

    Zhou Shiyun nodded at her and turned to go out.

    He Di looked at his back and asked Su Jinbei, "What did Xu Jiawei say to you."

    Su Jinbei squinted and punched the pillow fiercely, "Zhou Shiyun, you are one tough nut to crack."

    " Ah? What is wrong with Dr. Zhou."

    "Nothing." Su Jinbei said angrily.

    He Di sat next to her, picked up the desserts next to it, and took a piece of it. "Xu Jiawei is interesting. How does he know you like to eat these."

    Su Jinbei glanced at the snacks, and suddenly remembered Xu Jiawei's words just now, "He Di, Xu Jiawei just said that he liked me."

    "Poof... cough cough cough!" He Di choked for a long time and asked incredulously, "What? He likes you?"

    "You are so surprised! What about it?," Su Jinbei gave her a disgusted look. "Do you think everyone's taste is as bad as Zhou Shiyun's."

    "No, why did he say so suddenly, this kind of news is not a joke."

    "Don't worry, nobody knows, I will make it clear to him."

    He Di shook her head helplessly, "Ah, don't show that kind of enchanting smile to others in the future. It is normal for Xu Jiawei who had an overnight popularity will be tempted by you. But you can rest assured that his agent will not allow him to lose his popularity so soon. Of course, slowly, he will also come to understand that you are not a good match."

    Su Jinbei mouth corner smoked, "Enchanting? Tempt? Not a good match? Ms He Di, are you really my agent?"

    He Di raised her eyebrows at her. "Okay, okay, I'm kidding. Except for the fact you are too obsessed with looks, you are a still someone with good background and Five ideals."

    "Ugh, just leave."

    He Di grinned, in fact, she is indeed right, Su Jinbei seems to be enchanting and beautiful, but in fact had a very strict family, because from a young age, she already had a fiance, so she had no chance to secretly date another man. As a result, men are often cut off before they advance beyond flirting.

    But this time, she is the one who is going to flirt with someone who is her real match. And there is no one interfering, but... He Di hopes that this will not make Su Jinbei lose her freshness and innocence.

    Su Jinbei's leg injury is almost okay. In fact, she can even be discharged, but the star seems to like this ward, foolishly saying that she will stay for a few more days.

    "Doctor Xiao, do you have a patient?" Su Jinbei was very familiar with Xiao Yuansong who passed by her ward, Xiao Yuansong nodded politely and asked, "how is Miss Su’s injury?"

    "Almost recovered "

    "That's good."

    "Eh, Dr. Xiao, did you see Zhou Shiyun."

    Xiao Yuan Song's eyebrows curved in laughter. "I found that the most frequently asked question that Miss Su asked me is: Where is Shi Yun?" "

    Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows. "Really."

    "Yeah, it seems that Miss Su likes Shiyun very much."

    "You caught me, I really like him." Su Jinbei said, gritting her teeth.

    Xiao Yuan was stunned for a long time, but he did not expect Su Jinbei to be so calm. “Shi Yun is a cold person by nature, Miss Su really needs to suffer a bit if you really like him."

    Su Jinbei shrugged indifferently. “He is a cold person, anyway..." Su Jinbei cutted her word, silently completing the next sentence in her heart, he is still mine anyway.

    "Cough, do you know where he is now?"

    Xiao Yuan Song said, "I just saw him in the corridor."

    "Thank you Dr. Xiao." So, Su Jinbei jumped up and walked in the direction pointed by Xiao Yuansong in her clutches.

    Xiao Yuansong looked at the slim back and smiled, "This time Shi Yun has encountered a real opponent."