Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 10.1

Intense Love

Chapter 10.1 - Green Hat (1)

At six o'clock in the evening, a man wearing large sunglasses and a mask came into Su Jinbei's room. The nurse was very excited when passing by. The scandals on the Internet were indeed true. Xu Jiawei came to visit Su Jinbei!

    In the ward at this moment, Su Jinbei was lying courteously, with a polite smile on her face, "Jia Wei, why are you here, your agent should be angry if you get photographed."

    Xu Jiawei took off his mask and sunglasses, and an exquisite and handsome face appeared, "I have been out of the hospital for so long and I haven't had time to see you. I got time off from filming today, so I have time to come visit and bring something for you to eat."

    Su Jinbei, "Thank you, I’ve troubled you."

    "What trouble." Xu Jiawei hurriedly said, "You are here because of me, I am already guilty that I can't take care of you all the time.”

    Well, I have almost recovered, you rest assured. 

“Then I’m relieved” Xu Jiaweisaid while carrying bags of snack boxes to her bedside,"These are the snacks I bought back specially for you to try from my trip to Japan last week. " said Xu Jiawei  as he opened the box. The cherry-colored square desserts, soft and glutinous, looked very appetizing. Su Jinbei's eyes lit up. "This is it. Some friends gave it to me as a present before. It's really delicious."

    Xu Jiawei said happily. "Glad you like it."

    Su Jinbei just wanted to reach for it. He Di suddenly floated from behind Xu Jiawei and gave Su Jinbei a meaningful glance. Oh, recently, she gained a few pounds...

    "Why won’t you eat it?" Xu Jiawei asked.

    Su Jinbei coughed, silently withdrawing her hand, "I just finished eating, this dessert will be for later."

    "Okay, I will help you put it away."

    Su Jinbei looked at it reluctantly,thinking about waiting for He Di to leave so as to steal a piece.

    A few minutes later, He Di finally went out of the ward. When Su Jinbei was just about to say that she wanted to eat the dessert again, Xu Jiawei suddenly said, "Jinbei, the online comments made last time were unfair to you."

    Su Jinbei recovered, "Last time, you were talking about our scandal?"

    Xu Jiawei exclaimed, "Some fans' comments may be too radical."

    "It's okay, I've seen many of these things." Su Jinbei patted his shoulder said indifferently, "How can people not be scolded in the entertainment world."

    "But I'm not very happy." Xu Jiawei sullenly lowered his eyes.

    "What's wrong?" Su Jinbei looked at Xu Jiawei with his slightly depressed expression, and her heart softened. This handsome face was so soft, she can’t help but want to comfort him, "This is often the case, you don't need to overthink it , really."

    Xu Jiawei listened to her and raised his tone, "but I don't like to see you being scolded by others, and I don't like people saying a lot of bad things about you. Also, what is said on the Internet is inappropriate. They didn’t even know the real story, so they talked nonsense.”

    Su Jinbei froze. She understood what he said in the first part but not what he meant in the back part.

    Xu Jiawei didn't wait for Su Jinbei's reaction, and suddenly reached out to cover the back of her hand, "Jnbei, don't worry, I won't let others scold you casually."

    "What." Su Jinbei's brain glitched, this seems wrong….., "What do you mean?"

    Xu Jiawei's face turns slightly red, "I, I like you, Jinbei ......"

   Before he can finish, the sound of flipping paper came from the door, "Rustle."

    Even though the sound was very small, Su Jinbei, who was still annoying, suddenly looked at the door. This sound felt familiar to her. Zhou Shiyun always looks at documents while he walks towards her.

    Sure enough, there was a tall white robe doctor standing at the doorway, who knew how long he has been there.

    Seeing Su Jinbei's gaze was not on him, Xu Jiawei also looked towards the direction of her gaze.

    Zhou Shiyun closed the folder and looked up at the two people. His gaze was light, and there seemed to be a twinkling of stars. He only glanced at them and prepared to turn around and leave.

    "Wait!" Su Jinbei jumped directly off the bed, then hopped towards Zhou Shiyun. "Doctor Zhou, you must come to check my body, come in and come in, Don't be embarrassed."

    Zhou Shiyun, "..."

    Su Jinbei didn't know when he came or what he heard, but what's more important now is that she doesn't want Xu Jiawei's topic to continue.

    Sure enough, Xu Jiawei stood up when he saw the doctor come in. "Jinbei..."

    Su Jinbei sighed in her heart. Before that, he always called her “ Sister JinBei” How come she didn't notice that he changed to calling her name today?

    "Jiawei, you should go back first today. It’s not convenient for me to send you. You leave carefully, don't let people recognize it."

    Xu Jiawei is a little frustrated, but now there are outsiders so it was not good to say anything more. "Then, I will come to see you next time."

    "Good, see you next time."

    Xu Jiawei left, Zhou Shiyun lift up her hand holding his arm and took two steps back, "I'm not here to check on you, just here to give you this report." Su Jinbei took the report and placed it casually beside. "It's not important. Fortunately, you are here."

    Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, "Why?

    " You still ask me why?" Su Jinbei sat down beside the bed. "Didn’t you just hear something?"

    Zhou Shiyun responded faintly.

    Su Jinbei glanced at him. "You didn't come in when you heard it, and even plan to leave. Your fiancee was confessed to."

    Zhou Shiyun looked at her calmly. "Don't you like him very much."


    Su Jinbei reacted, remembering that when she didn’t know that Zhou Shiyun was Zhou Shiyun, and when Xu Jiawei was still in the hospital, she showed her infatuation with Xu Jiawei in front of Zhou Shiyun.

    Su Jinbei was slightly embarrassed. Zhou Shiyun was considered to be wearing a big green hat (illa: A man who got cheated on ) at that time... 

But now it seems that he has no feelings towards it at all, she felt a strong sense of frustration!