Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 1

Chapter 1

At 8 o'clock in the morning, which is also the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s open time, the TV was turned on automatically and her bed was still in a mess.
  Jiang Jun struggled to sit up, her hair in a great mess, and her face bloated.
  She lifted the quilt and ran into the bathroom barefoot...
  30 minutes later, the Starbucks waiter in the store saw a beautiful woman wearing a sapphire blue MIYAKE shirt, smiled at her and said "MORNING", then handed her a paper bag with orange juice and croissant. Jiang Jun nodded, turned and smiled and walked out of the door. Yuan Shuai, who was talking on the phone, saw her walking out and leaned over to open the car door next to the co-driver's seat for her and turned down the sun visor. After she fastened her seat belt, she took out orange juice from the bag when the car engine started.
Yuan Shuai kept talking on the phone in a variety of languages ​​along the way, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Jiang Jun swallowed the last bite of her bread with her eyes closed, sipped on the fruit juice. The sour taste in her mouth diminished as she swallowed it down, which stimulated her internal organs to wake up. She yawned heavily and squinted at with wet eyes. Yuan Shuai knew that she would always get up from the wrong side of the bed and after some time, her anger should be gone. He was still holding the phone and at the same time he pointed to the juice. Jiang Jun brought her juice to his lips and waited for him to finish drinking. She then tore the bread skillfully and fed it into his mouth bit by bit. Yuan Shuai suddenly raised his voice impatiently and fastened his talking speed. Jiang Jun placed the paper bag of leftovers under the seat. Anyone who has been with him for some time will know he will be extremely aggressive within the hour he gets up. She took out the wipes, wiped her hands, and then helped him wipe his mouth. He did not turn while she did that, allowing her to wipe his mouth clean. She then adjusted the mirror on the sun visor and began to put on foundation. She drew on the eyeliner while waiting for the green light, patted the powder, and finished her makeup. When the car stopped at its dedicated parking space, Jiang Jun happened to pin the last strand of hair up.
     She picked up the garbage and got off the car, turned back to wave him goodbye, took out a cigarette, and lighted it. 
   At 9:30 in the morning, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange markets opened. Jiang Jun sat like a student in her boss’s office to wait for him to make a comment. He continued to flip through the papers she submitted without raising his head. She stayed up 4 nights to finish it. She put on a smile that says to wait for him to finish reading it."Before the official letter is given, you have to be careful”. He, her boss, Du Lei heard her and finally looked up at her.
    "I Know"
     "Can I have the honor to invite you to have a meal on Friday night?, I can make a good impression for my future director." He said.
"Why do you want to tease me again?" She stared at him. Everyone knows that he became an executive at the age of 27. He was a landmark figure in the investment bank's Asia-Pacific region. He took a cigar out of the box and show it off to her.
     "UINTERO?" She snatched it over. "Such a good thing and you are not sharing it"
     "I have something even better. I will give it to you on Friday."
     "Sure thing, I’m leaving"
     He held her hand and slowly sat up straight, and she subconsciously backed away.
     "Is it so difficult to have a meal with you?" He chuckled and his fingertips ran across the back of her fair hand. "If you don't agree, I will take back that UINTERO."
     She drew her hand violently and grabbed the cigar.
     "Go find Ammy"
    At 10 o'clock, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong opens and the secretary came in with today's news from various morning newspapers in different categories. Jiang Jun was laying on the sofa looking tired and casually flipped through her paper. Assistant Ammy came in again with a cup of green tea.
     "Say it, what's up"
     She smiled and patted her, waiting for her quietly.
     "I want to resign"
     "I'm sorry, I know it's not a good time to leave now, but the intensity of the work..." She started tearing.
     "After this month, the busiest period will pass."
     "It's okay, just ask HR to assign somebody to come over. Just say we don't have enough staff here. It will be even better if they can send me a few more."
     "Don't tell others first, the bonus is coming in next week"
     "Cover your belly buttons and start working. Call them in for a meeting in half an hour"
"Ammy, remember to bring me the novel series. I have missed so many series. I bet the female protagonist’s child has grown up already." She grimaced, and Ammy giggled and wiped her tears.
    When Ammy fixed her makeup and came out of the bathroom, she found Jiang Jun had fallen asleep. Her eyes teared again, and she took a sweater to cover her.
    Jiang Jun’s day was filled with loads of financial statements, plans, large and large evaluation reports, endless calls, and endless clients.
    The New York Stock Exchange opens at 9.30pm.
    Jiang Jun walked past her office and said farewell to her colleagues who were still either talking on their phone or staring at the big screen. 
     Outside her office was a themed restaurant established by Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai.
     The blue brick, gray tiles, white corridor pillars, bamboo forest, and wisteria trellis mimicked Jiang Jun's memories of the old mansion in Beijing.
    Jiang Jiang leaned back on the wicker chair and smoked "I heard that you are headhunting in my company?"
     "GT is preparing to build a branch in the Mainland, I will be the general manager for that division" Yuan Shuai sat up straight and looked at her "Congratulations, congratulations to the youngest, most handsome and attractive general manager director"
     "Same, congratulations to you too, the most beautiful and charming female director" When he smiled strangely "When will you be officially appointed?"
     "A month or so"
     "And then? MH recently is going on a rocky mountain!"
     "GT is determined this time. We invested a lot of time and money."
     "Which aspect of business are you starting with?"
     "FID and IBD (Investment Banking Division)"
     "Oh FID? You are a king expert in that field"
     "If I can get the queen expert of IBD (Investment Banking Division), I will be invincible!"
     "Come and help me"
     She lowered her head and fingers tightly wrapped around the tassel on the napkin.

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