The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 8

The Love Equation

Chapter 8: First Acquaintance - You didn’t notice me?

On a sunny afternoon, Zhao Fanzhou was studying in the library. He likes to lean against the window, a large piece of floor-to-ceiling glass allows the sunlight outside the window to sprinkle on the concrete floor. Reading books, drinking tea, he once lived a quiet and comfortable lifestyle. But this comfort was soon destroyed by two girls. There were two girls sitting on the opposite table, a wonderful contrast, one was thin, tall, and beautiful; one was plump, small, and had a face full of mischief — mischief, he didn’t know why this word emerged in his mind. What happened later, he’ll come to realize that his sixth sense was really accurate.

Zhao Fanzhou lowered his head again to read the book, "Shar.........Shar..." The sound of the plastic bag, "Swosh.. Swosh..." The sound of pouring water , "Dat...Dat..." The sound of turning pen. No matter how good Zhao Fanzhou's temper was, he raised his head and glared at the girl for a long time, but a little discouraged, they were not watching him at all, so he glared for an even longer time. Instead, the tall girl next to her found out, hit her with her elbow, and whispered, "Noisy." 

She raised her head and looked in the direction of Zhao Fanzhou, made a little embarrassed smile, lowered her head to quietly read. Zhao Fanzhou also lowered his head to read, but he accidentally looked at her and saw that she secretly made a grimace at him. He felt a little angry and a little funny, what a girl!

After being quiet for a while, sudden came a “thung” sound, he suddenly raised his head in a reflex , and saw the girl frantically tidying up the table. She had knocked over a cup. Alas ---- it seems that this afternoon should be ruined. He took out a pack of tissues and handed them over. The girl took the tissue and smiled gratefully at him, then stopped the water from spreading on the table. After tidying up, she suddenly lay on the table, her shoulders kept shaking, Zhao Fanzhou was startled, she wouldn't possibly cry just from that? 

But when she lifted her head, he realized that her eyes were bright and she had a big smile on her face, struggling to control herself from laughing. What is so funny?

Sure enough, throughout the whole afternoon he watched her keep dropping things. Dropping this and that, going to the toilet, borrowing books, and pouring water. Every time she did something that made a sound, she glanced around with a guilty conscience, then lowered her head for ten minutes.

"Fanzhou, shall we eat dinner together? - Jia Yichun" The mobile phone quaked quietly. He picked it up and looked at it, and at the same time, he heard the girl on the opposite side whispering to another girl, "The sound of vibration sounds like a fart." The other girl pushed her slightly, and suddenly, the two began covering their mouths and laugh.

"Okay, see you in front of the cafeteria." He returned a text message. After keeping his things, he glanced at the girl before he left. She lowered her head, as if she was very serious, totally not paying attention to his departure.

He met Jia Yichun at the door of the canteen. She smiled and said, "You're going to become a nerd at this rate. Have you finished reading the "Securities Technical Analysis" book that I lent you last time? 

He remembered that his whole afternoon was spent studying the girl on the opposite side, he barely read any books. So lame. He smiled self-deprecatingly and shook his head.

Two days later, at the school’s English corner, Zhao Fanzhou saw her talking eleboratedly with a foreigner, her tiny figure next to the foreigner seemed somewhat funny, she seemed to always hang out with tall people... 

She looked back as if she felt Zhao Fanzhou's eyes on her, but her eyes only turn one round around the classroom, and then went back to talking with the foreigner. Zhao Fanzhou was a little disappointed. He wasn't arrogant enough to think she must remember him, but that it was only two days ago. He endured her noisiness for one afternoon. She even made a grimace face at him and he even gave her tissue, yet she didn't even stop to look at him for two seconds. Is he someone that is so easily forgotten?

It's a strange phenomenon. When you start to notice a person, you always seem to encounter that person by accident.

In such a big school, he always seems to be able to meet her: The cafeteria, she eats at the row of tables in front of him on the left; The library, the third person in line in front of him waiting to return books; The bookstand, She was standing next to him flipping a magazine; In the supermarket, she pushed her cart past him... but he was even more discouraged that she had never notice his existence. He is at least considered presentable, in fact, since young he has received quite a number of love letters.