Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Prologue


                The investment banker who went "A Date with Luyu" (an interview series) is a mysterious figure in the eyes of the public. The impressions people have on investment bankers are to take first-class flights, stay five-star hotels, and live a decent life.
    Today, the guests I’ve invited are several young investment bankers. Let us get to know more about their lives
     First of all, welcome the vice president of MHIBD Asia Pacific Vice President Juno, Ms Jiang.
Commentary: Her name is Juno, graduated from Harvard with MBA, and Master in Applied Mathematics, and is the youngest female vice president of MH Asia Pacific. 

  "Juno, I always thought that banker would wear a tailored suit all year round, with a pair of gold wire glasses covering their ruthless looking eyes, expressionless when they talk. Haha, its probably because I’ve watched too many movies, but you really aren’t like a banker."
     "Because I wear jeans?" she asked.
     "No, mainly because you are beautiful and fashionable. Do you need to disguise yourself by wearing black-framed glasses at work?" One reporter asked.
     "And maybe changing into a conservative looking black suit with hair in a bun. And upon shaking your head that your bun will loosen up so that your hair can fall gracefully after work?". Another one added.
     "Yes, this is more in line with everyone's imagination, what is your daily life like?" One interrupted.
     "My life actually resembles all office workers. I arrive at my office at 9 in the morning and work an average of 10-12 hours a day."
     "Since your work hours are so long, do you not have a private life? A beautiful girl like you should be receiving bouquets of flowers after work every day."
     "When I end my work, the flowers would probably have withered"
     "Are you regretting your choice of entering this industry? Why did you choose this career in the past?”
                "First, this job requires wisdom, and it’s challenging and stressful. Second, the people you meet every day are smart and interesting, and I like that it challenges and forces me to think at a higher level when I am with them. This allows me to learn and absorb new things. Third, high income. Maybe I should have mentioned this first. The fact is for the first three years after you graduate, the income is pretty low, no more what a standard job will earn. But these three years are the most painful and tiring part of the career and only a few people can survive through it. So if you go to the investment bank for the sake of making money, you will definitely not succeed. The main focus should be still on challenging yourself constantly. "
     "So how do you usually relief your stress? Will you cry?"
     "Crying is actually too common to be mentioned, scolding, beating... when I dream, I hope my boss will not watch this show"
     "Many people are very envious of you. Just now we have mentioned your life taking flights in the first-class cabin, staying in a five-star hotel, and living a decent life. Do you think it is accurate?"...
     Airplane rides leading to osteoporosis. Living in hotels like you don’t have a home.

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