Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 9.1

intense love
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Chapter 9.1 - Satisfied (1)

During this time, Su Jinbei ate and lived well in the hospital, and seemed to have gained weight

    "What's happening?" Su Jinbei looked at the little black dress that could not be zipped. "He Di, is this dress shrinking?"

    He Di sat on the sofa without a word. "This skirt was bought when you were the thinnest. Isn't it normal that you can't wear it now."

    Su Jinbei froze for a while, "No, you mean ... I am fat now?"

    He Di clasped her fingers. "It's so good for “recuperation” during this time. It is only a few pounds. You can always lose weight after leaving the hospital."

    Su Jinbei opened her mouth, obviously not accepting this fact. She couldn't wear her clothes, she gained weight? She, the Su Jinbei, could also gain weight ...

    "Okay, go wear your patient clothes well, why bother tossing through these clothes?"

    Su Jinbei resentfully changed out of the little black dress, but she still didn't put on her patient clothes, but put on another slightly looser clothing. "How ugly the patient clothes are, I can't let Zhou Shiyun look down on me."

    He Di, "..."

    "Where’s the makeup bag?"

    He Di silently handed it to her. Su Jinbei took it over and applied makeup very skillfully.

    Ten minutes later, Su Jinbei got out of the ward door in a wheelchair.

    Su Jinbei did not move much, but as soon as she appeared at the door of the room, almost all the people present were attracted to her. The cashmere dark blue coat, with a long black tight sweater inside, she is clearly sitting in a wheelchair, but she can't conceal her beautiful curves, slender figure, charming and charming.

    Su Jinbei had her long hair lazily resting on her shoulders, and her turtleneck sweater framed her face against the delicate, fair and fair skin. At this moment she didn't know what to say to the people behind her, and suddenly smiled slightly cunningly, so everyone was charmed by the red lips and eyes, and the scene was like the most beautiful spring sunshine.

    The surrounding medical staff were stunned. Su Jinbei had been here for so long. Of course, they all knew that they were very beautiful, but they didn't expect that the immaculately dressed Su Jinbei was the real beauty.

    "Xiao juan."

    The nurse who was called recovered sharply, "Ah, Miss Su, what do you need?"

    Su Jinbei smiled, "Does Dr. Zhou have surgery today?"


    "What about others?"

    "In his office."

    "Okay." Su Jinbei nodded toward her, folded the sunglasses on her hand, and let He Di push her forward.

    He Di pushed her to Zhou Shiyun's office and was thrown behind Su Jinbei at the door. "I have something to tell him. You wait for me here."

    He Di, "Jinbei, please take it easy. Although you were humiliated by him, this is not a big deal, right?

    Su Jinbei hooked her lips, "It’s not like I will eat him again, what are you anxious about?"

    With that, Su Jinbei knocked on the door.

    A soft voice came from the door, "Come in."

    Su Jinbei opened the door and went in her wheelchair. After entering, she closed the door politely.

    Sitting at the desk, Zhou Shiyun raised his eyes when he heard the sound and raised his eyes. After seeing the person coming in , he paused slightly and lowered his eyes again. "Where are you having problems?"

    Su Jinbei pushed the wheelchair to his desk, "Dr. Zhou, do I have to have problems to come find you."

    Zhou Shiyun pondered for a moment, "What else?"

    Su Jinbei smiled patiently, supporting her chin with her hand casually, and then ... staring at Zhou Shiyun, "I just want to see hows your forehead."

    "I'm fine." Zhou Shiyun closed the documents on the table. "You are a patient, don't run around. There is also my office. Don't come in if you're fine."

    Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, "But I am a doctor's family, shouldn't I have the right to enter your office?"


    Su Jinbei nodded affirmatively, "Given our relationship, am I not a family member?"

    Zhou Shiyun was silent, and felt a little unbelievable, so he said, "As far as I know, you have a very negative feelings towards this marriage."

    Su Jinbei frowned, "As far as I know, you have a very negative feeling towards this marriage." she also whispered, "You didn’t even come to the engagement banquet."

    Zhou Shiyun, "Then our family hasn;t been established yet."

    Su Jinbei laughed softly, and the peach blossom eyes were enchanting, "but you may not know, I have recently changed my opinion."

    Zhou Shiyun, "..."

    "Hey, I blame myself. I didn't care to find out what my fiance looked like before. Now I have seen it and I'm very satisfied." Su Jinbei pointed to Zhou Shiyun, "Such a handsome fiance. I'll readily accept. "

    Zhou Shiyun looked at her for a moment.

    The woman in front of him seemed to be playful and serious. He couldn't see through her intention, but he knew he didn't like her words. Handsome? Accept? What kind of mentality did she have?