My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter 1.1


Chapter 1.1 New Neighbor is a weirdo

In the winter morning, the sun was shining brightly, Cong Rong opened her eyes lazily while lying on the soft cushions on the window bay to enjoy the morning sun. After a cup of coffee, she changed her clothes and headed out. As soon as she opened the door, she saw the neighboring unit had its door slightly open. People from a furniture company were going in and out of it but the owner was nowhere to be seen.

Cong Rong leaned against the door and looked at the busy workers for a while. There was no one living in that opposite unit for more than half a year. Rumors said that it was because the landlord is overly obsessed with cleanliness and no tenant could abide by his metamorphic demands. He probably was not short of money, so he never rented the unit out. She wonders to herself: what kind of person will ever move in? As there are only two households on each floor for the building, and the neighboring unit has always been unoccupied, it was equivalent to her occupying the entire storey by herself. Zhong Zhen was always envious of that.

A few days later...

In the afternoon Cong Rong finished her grocery shopping and she was carrying two big bags in her hand. She was standing by the exit trying to lift the heavy plastic draperies with her occupied hands to exit the market. Suddenly, the draperies were lifted from the outside and a charming man stood there. He has a pair of long and deep eyes, dark and beautiful. His one hand was making a call, while the other hand lifted the heavy curtains. He saw Cong Rong gazing at him attentively, and beckoned her to exit first, holding the curtain for her while answering something softly to the phone.

Cong Rong thanked him and walked out. She turned her head back to find that guy, only to see a faded silhouette. His hands are slender with clean looking knuckles and a fine aura around him.

The people who patronize this supermarket are basically residents of this neighborhood. Why hasn’t she met such a superb looking man in the neighborhood before?

It was a morning a few days later, Cong Rong was going to court today but she got up late. Knowing that the judge hated people to be not punctual she hurried through her morning routine and was finally ready to go out. As soon as she stepped out of the house, she saw the lift doors slowly closing and hurried over.

It was probably because the person in the elevator heard her scrambling footsteps and stretched out a hand to stop the lift door from closing. Cong Rong stepped into the lift and heaved a sigh of relief. She was about to say thanks to the person but found that other than a man standing in the lift, there was a huge furry white ball beside him. It was a dog.

Cong Rong has always been afraid of dogs and but she was afraid of embarrassing herself. The Samoyed was staring at her with its tongue out. She was already late and did not have time to get out and wait for another lift. She stood timidly by the lift wall, gawking warily at the big white furry pet.

Wen Shaoqing glanced at her, leaned down and smoothened the fur on the Samoyed, and quickly patted his head. "Take the stairs, I'll wait for you below."

Cong Rong’s lips formed a smile, his voice was pleasant.

The big white furball swiftly jumped out of the lift. Cong Rong saw it running towards the safe passage before the lift door closed.

Cong Rong turned her head to thank him and praise his skills in training his dog but was stunned once again when she realizes that it was the man whom she met a few days ago in the supermarket. Such a coincidence, is he also lives in this apartment?

Cong Rong withdrew her gaze and blinked. This man is really special.

All went well that day. Cong Rong wasn’t late and in fact, she arrived a few minutes early. But the lawyer from the other party was late, so she smiled and watched the judge reprimanding him fiercely. 

After going to the court, Cong Rong stood at the door and waited for a while, and walked out with the judge, "Shi Shu(teacher’s junior), he was only five minutes late. Why do you look like you want to kill him?"

"Late by a second also means late! Also, you would never want to read the materials he submitted, the printing of his papers was slanted and crooked! Didn't he know that I have obsessive-compulsive disorder? It makes me uncomfortable to read them!"

Cong Rong said, "I wanted to ask you for lunch together, but given that your symptoms are getting worse, I guess it’s better to eat separately!"

The judge nodded. "Oh, I am meeting someone else at noon already."

Cong Rong said goodbye with a smile: "Then see you next time in court."

A few days later, in the evening, Cong Rong came home from work and was waiting for the lift when she met the guy a third time.

On the way up, people came in and out from time to time, Cong Rong stared at the screen showing the floor number, trying to guess on what floor the guy lived in but soon thought that her actions were pretty silly.

When the lift was almost empty, she was the only one left in the lift other than the guy, and the only floor button that was lit up was the floor she was staying. This apartment’s housing floorplan had 2 units living on the same floor. Would it be that...

The lift door opened again, and Cong Rong stepped out first. While taking out her keys to open the door, she paid attention to the man behind him, that was walking towards the opposite unit. Cong Rong opened the door in search of the guy and took a glimpse of the man's side profile. The man looked gentle and good, like a jade.

At 9 o'clock the next night, Cong Rong was tirelessly going through her materials and decided to go down to get some snacks.

There were so many people in the supermarket. When Cong Rong lined up to check out, she was still immersed in thinking about the materials she was reading just now until the cashier looked up at her and caught her attention: "39 dollars and 10 cents."

Cong Rong took out a 50-dollar bill from her jacket pocket and handed it over. The cashier asked, "Do you have 10 cents?"

Cong Rong shook her head, "No."

Suddenly a hand from behind handed a coin over and placed it on the cash register