My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter 2.2

(credits: aoaod)


Chapter 2.2 Wen Rang

Wen Shaoqing smiled upon entering the room.

Although Wen Rang is young, his name already holds weight in the Chinese medicine industry. But him squatting in front of the furnace, fanning the fire, with cinder and dust all over his face and the timid expression after getting scolded by Grandpa Wen, that Wen Shaoqing's finds it hilarious.

Grandpa Wen is reputable and is known for being “old but strong”, and he is always full of vigor when he scolds, “How can you not make any improvements after so long! You’ve forgotten all the things I’ve taught you! You’ve already forgotten how to boil these herbs! You know that you have some fame now and someone will do this for you! "

Standing beside them was Wen Shaoqing's cousin Xiao Ziyuan and his wife Sui Yi, watching the scene with huge grins on their faces.

Wen Shaoqing's mother and Xiao Ziyuan's mother are sisters. The two grew up together, were roommates in college and are close.

As soon as Wen Shaoqing stepped in, he saw a furry white ball rushing to him. He smiled and patted him while joining his cousin to watch the show in front of them.

Just as Wen Rang wanted to look up, Grandpa Wen screamed at him so fiercely that he has no choice but fixate his eyes on the hwrbs he was cooking.

"The fire! Control the fire!"

Wen Shaoqing laughed at the sight in front of him, rejoicing once again how wise he was to study western medicine.

The herbs was finally made into medicines after Wen Rang's hardwork through sweat and tears. When Xiao Ziyuan took it from Wen Rang, he said. "Uncle, I may have to trouble you a few more times recently."

Wen Rang looked at Xiao Ziyuan's wide grin, coupled with Xiao Ziyuan calling him "Uncle", he opened his eyes, flabbergasted, and a shiver ran through him.

Not only did Grandpa Wen not respect this rising star in the Chinese medicine industry, he simply thrashed his confidence and left him a homework, "Go and copy the whole of " Compendium of Materia Medica”! "

Wen Rang, who seems honorable to outsiders, immediately cried in dismay, "Dad! How old am I already, how can you still punish me by asking me to rewrite a copy of medical books?" 

Wen Shaoqing burst out laughing.

Wen Rang turned to Wen Shaoqing, "How dare you laugh? If it wasn’t you who tricked me into coming back, I would not have received so much scoldings every day!"

Wen Shaoqing smiled and asked lightly: "So, do you still have plans to return to the mountains?"

As soon as Wen Shaoqing said that, Wen Rang knew that he shall no longer continue with the topic. The time when he ran away from home without saying a word, Grandpa Wen was so mad that he fell sick right after that.

Sure enough, Grandpa Wen frowned and said, "Copy it twice! You are grounded until you finish them!"

Wen Rang stared at Wen Shaoqing angrily, and Wen Shaoqing returned with a smile.

Wen Shaoqing has Rang Yi Rang with him and he could not take the subway with him. Xiao 

Ziyuan's brought him back in his car after dinner. The road was slippery and Xiao Ziyuan drove slowly. They started chatting with one another.

"How’s auntie?"

"Still the same. Especially when it gets cold, it kind of worsens."

"I will visit her sometime."

Xiao Ziyuan suddenly recalled something, "Lin Chen contacted me a few days ago."

Wen Shaoqing nodded absentmindedly.

When Wen Shaoqing returned to his country, Lin Chen went straight to the other side of the globe. Since then, he has avoided him and they gradually drifted apart. Seeing that he did not respond, Xiao Ziyuan continued, "He asked about the current situation of everyone, but he didn't ask about you."

Wen Shaoqing has felled in the trap of his cousin so many times from an early age and developed immune to his interrogations. He turned, smiling, " First, I am not his mother, 

Second, I am not his loved one. Isn't it normal for him not to mention or ask about me?"

Ha, Xiao Ziyuan's was waiting for him to say that and he smiled back slyly, "How do you know that you are not his loved one? He has been abroad all along and refused to come back because of you. Can you deny that?"

"Humph," Wen Shaoqing put away his smile and muttered, "It’s not as if I'm sorry towards him, hypocritical!"

Wen Shaoqing's reactions raised Xiao Ziyuan's curiosity, "Seriously, where did the girl who chose doctors over lawyers go?"

Wen Shaoqing looked at Xiao Ziyuan’s face, frowned, and turned to complain to Mrs. Xiao, 
"Shi Mei(female junior under the same teacher), I remembered that he hasn’t been like this before ... Anyone who is in love will grow to like gossips?"

Sui Yi was a junior in college. Both of them are in medicine, so she always called Wen Shaoqing as Shi Xiong (male senior).

Sui Yi smiled, she was always gentle and decent. “My dear Shi Xiong, that’s not gossiping, you and Lin Chen was best buddies and who would have thought that… I have known Lin Chen for many years and never has he avoided anyone that I’ve known of. We were slightly curious about the reason behind it. "

Wen Shaoqing felt that it was really not the best idea to be with the 2 “wicked” people at the same time, he would never win the debate with them, so he remained silent for the rest of the trip.