Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 28.2

Chapter 28.2 - Coffee Beans (2)

“Tsk, why aren’t you saying anything.”

Zhou Shiyun recovered, “It’s not like you’re not coming back, why are you overreacting.”

Su Jinbei pouted, “Who told you to leave me at home for a whole week.”

Zhou Shiyun, “I have patients.”

“Yes, yes, your patients are first priority.” Su Jinbei picked up her clothes, “Don’t think you are the only one busy, I am busy too.”

Done speaking, Su Jinbei rushed back to her room angrily to change her clothes.

However, five minutes later…

Su Jinbei stood in front of Zhou Shiyun with a cold face, “Remember the vibe of this outfit.”

Zhou Shiyun looked up, puzzled.

Several seconds later, Su Jinbei returned to her room, and then came out again, but her clothes were different. “Is this one better or the one before.”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

Su Jinbei couldn’t decide at all when it came to pretty clothes, “They both look good, right?”

Zhou Shiyun recalled that just now she was dressed in a shirt and jeans, white shoes and a long coat, but now she was wearing a short leather dress, high heels, and a red jacket… Two different styles, two interpretations of temperament, each with its own charm.

However, Zhou Shiyun glanced at the long legs under the short skirt she was wearing now.

The skirt was too short, disqualified.

“The one before looks better.”

“The one before?” Su Jinbei looked at him suspiciously, “Are you sure?”

Zhou Shiyun calmly said, “En, I’m sure.”

“OK.” Su Jinbei took off her red coat. “Then I’ll listen to you. I’m wearing the previous outfit, but then I can’t wear high heels…”

Su Jinbei went back to her room to change clothes. For a long time she was tangled between “not being able to wear high heels” and “Zhou Shiyun said that the previous outfit was nice”, and finally chose the latter.

She would believe him this once.

The end of filming ceremony at a hotel.

He Di came over to drive her, and after arriving at the location, Su Jinbei took the elevator to the hall scheduled for the ceremony. A lot of people were already there when Su Jinbei arrived. Everyone had gotten to know each other well in the past few months and was currently drinking and chatting with each other. It was very lively.

“Jinbei jie!” A familiar voice. Su Jinbei looked towards the direction of the voice and saw that it was Chen Xinai bouncing towards her, “Jinbei jie, you finally came.”

“There was a bit of traffic so I got a bit held up.”

“Ah… You’re not that late.” Chen Xinai warmly took her hand, “Oh, everyone was just talking about you just now, come here.”

“Talking about me?”

“Of course about your mysterious boyfriend.” Chen Xinai dragged her to the lively group of people, everyone saw her coming and greeted her warmly.

“Jinbei, long time no see.” The assistant director said with a smile.

Su Jinbei said hello to everyone one by one, “It hasn’t been that long, isn’t it because you guys miss me too much, so it feels like I’ve been gone too long.”

Everyone was amused, “Yes, we all miss you so much, but now, it’s useless to miss you. After all, you already have a boyfriend, eh.”

“Jinbei, I was really surprised to see you directly admit it that day. It turns out you’ve been off the market for a while now.”

“That’s right. Oh, true, won’t you show me how your boyfriend looks like?”

Su Jinbei smiled embarrassedly, “He doesn’t like taking pictures, I don’t have any pictures of him.”

“Hey, even if we don’t see him we know he’s good looking.”

“Uh-huh, come, come, Jinbei, have a drink.”

Su Jinbei became the center of attention at once. On the other side, Gao Zitong, who was usually surrounded by people, was completely ignored.

Gao Zitong stood on the side absolutely exasperated, but she didn’t dare say anything.

“Hey, Gao Zitong’s projects have all been stopped?” Gao Zitong was originally intending to stay away from Su Jinbei, but someone mentioned her unexpectedly.

Another person replied, “It’s true, I heard it from other people in the industry too. She was supposed to be the female lead of a big historical drama in the second half of the year. All of a sudden, the role went to someone else.”


“Who knows, I think she offended someone.”

“How is that possible? Her family’s a really big capitalist family. I didn’t know she could still be suppressed like that.”

“Heh, let’s not talk about her family, I heard that her family’s businesses have also been affected. From what I see, the person she offended this time… isn’t an ordinary person…”

While the two muttered their conversation, Gao Zitong’s face alternated between red and pale…

Su Jinbei drank a few more drinks and ran to the balcony to cool off while everyone was not paying attention.

“Su Jinbei.”

“Gao Zitong?” Su Jinbei leaned on the railing, “What’s up?”

Gao Zitong clenched her fists, “Nothing. I was just surprised, I didn’t expect your connections to be so powerful.”

Su Jinbei sneered, “Oh? Why is that?”

“You’ve even made Suying unable to say anything, just who is backing you, eh?”

Su Jinbei looked “innocent”, “Oh, Suying, that little girl? I didn’t force her to do anything.”

“Heh! If it wasn’t for the people behind you, how could Suying suddenly not help me, how could so many people on the Internet change their opinion, and how could I…” Gao Zitong stopped in time, but her eyes were fierce like she wanted to crush her.

Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes, “So you were the one behind it all. You hired those reporters and supporters?”

“What are you pretending for, didn’t you get your revenge already.”

Su Jinbei was a little surprised, but she remembered what He Di had told her. The Zhou family might have made a move.

“Gao Zitong, why are you scolding me now? You said it yourself, someone is backing me and you still dare provoke me every day. Careful, I might learn a thing or two from you and do something behind your back.” Although she didn’t know what happened to Gao Zitong, since she wouldn’t stop talking bad about her, she might as well do the same thing back.


Su Jinbei smiled coldly and patted her shoulder, “So, don’t mess with me.”

Su Jinbei walked into the hall, leaving Gao Zitong alone on the balcony.

“Zitong jie.” Gao Zitong’s assistant stepped forward and covered her with a coat.

“B*tch!” Gao Zi was very angry.

“Zitong jie, don’t be angry…”

“How can I not be angry!”

Gao Zitong, who had always been arrogant and prideful, who had never lost against anyone, had been severely suppressed by Su Jinbei this time. After exposing Su Jinbei’s scandal at that time, her dad who had always loved her even reprimanded her fiercely. Her dad even said that if she did not let go, their family’s businesses would be affected! Not only that, but commercials, movies, and TV shows that had signed her also did not even want her anymore!

Gao Zitong didn’t understand why Su Jinbei didn’t fall, instead, she was the one dragged through the mud. There’s also Shao Suying. Shao Suying who said that she was going to stand by her didn’t even care about her anymore!

What kind of person did Su Jinbei hook up with? She asked someone to investigate the identity of the man in the hotel, but she couldn’t find anything!

Gao Zitong threw her jacket on the ground, sl*tty b*tch! She only knew how to sell herself to gain men’s pity!

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