Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 29.1

Chapter 29.1 - Drunk (1)

When Su Jinbei returned to the party, the interest towards her had died down a bit, but the crew was still very enthusiastic, and all of them urged her to drink. Su Jinbei’s alcohol tolerance was decent so she drank a few glasses along with everyone. Later, she drank so much that she felt high. Su Jinbei forgot the annoyance she felt towards Gao Zitong and partied with everyone.

The end of filming banquet was nearing its end, and everyone was finally starting to take their leave.

Several leading actors left with the director and producer of the crew. The group of people went out of the banquet hall and talked and laughed along the corridor to the elevator.

Just as the group of them was walking, a group of people came in from the opposite direction. Su Jinbei was a little dizzy from drinking, so she didn’t notice the people coming.

Director Zhang Xuecheng exclaimed, “Mr. Zhou?”

Everyone followed his eyes.

“It’s really you,” Zhang Xuecheng was totally shocked, “How has Mr. Zhou been lately, has it been two or three years since we last met?”

The crew behind looked at this scene with some surprise. Zhang Xuecheng was already a very powerful character in the entertainment industry, and not many people could make him smile like this.

Thinking so, everyone saw the girl who was behind the man called Mr. Zhou. Wasn’t that girl the one who had visited Gao Zitong on set before, she even clashed with Su Jinbei that time… It was said last time that she was a young lady of a powerful family.

The director was very polite to this girl at the time. Now it seemed that he was actually being polite to this man named Mr. Zhou.

However, this person looked very young, at most in his early thirties… To think a man at such an age could actually make Zhang Xuecheng, who was in his fifties, be on his toes.

“Director Zhang, it really has been a long time.” His appearance was elegant and dignified and coupled with his faint smile, he gave everyone a kind and pleasant impression. Everyone was amazed yet at the same time they felt pity towards this man, how could such a person be sitting in a wheelchair. It was a sin.

“Yeah, and to see you here of all places. But why did Mr. Zhou come from Beijing suddenly?”

Zhou Zhengxian said, “There were official matters to attend to so I came to visit. Later I heard that Director Zhang was also here. I wanted to contact you. I didn’t expect to run into you.”

Zhang Xuecheng laughed aloud, “It’s fate, it’s fate, then how about this. I’ll be the host, shall we go for a drink?”

“No rush,” Zhou Zhengxian said, “I heard Suying got into trouble with Director’s crew last time.”

Director Zhang quickly said, “No, no, there’s no such thing.”

“Suying came to visit me on set last time,” Gao Zitong stepped forward, trying to hold Shao Suying’s hand in familiarity, “How could there be trouble?”

Gao Zitong originally wanted to show everyone that she was close to such a wealthy family, but she did not expect her intimacy to be averted by Shao Suying.

Gao Zitong turned stiff.

“Suying.” Zhou Zhengxian completely ignored Gao Zitong, he said to Shao Suying, “Tell us, who were you rude towards.” The person was obviously sitting, his voice was obviously gentle, but everyone could feel the pressure that came from Zhou Zhengxian.

If ordinary people felt this way, imagine Shao Suying who had lived with him since young. She obeyed and walked forward with her head down.

Chen Xinai supported Su Jinbei, whispering, “Jinbei jie, Jinbei jie? That person seems to be talking about you.”

Su Jinbei squinted her eyes, drunk out of her mind, “What? Who?”

She was talking when suddenly a person was standing in front of her. She was stunned. “Hey, what is this person doing standing in front of me, step aside.”

Everyone, “…”

Shao Suying’s eyebrows were drawn together, and she grumbled reluctantly, “I’m sorry.”

“En?” Su Jinbei leaned slightly and said loudly, “What did you say? Say it louder!”

Shao Suying was stunned for a moment, then looked up sharply at her, “I said I’m sorry!”

Su Jinbei was temporarily sobered up because of her roar, “You scared me, you yelled so loud… Huh? Shao Suying?”

She only realized now?!

Shao Suying was so angry she was about to explode, this stinky drunkard! If it wasn’t for Elder Brother, she wouldn’t have apologized!

Gao Zitong stood aside and was embarrassed and angry. What happened to Shao Suying, not only had she ignored her but she even really obediently apologized to Su Jinbei!

Zhang Xuecheng gave Su Jinbei a strange look, Zhou Zhengxian personally took his sister to apologize? This was not like the Zhou family. Besides, nothing major happened that day.

“Meow.” Just then, a lazy meow sounded. In such a hotel, it was very strange for cats to be around.

With the sound of the cat, a man came up from behind. Zhou Zhengxian brought a lot of people over there, and everyone was only paying attention to him and Shao Suying, so they didn’t realize that there was such an outstanding man standing behind the group.

He was holding a light brown folded ear cat, with a slender hand on its back, cold and inexplicably gentle. He walked to Zhou Zhengxian and suddenly looked up in their direction.

His eyes were light, otherworldly delicate, which made all the crew who was accustomed to seeing handsome men and women stunned.

Gao Zitong narrowed her eyes and was puzzled. Because she had a good relationship with Shao Suying, she had seen Zhou Zhengxian, but she had never seen this man, but she felt he was familiar for some reason…

That’s right! Gao Zitong was shocked, the photo! It’s the photo! He was the man who was photographed with Su Jinbei at the hotel! He turned out to be a member of the Zhou family!

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