Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 29.2

Chapter 29.2 - Drunk (2)

Just as everyone looked at Zhou Shiyun, the cat in his arms suddenly mewled and then jumped down.

Su Jinbei was leaning on Chen Xinai, rubbing her eyes to see who was on the opposite side…

“What a cute kitten.” Just then, Chen Xinai beside her exclaimed. Judging from her voice, she had been melted by cuteness.

Su Jinbei followed her line of sight and looked down, and squeaked, “Wutong?”

“Meow.” A certain fat cat lifted its head, its face arrogant, it is indeed I, the master. Woman, hurry and carry me!

“It’s really Wutong!” Su Jinbei squatted down and hugged the cat, “Am I drunk… Wutong, I haven’t seen you for a while. You’re still as fat as ever.”

Chen Xinai was startled, “Uh… Jinbei jie, you are drunk, uh, can you put the cat down?” The cat looked like it was quite fierce towards humans, how could Jinbei jie casually carry it like that.

“Wutong, you slacked off since I’m gone, didn’t you? Bad cat…” Su Jinbei teased the cat as if no one was around. Zhang Xuecheng gave Zhou Zhengxian an awkward look, and quickly stepped forward to pull Su Jinbei, “Jinbei, you are drunk, put the cat down first.”

Su Jinbei burped, “Director? Director, do you like Wutong too? No, no, it’s shy, it won’t like you.”

Zhang Xuecheng lowered his voice, “Put it down!”

“It seems that Wutong still likes you very much.” Suddenly, Zhou Zhengxian, who had been quiet, said with a smile.

When the words came out, not only Zhang Xuecheng but everyone was stunned. What did he mean? Was this cat really called Wutong? Su Jinbei really knew this cat? Wait, no, more importantly, it seemed Su Jinbei was very familiar with this Mr. Zhou? Otherwise, how could she be so close to their cat?

Su Jinbei raised her eyes and blinked vigorously to clear her vision, “En? You…”

Zhang Xuecheng, “Mr. Zhou, are you two… acquainted?”

“Jinbei is a frequent guest of my family.” Zhou Zhengxian said casually.

Gao Zitong looked at Shao Suying fiercely, and Shao Suying turned her head awkwardly.

“Suying, you, you didn’t tell me before…” Gao Zitong whispered.

Shao Suying sulked, “Is this important.”

“How can it not be.” Gao Zitong was about to collapse. She finally knew why she and her family were impacted so badly after the scandal because the people behind Su Jinbei were the people of the Zhou family! Shao Suying didn’t even tell her! She made a huge blunder!

“Why are you all here?” Su Jinbei walked forward while carrying Wutong, “Who is this, huh, Wutong? Isn’t this your Second Young Master…”

“Jinbei jie!” Chen Xinai looked at Su Jinbei who was about to sway over as she talked and quickly stepped forward to catch her. But someone beat her to it, the man who just surprised everyone and stepped out carrying the cat.

“I’ll handle this.” Zhou Shiyun said to Chen Xinai.

Chen Xin Ai pursed her lips and took a step back consciously.

Zhou Shiyun pulled Su Jinbei towards his arms so that her tilted head could rest on his shoulder. Probably because of alcohol, the face of the woman in his arms was stained with a bright pink blush, she looked like a doll that could only open and close its eyes. He cast his eyes downwards to look at her, and suddenly felt… she was a little cute.

“Is she alright.” Zhou Zhengxian asked behind him.

Zhou Shiyun coughed lightly and hugged her sideways with an indifferent face, “She’s fine, just drank too much.”

“En, then you…”

“I will send her back.” Zhou Shiyun carried her to the elevator, he paused when passing by Zhou Zhengxian, “Don’t drink.”

Zhou Zhengxian nodded, “I won’t.”

“Return to the hotel to rest before ten o’clock.”

Zhou Zhengxian seemed to be very obedient, “I know.”

However, Zhou Shiyun was still not at ease and instructed Zhou Yan, “Did you hear, take care of him.”

Zhou Yan nodded solemnly, “Yes.”

Zhou Zhengxian shook his head helplessly.

Zhou Shiyun took Su Jinbei away.

Behind, the crowd watched the two people in shock.

Who was this man…

If Director Zhang had to be respectful to this “Mr. Zhou”, and this “Mr. Zhou” listened to this man’s every word, down to whether he could drink, what time to go back… Wasn’t this man an even more powerful character?

Wait, now the more important question should be, why did he take Su Jinbei away, he even carried her away! The crowd suddenly reacted, could this man possibly be Su Jinbei’s supposed boyfriend!

Director Zhang led several senior personnel to dinner with Zhou Zhengxian. Several of the leading actors went away in disbelief, and Gao Zitong didn’t relax until she got into her car. She thought of thousands of possibilities, but never thought that the man behind Su Jinbei was a person of the Zhou family!

“Zitong jie!”

“What are you doing!” Gao Zitong was annoyed. Her assistant rushed over in panic, “Zitong jie, look at the news online… what’s going on with this.”

Gao Zitong frowned and grabbed the phone.

#Gao Zitong Uses Her Background To Steal The Lead Role From Popular Actress Jin Yichun#

The headlines were highlighted in red, which meant that there was a heated discussion among netizens at this moment. Jin Yichun was an actress with a good reputation and had more fans than Gao Zitong. Now that such a thing had happened, Gao Zitong had naturally become the target of criticism. And because of this news, a lot of bad news about Gao Zitong was revealed online. Acting like a diva, no acting talent, relying on her family to steal resources… Her flaws came out one after another.

“Zitong jie, isn’t this from last year, why would someone release this now…” She had indeed stolen the role from Jin Yichun, but at the time no one had said anything. How was it suddenly dug out now?

After reading a series of comments, Gao Zitong looked forward stupefied and even ignored her phone falling to the floor of the car.

“Zitong jie, what’s wrong with you, what should we do.”

Gao Zitong smiled coldly, “What should I do, what can I do…”

She offended someone who she should not offend, she could only lay completely defeated.

Zhou Zhengxian really ended the dinner with Director Zhang at 9:30.

On the way back to the hotel, Zhou Zhengxian squeezed his eyebrows, leaning tiredly on the back of the chair.

“Master, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine.”

“You haven’t taken your medicine tonight, please take it first.”

Zhou Zhengxian shook his head, “Let’s talk about it at the hotel.”

Zhou Yan had to put down the medicine.

“Young Master, today’s appointment with CEO Dong and them were originally at the Chengxi Hotel. Did you change it because of Miss Su?”

“Jinbei is in the entertainment circle. We have to warn these people here.”

“Why didn’t you directly say the truth? If they knew Miss Su was Second Young Master’s fiancee, no one would dare touch her.”

“I thought so too.” Zhou Zhengxian smiled, “But my brother told me, don’t reveal her identity, to just let the people in the industry know that she’s not someone to be messed with.”

“Why is that…”

Zhou Zhengxian understood why. “Jinbei’s growth wasn’t related to the Su family. Also, we don’t need to interfere too much and say too much about the Zhou family. It wouldn’t be good for Jinbei, a person in a high position is liable to be attacked.”

Zhou Yan nodded, “You are right.”

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