Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 - Wheel of Fortune (Part 2)

     When going in the opposite direction, he gently helped hold her head and motioned her to turn her head sideways. Then, Zeng Li turned her face towards him obediently. With her ears against the leather surface of the headrest of the treatment table, she could see him near as soon as she opened her eyes, but most of his face was covered by a mask, leaving only a section of the bridge of his nose and his eyes. 
     The eyebrows are slightly thick, and the eyes are as deep as ink. 
    When he was doing things, his eyes were focused and attentive, and he didn't even notice Zeng Li's gaze. After glueing the one in his hand, he retracted his attention and used tweezers to clamp another one on the aluminium dental tray. The rubber gloves pressed on the skin of his hands tightly, concealing the prominent knuckles unique to men, and making his fingers slender and well-proportioned. With such hands, he is either a natural pianist or a doctor. It was not until this moment that he realized that Zeng Li was staring at him, glanced at her faintly, and said, “You can close your mouth and rest for a while.” Maybe it was because he hadn't spoken for too long, his voice turned out to be even more hoarse than it sounded just now. 
     Only then did Zeng Li dare to close her mouth and move her stiff chin. She suddenly had some thoughts. Facing such a doctor who is working overtime for her illness, should she say thank you, or isn’t it natural to care about the other person's heath? But if you ask him matter-of-factly, whether he has a cold or not, and whether he has taken medicine, will there be a misunderstanding? Fortunately, Zeng Li still had a plastic brace stuffed in her cheeks. That thing separated the skin of her mouth from the teeth on both sides, making her tongue unable to move at all, so she simply gave up. 
     She just thought that if she looked in the mirror, she would look so stupid now. 
     It was she who delayed this for a while. The original adhesive had been in contact with the air for too long and had over-volatilized. He had to open the box again and scoop out the powder with a spoon and add water to mix it. 
     She originally thought that because he didn't like to smile much, so he must have a bad temper, but surprisingly doing this, he was a very patient and meticulous person. 
     After the adhesive was ready, she and he continued to cooperate. 
    It didn't take long to complete the first two steps, and then he started the last procedure—twisting the small nails on each tooth with thin iron wire. Those iron wires are not much thicker than hair, but he skillfully used tweezers to fasten, tie, and cut them one by one, twisting teeth by teeth, his hands seem to be carving on ivory, and those fingers that operate the tools, no matter the left and right, his agility is eye-popping. 
     Zeng Li couldn't help but think that when she first learned the piano, when she played an unfamiliar score, she went crazy several times because her fingers were too stupid, and she even wanted to chop it off to vent her anger. 
     At this moment, a nurse on duty patrolling the building came in, and when she saw Ai Jingchu, she asked loudly, “Why did Teacher Ai come to work overtime alone today?" ”
     Ai Jingchu didn't look back, continued the movements of his hands, and after a short delay, he said in a hoarse voice, “I have a bit of work to do last minute.”
     When the nurse approached, she was staring at Zeng Li for a while, ready to take a good look at what the person who asked Ai Jingchu to last-minute work overtime looked like, but when she heard Ai Jingchu's voice, she turned her head and said, "Teacher Ai, is your throat hoarse again? There were a lot of patients yesterday, right? ”
     At this moment, Ai Jingchu didn’t reply her but just nod his head. 
     The nurse retreat in the face of difficulties, or did she retreat out of sensitivity, and then leave with a smile. 
     Zeng Li suddenly felt that he was really an unflattering man, but fortunately, she didn't talk much just now. 
     After all the procedures were completed, Zeng Li moved her sore and numb cheeks, but saw Ai Jingchu take off his gloves, throw them in the medical wastebasket, and then walk to the vanity by the window to wash his hands once. After changing a pair of gloves, he turned back to the position just now and sat down. 
     “Open your mouth. ”he said. 
     Zeng Li did so immediately. 
    He put the index finger of his right hand wrapped in rubber into her mouth, and then rubbed the nails and small steel wires that had been fixed to the tooth surface back and forth with his fingers. 
     Left, right, up and down. 
     Gently and meticulously. 
     The temperature in the mouth was originally higher than that of the skin on the outside, and he had just washed his hands with cold water. Even if the rubber was separated, she could still feel the process of him sliding his cool fingers slowly. 
     His movements are very natural, and the doctor's professional habits make him feel that there is nothing wrong. 
     As for Zeng Li, she was a little embarrassed, even if she knew that he was just checking her braces, to find out if there were any sharpness, stab wounds, etc. that can make the patient feel uncomfortable. 
     Time flows so slowly. 
     Finally, he said, "Okay. ”

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