Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1

Ji Nanfang answered the phone and walked back to the card room: “I have something to do, I have to go. ”


   “Don't mention it, my luck has just turned. "Chen Zhuoer was the first to call out: “Who is so capable that he can call you away with a phone call?" ”


   Lei Yuzheng said, “Don't stop him. It must be from the office. Our dad is looking for him. Look at his face. What did they say in Dream of the Red Chamber (红楼梦), Avoid cats and mice." 


   Ye Shenkuan patted the table with a smile: "Lei Er! Lei Er! We have known each other for so many years, how come I didn't know that you are still reading the Dream of the Red Chamber. This way allusion is used, brother I am sold. ”


   “Get lost! "Ji Nanfang also laughed: "A little sister is looking for me. It's urgent." ”


   “Yo, who" Ye Shenkuan teased him: “Making you so anxious. ”


   Ji Nanfang was not angry: “Your sister is looking for me. ”


   “Shou Shou? "Ye Shenkuan was very surprised: "Why is she looking for you?” ”


   “How would I know? I lost my temper on the phone. ”


   “I get you, I was beaten up since young. "Ye Shenkuan disagreed: “What can that little lass do? Always finding trouble out of nothing. ”


   Having said that, Ji Nanfang went anyway. They arranged to meet in a cafe, and the waiter recognized Ji Nanfang: “Miss Ye is over there. ”


  The light was very dark, candles were lit on the Southeast Asian-style low table, and petals were floating in the shallow pottery dish. Shoushou was waiting in boredom, so she used her hand to pick up the petals. Her fingers are long and white. In fact, Ye's family was born so white. Ji Nanfang always laughed at Shoushou's several cousins who were all white-faced, but she was a child with fine white skin, which looked like a porcelain doll. At this time, she picked up a blushing petal, pursed her mouth, and breathed into the petal. The snow-white fingers were lined with petals, as if they were melting, with an almost untouchable beauty. Ji Nanfang remembered that the ancients said “finger Ruorou", and suddenly felt that this description was too unreliable. How could something as rough as thatch look like a finger? Because it is so slender and soft, it seems that it will melt away with a touch. 


   And the candlelight was just reflected in her eyes, and a little flickering firelight, like a dark gemstone, flashed brightly. Her eyes quickly dimmed, as if they were embers buried in the ashes, and the brightness of the moment was nothing more than the brilliance of the next world. At this moment, he felt a little funny, when did this little girl have heart matter, and she looks so depressed. 


   Looking up to see him, she was still a bit childlike: “I've been waiting for so long. ”


   “I came from the east of the city." He casually sent the waiter: "Mineral water." ”


   Then he took out the cigarette case, and before he opened it, she had already tapped on the table: “In public, I hate second-hand smoke the most. ”


   “Doesn't your brother smoke too? ”


   She said confidently: “You are not my brother. ”


   “Do you drink coffee? He glanced at the bone china cup and saucer in front of her: “Children don't drink this, later you will not be able to fall asleep at night." ”


   “You are the child, not me," she was not angry anymore: "Besides, I didn't do anything wrong, how could I not sleep?" ”


  “Oh? "He deliberately teased her: “Then what did I do wrong?” ”


   “You know it in your heart. ”


   This stumped him, thinking about it, and finally admitted honestly: “I really don't know. ”


   “Zhang Keru. ”She reminded him. 


   “Zhang Keru? What happened to her? ”


   “She is in the hospital now. ”


   “Oh”" now he understood: “Are you here to seek justice for her?" 


   Suddenly feeling funny, he opened the cigarette case and took out one, paused on the table, and then lit the fire. In the grey haze of smoke, he still had the tone of indifference: "Why did you become friends with her?" ”

   “You don't need to know. "Shoushou looked at him carelessly, and suddenly felt a little discouraged: ”Anyway, you cannot be like this."


   “Then what do you think I should do? "He held back his smile: “In the end, I even gave her a house, which is three million dollars. If she is still not satisfied, her appetite is really big.” ”


   “She doesn't want a house, let alone your money. ” 

   “Then what does she want? ”


   “She doesn't want money, she wants you. ”


   “Tsk? "Ji Nanfang sneered: “Does she think she can afford it?" ”

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