Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 30.1

Chapter 30.1 - Wild Baby Zhou (1)

Zhou Shiyun brought Su Jinbei home.

He carried her, she carried the cat. He glanced down at the woman in his arms, slightly hooked his lips. She was drunk to this extent yet still knew to carry Wutong firmly in her arms. Her drunk habits were not bad.

Entering the door of her room, Zhou Shiyun put Su Jinbei on the bed. Su Jinbei didn’t want to sleep, so she held Wutong and chattered.

“What did you eat today, dried fish? Cat food? Ah! You didn’t drink alcohol, right?”

Wutong, “Meow?”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

“Wutong, look at the meat on your stomach, so lumpy.” Su Jinbei squeezed its stomach, and then said, “You’re too fat, you know that there’s no way you would survive in the entertainment industry being this fat. Learn from me, do sit-ups. “

Wutong lazily grabbed Su Jinbei’s clothes with its paws.

Su Jinbei glared, “What? Do you want to see the results, fine, I’ll show you, I tell you, it really works!” So, Su Jinbei reached down and pulled her top up.

Zhou Shiyun was originally standing calmly on the edge of the bed observing the “conversation” of a person and a cat. Su Jinbei lifted her clothes and her flat stomach suddenly exposed to the air.

Zhou Shiyun was stunned, and quickly reached out to pull her clothes down.

Su Jinbei glanced at him, “What are you doing.”

Zhou Shiyun’s mouth twitched, “What are you doing…”

Su Jinbei was very dissatisfied, “I’m letting Wutong take a look at my abs, so that it has a role model to look up to. Look at how fat it is.”

Zhou Shiyun looked at her for a long while, and the left corner of his mouth suddenly quirked into a smile. This drunk lady was dead serious. “You drank too much. Go to sleep early, I will take Wutong away first.”

“No!” Su Jinbei embraced Wutong tighter, “It’s sleeping with me today!”

“It has a place to sleep.”

Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes and asked suspiciously, “Do you want to sleep with it, that’s why you won’t let me sleep with it?”

Zhou Shiyun, “… you think too much.”

“Then how about this.” Su Jinbei moved a little inward, then tapped the space next to her, “You sleep with us.”

Zhou Shiyun paused, his expression a little unnatural, “Su Jinbei, stop it.”

Su Jinbei pouted her lips and ignored him, holding Wutong and expressing her grievous thoughts, “Wutong, Wutong, he’s not willing to sleep with us. Say, do you think he dislikes me? Wait, how can someone not like me? Wutong, you’re so pitiful, there’s someone who actually doesn’t like you.”

Wutong: There is a psychopath here…

Zhou Shiyun: He wants to take back what he said about her drunk habits…

Zhou Shiyun was really unable to persuade the drunk Su Jinbei. He had no choice. He had to temporarily agree to let Wutong stay in her room, and then he went out to wash up.

After showering, he put on his pajamas and came out.

Su Jinbei’s room door was half-closed, and he heard a ruckus coming from inside. Zhou Shiyun frowned and quickly stepped forward to open the door.

“Woof, woof!”


“Woof, woof, woof!”

“Meow, meow, meow?”

On the floor, a person and a cat confronted each other. Su Jinbei was on all fours, obviously playing a… dog.

Hearing the arrival of someone behind her, Su Jinbei turned around, her charming face full of grievances, “Zhou Shiyun, why won’t it admit it’s a dog?”

Zhou Shiyun came over and picked her up from the ground, “because it is a cat.”

“Is it difficult for cats to admit that they are dogs.”


Su Jinbei gave Wutong a disgusted look, “Tsk, Wutong is too willful.”

Zhou Shiyun put her back on the bed and said quietly, “En, too willful.”

Wutong who was bullied on the floor for half an hour, “Meow?”

Su Jinbei seemed to be obediently going to sleep on the bed. Zhou Shiyun glanced at her and carried Wutong out. He put Wutong in the small house sent by the driver, and then returned to his room to get ready to sleep.

He laid down and turned off the light.

However, ten minutes later, his door was pushed in from the outside.

Zhou Shiyun wasn’t fully asleep yet, so he opened his eyes as soon as there was movement at the door.

The living room was lit with light blue light. A giant came in against the light. Zhou Shiyun was stunned and reached out to turn on the light.

He could see clearly after the room was lit. It turned out to be Su Jinbei walking around with a pillow and a blanket, oh, the blanket was firmly wrapped around Wutong.

Zhou Shiyun stared at her, “Su Jinbei?”

Su Jinbei put the quilt and pillow on the bed, and Wutong took the opportunity to jump to Zhou Shiyun’s stomach.

“It said that it wanted to sleep with you.” Su Jinbei said in a daze as her head drooped halfway.

“It?” Zhou Shiyun glanced at Wutong.

The latter looked confused, I was coerced…

“But I want to sleep with it, so there is no other way, I can only come over and sleep with you.” Su Jinbei lifted the blanket and snuggled in. “We sleep on each side, it sleeps in the middle.”

Zhou Shiyun, “Wait…”

“Come, Wutong, let’s go to sleep.” A certain someone has closed her eyes contentedly.

Zhou Shiyun was half lying down, startled. He was now suspecting whether this person was really drunk.

Zhou Shiyun’s life was very disciplined. He woke up early and went to bed early, but there was one thing: he couldn’t sleep in a bed other than his own. He would definitely feel sleepy at the usual time, but he had to be in a bed he was familiar with.

But at this moment, he looked at Su Jinbei, who had curled up in his bed, and wondered if he wanted to sleep or get up. After hesitating for a while, Zhou Shiyun couldn’t fight his sleepiness any longer.

At last…

Forget it, they each had their own blanket, it didn’t matter much. Zhou Shiyun laid down. Fortunately, the bed was big enough, and he and Su Jinbei were far apart.

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