Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 30.2

Chapter 30.2 - Wild Baby Zhou (2)

Zhou Shiyun closed his eyes at ease and went to bed. But this was an extraordinary day, and he was destined not to sleep until dawn as he normally would.

At around three o’clock in the middle of the night, Zhou Shiyun was awakened by the feeling of stuffiness in his chest. When he opened his eyes, the moonlight was pouring in along the gap of the curtains, and the faint white light shone on to the room’s furniture. The night was profound and quiet.

Zhou Shiyun slowly looked down at the person in his arms, stunned.

At some point during the night, Su Jinbei had crossed two layers of quilts and reached him. At the moment, her face was pressed against his chest, and her hand was still wrapped around his waist, as if she had done this many times.

She closed her eyes quietly, her pale lips pursed together, and her fair skin looked like glowing white jade.

Zhou Shiyun’s hand that was raised to push her slowly stopped. His light-colored eyes fixed on her face, his surprised eyes gradually returned to calm.

She was very obedient when her eyes weren’t open, motionless, like a rabbit. But Zhou Shiyun knew that when she opened her eyes, she was seductive, with rare peach blossom eyes, charming and beguiling, which would bewitch people with a glance.

Su Jinbei, how could there be such a woman? She was completely different from him but was tightly bound to him.

As Zhou Shiyun looked at her, Su Jinbei’s thick eyelashes trembled slightly. He hadn’t responded yet when the eyes in front of him suddenly opened. The obsidian black pupils, like those of a fox, the most charming type of eyes.

“Zhou Shiyun?”

Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips, and he didn’t know what to say.

“F*ck…” Su Jinbei blinked and almost immediately rolled over, “This is the first time I’ve had such a realistic dream!”

The woman next to him suddenly turned over and sat on him, Zhou Shiyun froze, “You…”

Su Jinbei had both knees on his side and looked down at him from above, smiling very… wantonly?

Zhou Shiyun’s heart was uneasy for some reason. He had wanted to tell her it was not a dream, but the person on top of him was too fast. He could only swallow his words,

She was soft, with a light scent of alcohol emanating from her.

This was the second time.

Zhou Shiyun’s mind would often recall that time she was wearing a white shirt and hanging on him, but memories were memories, they were not comparable to real touch.

He was restrained, indifferent, and never took the matter of men and women in his heart. However, this did not mean that he did not have any consciousness. He was a normal man, very normal. So when Su Jinbei’s breath was so close, and she was in front of him in such a compromising position, his heart suddenly jumped violently, so violently that for a moment, he had the urge to throw her off directly.

Su Jinbei half bit and half kissed Zhou Shiyun’s lips for a long time. And after a long time, she parted from him slightly, and smacked her lips as if tasting him.

“So real…” Su Jinbei murmured, “Baby Zhou, can I touch some more?”

Zhou Shiyun’s eyes were glazed over and his breath was visibly unstable.

Su Jinbei suddenly smiled, “That’s right, why am I asking you. Since this is my dream, of course, I am the master!” Then, she slipped one hand into his clothes.

“Ah… so stiff!”

Su Jinbei squeezed his stomach, and had wanted to explore upward when Zhou Shiyun suddenly held her unruly hand, “Su Jinbei!”

“Ah?” She was a little confused, but her eyes were bright with fire.

“Hush, don’t talk, let this sister enjoy…” Su Jinbei grinned and broke free from his hand, moving up. They were skin to skin, causing the most primitive reaction between man and woman. Zhou Shiyun’s breath hitched in his throat, only to feel a flame in his lower abdomen…

The woman on top of him was still exploring, Zhou Shiyun’s brain was hot, and he turned directly and pressed her under him.

She shouted, her world spun. Her dark brown hair was splayed out in an instant, and Su Jinbei blinked confusedly, “I’m dizzy… ngh.”

It started with a light touch and ended with biting. Cold lips and tongues clashed, it was a greedy fight to steal the other’s breath. Slowly, Zhou Shiyun unconsciously clasped her wrists, holding her firmly under him. And Su Jinbei was half drunk and half awake, and allowed Zhou Shiyun to do so. There was only one thought left in her mind. Woah… dream Zhou Shiyun was so wild.

She was originally enduring happily, but gradually, Su Jinbei got a little breathless. Damn, was this really her Baby Zhou? This was not her baby Zhou! How could her Baby Zhou not let her move, how could he bite her so rudely! Ah… I can’t breathe!

On the topic of men and women relationships, Zhou Shiyun had no experience, he just kissed her instinctively… and used this to suppress a deeper level of desire.

“Hiss!” There was suddenly a tingling on his lips, Zhou Shiyun regained his senses.

At this moment, there was a little drop of blood on the lips of Su Jinbei who was lying down. She gasped and took deep breaths, “Wait, wait… Let me breathe then we can continue.”

Zhou Shiyun stared down at her… At this time, Su Jinbei’s eyes were misty, her face was flushed, her lips were slightly open, exposing a pink and moist tongue, charming to the extreme.

“Baby Zhou, I like you in my dreams, wild enough.” Su Jinbei smiled and pulled his neck, “Come again, but don’t exert too much force, I can’t breathe.”

In her dreams? She was still confused…

“Hurry up, come at me.” Su Jinbei gallantly smiled, but her eyes were unfocused.

Zhou Shiyun took a deep breath, and a few seconds later, he suddenly jumped off the bed. He had never been so flustered… but after meeting Su Jinbei, his indifference had been challenged over and over again.

Su Jinbei opened her arms for a while, “Zhou Shiyun? Baby Zhou? He disappeared?” Su Jinbei turned over heartbrokenly, she hugged Zhou Shiyun’s pillow half asleep, and confusedly went back to sleep.

Wutong, who had long been awoken by them, lazily changed its posture and closed its eyes, “Meow.”

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