Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2.3 - Wheel of Fortune (Part 2)

     After leaving the hospital, Zeng Li returned to Carol's, and Ma Yiyi was on duty with Dou Dou. Dou Dou is actually a student from A university next door, who comes to the store to work part-time. 
     Zeng Li smiled with her teeth out, and Ma Yiyi was taken aback. 
     “I'm a steel tooth girl. "Zeng Li said. 
     “Didn't you say it would take an entire afternoon? Why is it finished so early? " Ma Yiyi asked while checking out the bill at the bar. 
     “Yes, the student didn't come because of something, so she was replaced by her teacher, he moved much more quickly. ”
     “Ai Jingchu? "Ma Yiyi asked again. 
     “En. ”She mentioned Ai Jingchu to Ma Yiyi. 
     “You are blessed! "Ma Yiyi motioned, “Do you know that a group of students from their college who came just now are still talking about him?" ”
     “What are you talking about? ”
    “Handsome and young, and..." Ma Yiyi deliberately stopped at a critical moment. 
     “What else? ”
     “Complain that he is the King of Hades, and there are countless wronged souls under him.”
     Zeng Li couldn't help laughing. 
     Dou Dou took the cup and leaned over and asked, “What is Sister Zeng Li happy about? ”
     “Her spring heart is blossoming. "Ma Yiyi joked. 

(Romuse: Spring heart -  desire for love)
     Zeng Li glared at Ma Yiyi, then turned to Dou Dou and said, “Don't listen to her nonsense. ”
     Dou Dou is an undergraduate student in medical school. You can eat medicine indiscriminately, but you can't talk carelessly. 
     Ma Yiyi had to change the subject and said, “Isn't it uncomfortable for you to put so much metal in your mouth? ”
     “It's true that I'm a little uncomfortable. "As she said, Zeng Li opened her mouth to show Ma Yiyi. 
     Ma Yiyi frowned and said, “It can't take it off, is it fixed? ”
     “En ”
     “Can you chew bones? ”
     “I don't know, it shouldn't be possible. ”
     “All the way? ”
     “I don't know. ”
     “What should you do if it drop? ”
     “I don't know...”
     “Your doctor, how did he become a doctor, and he didn't tell you anything clearly? ”
     “His voice was hoarse, and it was too painful to speak. It was uncomfortable even for the person listening, so can only call and contact him.” Before leaving, Ai Jingchu had a lot of precautions to tell Zeng Li, but he had difficulty speaking out, and he could hardly squeeze out a complete sentence, not to mention such a lengthy doctor's order. He told her not to bite hard objects and the like, and he had to repeat them two or three times before Zeng Li could hear clearly, so he finally decided to say it on the phone later. 
    “I'm going to die, I'm going to die, you have his personal phone number? " Ma Yiyi suddenly became excited. 
     “Yes, he wrote down his number and asked me to dial his mobile phone. " Zeng Li replied. 
     Dou Dou finally couldn't help asking in confusion: “Who are you talking about? ”
     “Adult matter,  children shouldn't interrupt. "Ma Yiyi waved her hand and drove Dou Dou away. 
     “Why are you so excited? " Zeng Li said lightly, then adjusted the sound of the stereo in the shop and changed a CD. 
     “Ai Jingchu's in real life! Even I haven't met him before, and not only did you meet him, you alone with him all morning, and even asked him for his number. ”
     “I didn't ask him for it. He couldn't bother to turn on the computer to go through the medical records. His phone was left in the locker room again, so he simply asked me to call him." Zeng Li explained with a headache. 
     “Anyway, everyone has a gossipy heart. You haven't read the forum of their school. Everyone is talking about them enthusiastically. ”
     “Oh. ” It turns out that everyone is still posting that post. 
     Then soon after, Zeng Li began to feel that her teeth were sour and uncomfortable, and the metal rubbed her mouth, making her lips feel painful when she closed them. 

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