Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 20.2

Chapter 20.2 - Never be a Passerby (2)

She should probably thank Gobi, but she knows that the point of this whole thing is here. 
   Later, sure enough, Gobi no longer let her tag after him. 
   She could have appeared by his side casually and said to him, No, you really think I like you. I'm just a temporary measure as I don't want her to annoy me. After all, my existence as a shield has helped you solve so many problems. You don't allow me to be angry with them in order to protect my rights and interests? Hey Gobi, don't be narcissistic, okay? 
   She didn't. 
   With the college entrance examination approaching, she was so tired that she didn't want to cover it up. 
   It's just that that scene was too chaotic, and she was not willing to die with regrets. So she texted and said solemnly, I like you. 

   Her confession has to be more formal. 
   One text message a day, only one sentence, I like you. 
   If it is in the morning, add “good morning”, and if it is at night, add “good night”. 
   Jiang Baili will never know what Gobi’s expression is like when he received a “Good luck, all the best, I like you” before entering the examination room. 
  He never replied. She returned to her small county town, but did not say goodbye to him, nor did she give him any notice. 
   Jiang Baili has always been a lucky person. She actually scored higher than Gobi in the college entrance examination and successfully entered the P university. 
   Everyone eventually found a good place to go. For example, she and Gobi entered the P University, and Chen Mohan also passed the small language admission line of the W University. 
   Baili has regarded texting as fun and has developed a habit so that now she can't remember if there are any strange signs that she didn't notice before August 3-she sent a message in the morning and went out to play with her junior high school classmates for a day. At night, she remembered that the phone was left at home, and there was a text message. 
   “Ok ”
   What's ok? She stared at Gobi's text message with words like gold, and it took a long time to react, unbelievable. The sweetness slowly overflowed from the bottom of her heart, and she had missed the best time to scream. 
   And they have been together more than a year, still that ordinary and profound. 
   Gobi may not love her wholeheartedly. But does he not love her at all? It doesn't seem to be that either. She actually didn't know. The only thing she knew was that Jiang Baili was the only one in this world who burned passionately, with a clear conscience. 
   She asked him many times, do you love me? He never answered positively. This kind of avoidance made people unhappy, but it hadn't made her sad enough to leave him.
He has always been able to avoid strange answers. The most emotional time was in the second semester of his freshman year. After he successfully ran for the secretary of the club, many people were pouring over him at the celebration party. In the end, he got a little drunk and kept pulling Baili to say thank you. Everyone said he should thank her. After all, she was always there for him at his beck and call, she almost devoted her efforts to his campaign, canvassing votes, making posters, building relationships and spying on enemies, polishing speeches, and choosing suits for him to help him rehearse and spend time.……
   When everyone was gone, he hugged her from behind and put his chin on her shoulder. She felt itchy on her shoulders and in her heart. Don't people say that they tell the truth after drinking? She immediately asked softly, Gobi, do you love me? 

   Gobi smiled vaguely, she smelled beer. Gobi pointed to the huge M sign that could be seen outside the window of the hall and said, We are like McDonald's and KFC, always together. 
   She laughed, but tears rolled down her cheeks. Yes, as long as there is a KFC place, there must be a McDonald's nearby. They will always be together. 
   But at that time she forgot that people not only spit out the truth after drinking but also talk nonsense. 

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