Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 20.1

Chapter 20.1 - Never be a Passerby (1)

The messed up incident was an uproar for a while. 
   In fact, the reason was that the person Chen Mohan fell in love with, deeply hurt her self-esteem. She said in front of that person, you misunderstood, I don't like you, in fact, I have a boyfriend. 
   Chen Mohan does have the ability, she is able to concoct a boyfriend in ten minutes. 
   She reads a lot of books, she is indeed very Taiwanese in nature. 
   Maybe it's excusable, but Baili will never know if the story is moving to the extent she can decide to forgive Chen Mohan. 
   Gobi didn't go to school for a week, and Chen Mohan and Jiang Baili's seats were transferred away. 
   Later, Gobi came back. 
   When he looked at Chen Mohan, he was flat-faced, and when he looked at other girls, he was contemptuous. Only when he looked at Baili, he was enthusiastic. 
   It is cordial, not love. 
   That kind of gaze is translated as, thank you, you are really a buddy. 
   For a period of time from that day on, he and Baili were inseparable. They went to the cafeteria to eat together, and she also met a lot of his buddies. She was isolated by the girls, and she knew that everyone was laughing at her and Chen Mohan behind her back. For a frivolous man who Chen Mohan didn't know if she wanted, a pair of girlfriends turned against each other. Some people laughed that Chen Mohan deserved to have no friends, while others laughed that Jiang Baili and Gobi were birds of the same feather. 
   Although Baili was annoyed that her life was no longer calm, and she didn't like being pointed at, her conscience was clear and smooth. Chen Mohan broke the perfect mask in her heart, so she didn't have to suffer anymore, nor did she have to worry about her low self-esteem. 
   It turns out that we are all the same. She finally faced Chen Mohan and herself squarely. 
  Although facing Chen Mohan, Baili still insisted that she only did it out of a sense of justice, not as rumoured to be stealing the exclusive suitor of others. At least she didn't lie completely. Baili didn't pursue Gobi. She conscientiously fulfilled her duty as a good buddy in the name of self-knowledge, and never interfered with Gobi's rampant luck. 
   It's just that she didn't say that it was love that made her sense of justice burn. 
   At Christmas, the greeting card she gave him still said, “I wish you flowers (illa: ladies) every year, and different people every year”
   She knew that even if Gobi's life was full of peach blossoms and spring flowers, even if he never forgave Chen Mohan, he still loved her. 
   Perhaps because he loves her, he cannot forgive. 
   But no matter what, she was young. He is the one she loves, how can she be calm forever. 

Everyone was irritable on the eve of the college entrance examination, and Baili was the same. She didn't know which one of his peach blossoms walked up to her and persuaded her to be tactful and not to entangle Gobi, she finally stopped shrugging and instead of saying the words that no one believed, “I'm just his ordinary friend” and “He loves someone else.” She raised her face and looked at each other, and said, "What do you know about being tactful?" "If he doesn't like you, what's the use of pestering him? I think you should know this better than I. ”
   And when she spoke, God actually made her the focus of the crowd. On the stairs, Chen Mohan went downstairs and Gobi went upstairs. Around the corner, a group of classmates in the class walked over with jokes, as if they were standing in positions arranged by the director. 
   When the girl saw Gobi, she asked him aggressively, did you hear that? Do you like her? Is that how the three of you turned against each other? 
   As soon as this sentence was uttered, the scene stood still for 10 seconds quite cooperatively. 
   Gobi glanced at the girl and said coldly, Get lost!. 

  Chen Mohan glanced at Baili, and a contemptuous smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. 
   Baili stood on the periphery and watched as one of them continued upstairs and the other continued downstairs. When they passed by, it seemed like a carefully edited film from a movie. Even if the relationship between them was stiff, they still had the same pride and freedom, which made the people around her, including her, disgraced and repulsive. 
   Although Gobi didn't answer that question, the sentence “Get lost!” threw the hot mystery noodles to the girl on the opposite side. On the contrary, no one paid attention to Baili's self-indulgent big words just now, and they all laughed at the peach blossom girl who bring contempt upon herself. Funny.  

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