Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 19.4

Chapter 19.4 - Little White Heroine and Beautiful Villain (2)

After that, she stopped teasing Chen Mohan and stopped gossiping about Chen Mohan's blossoming peach blossoms. Jiang Baili told herself that she was a magnanimous and good girl, and she was not jealous. 
   However, jealousy still takes root deeply, breaks ground, and sprouts at this most appropriate time. 
   Forgetting where to see it, anyone can become vicious, as long as she knows what jealousy is. 
   Jiang Baili clung to her friendship and kindness, and plunged into the novel, trying to forget the thoughts that sprouted. 
   However, after that day, Gobi blackmailed her with the grace of saving her life. He became acquainted with Jiang Baili, and he always learned about Chen Mohan's situation from her --- which novel, what comics, and what grades she was reading. Every day, she ran downstairs to watch the basketball game of which class, her gaze stayed on which number... Naturally, she was also responsible for helping Gobi secretly put various small gifts in Chen Mohan's desk. 
   She can't hide. 
   Gobi studied liberal arts for Chen Mohan. In fact, this is not a big sacrifice. Anyway, Gobi has no interest in spaceships and atomic bombs, and there is no loss in giving up science. He was very smart, getting first place in the liberal arts class is equally honourable, and it is even easier than science. 
   Baili admits that the liberal arts class is very suitable for her. Her grades have soared from wandering with Chen Mohan to the top five, and later stabilized in the top three. Chen Mohan didn't feel uncomfortable and still congratulated her faintly. 
   Everyone has their own inviolable sense of superiority, and Chen Mohan's absolute realm is obviously not on the transcript. She did not express any dissatisfaction with Baili for alienating her and spending more time on her studies, nor did she have the slightest sour emotions. 
   Chen Mohan, who is so detached and free and easy, will always be an idol that Baili can only look up to. Moreover, it is even more foil to one's own darkness and careful eyes. 
  “But to this day, I still want to know why Chen Mohan didn't accept Gobi for so many years. Gobi is indeed a bit greasy. He always likes to tease girls badly and has a lot of gossip surrounding him, but everyone knows his sincerity towards Chen Mohan, and it is even more exaggerated than what is written in those novels. She knows that more than half of the girls in the liberal arts class like him, but all girls have to look like they hate him very much. This kind of careful calculation --- you should understand? ”
   Luo Zhi smiled from the corner of her mouth and nodded. 
   Baili's biggest contribution to promoting the development of the storyline was when the second semester of high school was approaching its end of the semester. After school, she was almost at the door of the dormitory when she realised that her lunch box had been left in the class. If she didn't get it back, there would be no way to make dinner at night. 

She hurriedly returned, and at the door of the class, the most suitable place for “accidentally” eavesdropping on things that shouldn't be eavesdropped, she heard Gobi's cheerful voice very bloodily, “Are you really accepting me?! ”
   After a short silence, Baili guessed that Chen Mohan was nodding hesitatingly. 
   She didn't know why she pushed the door in, and said with a fake smile, "Too late, too late to take back your words as I’ve overheard everything!" 
   That day, Gobi retracted the mask-like cynicism of the past and looked like the simplest child with innocence and happiness. 
   Baili thought, how nice it is, look at him, how nice and honest he smiles. 
   She intuitively discovered that Chen Mohan was not happy, and even when she entered the door, she showed an expression of regret and panic. 
  The next day, Gobi told many people about his relationship with Chen Mohan in a particularly high-profile manner. He is so happy that it has finally come to fruition, and he can't wait for the whole world to know. However, she don't know why, everyone seem to have a very friendly attitude towards Chen Mohan that day. During physical education class, many girls gathered around to chat, and Chen Mohan actually sat beside. When someone mentioned this matter, everyone rushed to ask about it. 

Chen Mohan always looked faint, noncommittal, and even a little evasive. 
   Suddenly someone had the courage to say this sentence, I don't think Gobi's slick tongue is reliable at all. He must have been talking nonsense. 
   Baili cannot even believe it in her dreams, Chen Mohan nodded and said yes, I didn't accept him. 
   Jiang Baili is rarely angry, she is always grinning, gentle, and indefatigable. 
   But when everyone was happily saying, “This boy is shameless, how can a perfect girl like Chen Mohan find a boyfriend this casually”, and even half-jokingly pictured what her future boyfriend should look like, facing Chen Mohan, who was integrated into everyone's approachable smile for the first time, Belle's blood surged to her head. 
   She remembered Gobi's innocent and simple smile the night before. 
   Without even thinking about it, she suddenly stood up and said loudly to Chen Mohan, You accepted him, I obviously heard it last night, how could you do this. 
   Chen Mohan, how can you do this.

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