Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 20.3

Chapter 20.3 - Never be a Passerby (3)

 Gobi is KFC, while Chen Mohan is finger-licking original chicken, and she just launches embellished dishes like seasonal vegetables or cod strips every time she changes seasons-she will be replaced sooner or later, and even customers will not find out, but without finger-licking original chicken, KFC is no longer KFC. 

   If Baili continues to persevere, they may be able to be together forever. 
   If it hadn't been for an email to Gobi's mailbox yesterday. 
  “I once said why not be together. You said, the word "why not" hurt you more deeply. I finally understand now, I regret it. I confess, I apologize, and I let go of that unnecessary self-esteem. However, will you look back? I know I am despicable, but without me and without your anger, would there be her happiness today? ”
   And Gobi's reply was only one sentence. 
   “I cannot let her down. ”
   “You said, is he betraying me by doing this?" Baili tapped her fingers on the desktop as if to reclaim Luo Zhi's soul. 
   “I'm listening." Luo Zhi glanced faintly at her restless fingers. 
   “But, he already said that, why do I still feel so uncontented?"  Baili asked. 
   “Because what you want to hear is not a cheap and ambiguous sentence of "I cannot let her down". What you want to hear is that he said that he used to be young and ignorant, but now those are over. I love Jiang Baili now. Please get over it and I wish you happiness. " Luo Zhi smiled bitterly. 
   Baili was taken aback when she heard this. She hadn't spoken for a long time, as if she had said too much just now, and now she wanted to rest. 
   They can already see the sunset outside the window. 
   It's getting dark earlier and earlier. 
    Baili's tears fell as if it was free money. 
   "Legend has it that the tears of a shark become precious gems when they fall, and they can sell for a lot of money. I really hate why you didn't become this species. ”
   “Can't you say something else? Comforting, warmer? " Baili smiled reluctantly. 
   “All the words that can be called comfort are mostly nonsense. ”
   “What about suggestions? ”
   “You don't even listen, and even if you listen, you will never bear to do it. ”
  “Even if I can't do it, just to talk about it. ”
   Luo Zhi seemed to be entangled by her, staring at her faintly. 
   After a while, she said softly, “Break up. ”
   In the evening, Luo Zhi, who was sitting in Tiffany's study and watching the child recite ancient poems, remembered what  Baili asked her after she and Baili walked out of KFC. 
   “If you were me, would you would break up? ”
   “I don't even love him, how could I be you, how could I empathize with what you feel, everything I say is fart. If I were you, just because of he is angry at someone else's reply of "Why not be together" and replied to my confession with the word "good" instead of "I like you too", I wouldn't start a relationship with him at all! ”
   “Even till this day, I am really senseless. You can laugh to death while watching me from the side. ”
   “I forgive you," Luo Zhi shrugged. “Who told you to read Taiwan romance novel" she paused, and then said, "Although the little white heroine is stupid, she is generally kind. It's just that I hope you can have the same good luck as them. ”
   Baili looked at her gratefully, “But what if I am a little white, but not the heroine? ”
   Luo Zhi was taken aback and rolled her eyes at her. 
   “That's right. ”When the two were about to separate, Luo Zhi suddenly remembered something and stopped Baili. 
   “Why? ”
   “Next time you tell someone a story or quarrel with Gobi, don't mention your high school life and tell more about the good things you have done this year. At least be the protagonist once in your own world, even if it is a bittersweet drama, it is better than being a passerby.”
  It's better than being a passerby. Luo Zhi remembered her diary in her senior year of high school, and her pride was vividly reflected in the small details. For example, in any case, there was only Sheng Huainan's name in her diary. As for the people around him, she didn't seem to have written anything else….

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