Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 2.4

Chapter 2.4

   The housekeeper opened the door for them. The duplex is very spacious. One side of the living room is full of curved glass windows, and the city like a sea of lights is under their feet. 


   “Not many people have been here," Ji Nanfang said, “Don't tell my mother that I have this place when I go back so that she won't be nosy. ”


   She knew that her brothers also had such a place, the Three Caves of Guitu. Occasionally, he has to find a secluded place, so he always keeps the last cave from being known. 


  He showed her the bathroom and asked her to wash her face. He had also changed all the clothes that she had splashed with coffee and put on a loose pullover. She rarely saw him dressed like this. With long hands and long feet, he looked a bit like the senior brothers in school. He looked very young and like a big boy. She couldn't help but look at him more, he only asked her, “You haven't eaten yet, what do you want to eat? I'll get it for you. ”


   This shocked her: “You can cook? ”


   “You think of me too highly,” he couldn't help laughing: “I can only order meals. ”


   “Then I want to eat pizza, twelve-inch, spicy, curry supreme. ”


   “Junk food, kid. ”


   “I am over 20 years old this year, and I will be 21 soon. I am not a kid anymore. ”


   This sentence really made him laugh: "Wow, already twenty years old. ”


   She didn't have the strength to quarrel with him, glared at him fiercely, and swaggered around the house. The living room turned around and turned into an audio-visual room. A pile of equipment was placed there. She didn't have much expertise. Looking at it, it was all the one of the highest quality and she couldn't help criticizing: “Burn money! ”


   “The money is earned to spend. "He still has the kind of careless tone: "Why do you make money then?” ”


   Next to the audiovisual room is a huge CD room. The three walls are densely packed from heaven to earth, her eyes filled with CDs. They are divided into categories and placed neatly. The floor space of this house is already high, and the shelves run from the ground to the ceiling, which is even more magnificent. It looks like the audiovisual information room of the National Library and the CD warehouse of a record company. But record companies have never seen such a rich collection. She took a casual look, and then she saw her beloved: "Lend me this one. ”


   “No way! I don't even lend CDs to my wife. ”


  “Stingy! "She was annoyed: "Besides, do you have a wife?” It's not too late to say this when you actually have a wife. ”


   She was hungry as soon as she quarrelled with him, but fortunately, the food delivery arrived in time. The hotel waiter set up the cutlery before leaving. As a result, the one in front of her was paella. She was dissatisfied: “I want pizza! ”


   “Children should eat obediently! ”


   She couldn't help it, so she had to sit down and eat. After tossing for most of the night, she was really hungry. The paella was delicious, with real ingredients and authentic taste. He ate steak with a glass of red wine beside the plate. She picked it up without thinking and drank it with her neck up. 


   Ji Nanfang was startled. She had finished drinking, wiped the corners of her mouth with a napkin, and only looked at him with her big black eyes, very innocent. 


   “This is Latour in '82. ”


   “So what? ”


   “Is there anyone like you? ”


   “Fake foreign devil, fake mannerism, why do I have to roll up my tongue and sip a little bit? ”She said, making a tongue-curling grimace. The tongue is really rolled up like a small tube, and it is also like a snake. It is small, red, and has a strange smell. It may have a cool fruity smell, but it is actually wine. Ji Nanfang only felt like it looked like a small snake as if it was whizzing into people's eyes, and then into people's hearts. 


   He had been a little irritable all night, and at this time he finally couldn't bear it: "Ye Shoushou, can you be quiet for a while? ”


   After speaking out, he regretted it again, but Shoushou didn't take it to heart. Instead, she smiled and asked, “Did you lose money playing cards today?" ”


   He smiled from his nose, refuse to comment 


  When she was full, Shoushou felt a little happier. She slept on the sofa in the audiovisual room with nothing to do, holding her knees and watching him squatting on the ground to debug the amplifier. Unexpectedly, Ji Sanzi, who is usually the most trim, still has time to work with his sleeves up. He lowered his head to do things seriously, with a few strands of forehead hair hanging down. It didn't look messy. On the contrary, it looked a lot more pleasing to the eye. At least Shoushou felt a lot more pleasing to the eye-she always felt that her brothers' friends were too stable and indifferent. Everyone seemed to be unchanged before the collapse of Mount Tai, how terrifying. 


   "Play Cai Qin's "Forgotten Time". "She jumped and tried: “Let's see if it's really sweet in the high notes, mid-pitch, and strong in the bass." ”


   He didn't even raise his head: “You have to listen to yourself and find it. ”


   She was dizzy when she thought of the piles of CDs like mountains: “There are too many, how can I find them? ”


   "Column C, the fourth or fifth grid to the right, are all her CDs. ”


   She corrected her tongue for a while: “It's so amazing, how do you remember? ”


   He still didn't raise his head: “I always remember what I should remember. ”

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