Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 31.2

Chapter 31.1 - A Chaotic Morning (2)

“I…” Su Jinbei shook her head violently, “No, not completely I think. I remember Wutong was here, and then as soon as I opened my eyes Wutong was really right there. Also!”

“What.” Zhou Shiyun looked at her.

“I had an erotic dream!!”


“But it doesn’t feel like it.” Su Jinbei took Zhou Shiyun’s arm, “I woke up in your room in the morning, uh, yesterday wasn’t a dream? It was real?”

Zhou Shiyun calmly put her hand down, “I slept on the sofa yesterday, you were probably dreaming.”

“But, why did you let me sleep in your room.”

“You were drunk and insisted, there was no other way.” Zhou Shiyun turned and walked to the door. “Quickly change out and get ready, we’re going out to eat.”

“Hey, wait, I haven’t finished asking, I feel like…”

Zhou Shiyun interrupted her, “I’ll give you fifteen minutes.”


Zhou Shiyun went out.

Su Jinbei scratched her head. No way, it was really only a dream? But it was so realistic! Zhou Shiyun kissing her, Zhou Shiyun kissing her forcefully! It was so thrilling!

Su Jinbei struggled for a while, and thought again. No, no, no, it should be a dream, how could the real Zhou Shiyun be so barbaric!

When Su Jinbei finished putting on her clothes and was done with her makeup, the group of three had already emptied a pot of tea.

Su Jinbei coughed, and walked in front of Zhou Zhengxian in shame, “Elder Brother, you are here, uh… just now was rude of me, please forgive me.”

Zhou Zhengxian put down his teacup and smiled softly, “It’s okay, there’s no need to be uncomfortable in your own home. It was our fault that we didn’t notify you when we came.”

Su Jinbei smiled drily, “It’s not like that…”

Zhou Zhengxian and Zhou Yan glanced at each other. Afraid to make things awkward for Su Jinbei, he said, “Let’s go and grab a bite. Zhou Yan, push me out.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The two went out first. Su Jinbei bitterly said, “Zhou Shiyun, your brother wouldn’t think I’m unladylike, right?”

Zhou Shiyun’s lips slightly bent, he turned his head to look at her, “When have you ever been ladylike?”

Su Jinbei, “!!!”

The group went to a private restaurant to eat. The private room was quiet, low-key and elegant.

“This restaurant was opened by a friend of mine, and the dishes are delicious.” Zhou Zhengxian handed the menu to Su Jinbei, “Ladies first, order whatever you want.”

Su Jinbei thanked him, “I didn’t know such a restaurant existed, it’s very cool.”

“If you want to eat here, ask Shiyun to come with you. If you are busy, you can also give them a call and have it delivered.” Zhou Zhengxian said, “Shiyun, do you have the owner’s phone number?”

Zhou Shiyun nodded.

Su Jinbei supported her chin and glanced sideways at him, “Zhou Shiyun, you have to help me order in the future.

“You are always outside, the boss won’t deliver out of the city.” Zhou Shiyun said lightly.

“That won’t be a problem,” Su Jinbei hooked his lips, “I’ll just stay here more often. Since you live here, I was originally planning not to leave as often.”

Zhou Zhengxian chuckled, apparently amused by Su Jinbei’s bold and explicit words. Zhou Shiyun was unfazed and turned away unnaturally.

Su Jinbei didn’t care about the two people’s reaction and ordered for herself. After ordering the things she liked, she handed over the menu to others, “Your turn.”

After ordering their meal, the three people started chatting again. Of course, most of the time it was Zhou Zhengxian and Su Jinbei in a conversation. Zhou Shiyun never took the initiative to insert himself into the topic.

The dishes were served, and the three of them began to partake.

“It’s really delicious.” Su Jinbei’s eyes were sparkling. “The Furong crystal fish is so fresh, and the ribs are so tender.”

“These two dishes are the signature dishes here, and they are really delicious.” Zhou Zhengxian said, “Shiyun and I both prefer to eat Chinese food over Western food. Jinbei, you as well?”

Su Jinbei groaned, “Well, I like good food, I’m fine with both Western food and Chinese food.”

Zhou Shiyun slightly raised his lips. It’s true.

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