Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2 - An Exemplary Beauty (Part 1)

     She raised her head and looked at Ai Jingchu's side face again. He was definitely the kind of exemplary beauty in Zhou Wen's mouth. 
    At this time, there was a reader who wanted to borrow a book, so Zeng Li returned to her seat and moved Ai Jingchu's book to the side to continue working. There were a lot of people coming and going, borrowing and returning, and everyone was silent. 
     After some more time, Zeng Li calmed down and looked in the direction of Ai Jingchu. There was a row of tall iron bookshelves separated from them, and Zeng Li could see half of Ai Jingchu's figure through the row of uneven books and journals. 
     In the huge reading room, it seemed that there were only two of them left. There were no footsteps or human voices, and they could only faintly hear the music of the playground in the park downstairs. As time passed, the sunlight slowly moved the angle of illumination on him. 
     If this is seen by Ma Yiyi's mother, it accurately depicts her usual saying: "How can a mother raise her son so well? It's really a blessing from eight lifetimes of cultivation!” Young and promising, a fine-looking man, famous overseas returnees, as well as highly educated and good careers, every line is a ring of light. 
     Zeng Li smiled, a little self-deprecating, opened the computer's browser again, and entered the local forum “Dadi Network” where she often went—she was one of the moderators of a section called “Urban Lookout”. She can surf the Internet at work and is free most of the time, so she applied for a position as a moderator in this place where she often goes. She usually deletes advertisements, organizes the posting order of the forum, and can get to know some online friends. 
     Some time ago, the post about Teacher A was overwhelmed other topics. She didn't show up for two consecutive days, nothing big, so she opened some new top posts at random. One of them was news to gather the whole forum AA netizens to eat New Year's Hot pot together. 
     At this moment, Ai Jingchu stood up and walked towards Zeng Li with the book in his hand to go through the formalities of borrowing books. 
    He was standing and she was sitting, with a table separated from each other. 
     She looked at the computer, hesitating, not knowing if she should say hello to him. She has always had a bit of communication barriers with unfamiliar people, and she always hovers between saying and not saying. She was afraid that if he didn't recognize her,it would be rude to speak rashly; she was also afraid that he had already recognized her, but she deliberately pretended not to recognize him, it is even more rude. What's more, if the doctor-patient relationship continues for a long time in the future, it may be more difficult to get along. 
     So, Zeng Li raised her head and reluctantly raised the corners of her mouth, “Dr. Ai, what a coincidence. ”
     Ai Jingchu lowered his head, his eyes flashed across her face, a little puzzled. 
     Zeng Li sighed secretly in her heart, he indeed didn't know her. She wears a dark blue suit with dark stripes as a uniform for work, and her hair must be tied into a bun at the back of her head. It is as ugly as it can be. She looks ten years older and she is completely different from her usual self. Besides, every time he saw her, she opened her mouth wide, and her face was distorted and deformed for a long time. He normal looks at hundreds of patients a day, so he probably couldn't tell who was who. 
     She knew it's better to save the trouble
     But now she is in a state of one who rides a tiger, and it is even more strange not to explain, so Zeng Li stood up and introduced himself, "I am your patient. "As she said, she opened her mouth and showed her braces to prove it to Ai Jingchu. 

(Romuse: One who rides a tiger - get into a position from which there is no retiring) 
     As soon as Ai Jingchu saw her braces, he faintly spits out two words: "Zeng Li. ”
     As her name is spoken out by him, the final sound will be longer, lowered down and then raise up, which has a strange texture. His voice is still a little hoarse, but it is much better than yesterday. Fortunately, he has recovered well, otherwise, he will really disappoint many young people. 
     He really has a voice that people will never forget. 
    Zeng Li smiled shallowly in response. She suddenly felt that the person in front of her was very interesting. He couldn't remember the appearance of the patient, but he could clearly remember the dental condition and medical records of each patient. Only when he saw the braces could he remember who it was. 
     Perfect professionalism. 
     When the conversation reach this point, it became abit cold. 
     Zeng Li hurriedly picked up the book and card and handed them back to Ai Jingchu, “Please continue with what you are busy with, I’ll be going back to work. ” One sentence can be regarded as a farewell towards the end. 
     Ai Jingchu took it and left silently. 
     After two or three days, Zeng Li felt that she seemed to have adapted to the existence of braces. It was not as terrifying as some people said. It was certain that the skin of her mouth was a little bit worn out, but her gums were not red and swollen. 

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