Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 3.3

Chapter 3.3 - An Exemplary Beauty (Part 1)

During the Chinese New Year, it is the winter vacation. In addition to the duty personnel and the inpatient department, most of the remaining departments of the Stomatology hospital will also be on vacation. Therefore, Ai Jingchu told Zeng Li last time that if the braces have no unexpected condition, then the next follow-up time will be after the new year, the day before the 15th of the first month. 
     In the first few days, Zeng Li obediently followed the doctor's instructions and carefully drank a lot of porridge. Later, when she saw Ma Yiyi eating braised rice by herself, she was really fond of good food, so she tried to chew two chicken wings. After eating, she found that there was actually no problem, so she boldly started to break the rules one by one. 
     Dou Dou said, “Sister Small Fish, don't be careless. There are also people in my dormitory who have their teeth repaired. I heard that if the braces is knocked off once, it will delay the treatment time for several months. ”
    Zeng Li said guiltily: “Don't scare me, is it true? ” She is getting older, and the delay she can't afford is the treatment time. Last time she heard Zhou Wen say that it takes a minimum one or two years, and maximum three or five years. The treatment time for adults is longer than that of children. She wanted to hit the wall and die at the time. 

If it weren't for two teeth that had been pulled out, she would definitely leave immediately. Three or five years? Doesn't it mean that if she gets married in two years, she will have to wear braces when she wears a wedding dress and have children? Zhou Wen also solemnly comforted her: “You don't have to worry too much about this. You must take it off during pregnancy, because your teeth are loose during pregnancy and you are prone to periodontitis and you are not suitable for treatment. However, I haven't met anyone who is still orthodontic after pregnancy. Maybe Teacher Ai has experience. "Zeng Li couldn't be at ease. 
     Ma Yiyi smiled and said, “Ai Jingchu glued it up with his own hands, how could it fall off? It is estimated that the diamonds are not as hard as your braces. ”
     After Dou Dou's advice, Zeng Li didn't dare to anyhow eat anymore, but on Saturday, it happened to be the anniversary of the website's New Year's Dinner, and Zeng Li had to go. 
     The activities of the day were very lively, an outdoor stage was set up, and a radio host was invited to host a program. The interval between literary and artistic programs was interspersed with an inventory and summary of the major events of the website last year. 
     First, the women's section, the literature section, the real estate section, and the self-driving cycling section played, and finally, the social hot club where Zeng Li was in, served as the finale. 
     Their club and the educational club planned two activities together in the middle of the year and at the end of the year. One was to build an extracurricular library for children in the mountains during the summer vacation, and the other was to start raising money for winter clothes in the autumn. When she went to the mountains in the summer, everyone temporarily became interested after seeing the current situation of the children. 
    The matter of donating the library was proposed by Zeng Li. At that time, the club master wanted to launch a meaningful public welfare event and asked everyone to make suggestions. Zeng Li remembered that she had followed the curator to the following townships and cultural bureaus to inspect the construction of rural cultural undertakings with the local leaders. 

To be honest, only superficial efforts have been made, when conducting the inspections, some nearby farmers and residents were invited to the library to sit and read books pretentiously. The magazines and books inside are lacklustre. Think about what would happen to small villages in remote mountainous areas. 
     It happened that the city library was about to engage in a similar event and needed media and social support. Zeng Li contacted the library for the club. 
     “Jia Small Fish. ”A man called Zeng Li's screen name behind her back. 
     Zeng Li looked back and saw that it was the moderator “Blade” who managed the “City Lookout” section with her. "Blade" was originally named Ning Feng, he was not fat or thin, had a usual flat hairstyle, and took the name of an unusually tough vest. 
     “Lao Ning, what's the matter? "Zeng Li asked. 
     “The reporter from the Education Club wants to interview you. "Ning Feng said. 
     “Interview me? " Zeng Li was surprised and became nervous all of a sudden. 
     A young female reporter came out from behind Ning Feng, smiled and said to Zeng Li: “Just a casual talk. ”
     “I... I... you interview them, I have nothing to say. ” With that said, Zeng Li wanted to hide. 
     “Let's do a special topic, everyone has been interviewed, you can also say a few words, do me a favour! ”
     “I can't speak well. ”
     “It's okay, we have to edit it in the end. If it's not good, we won't broadcast it. ”
     Hearing this, Zeng Li calmed down. 

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