Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2

Ji Nanfang was a little dazed. Her fluffy hair was attached to his clothes, almost as soft as a cloud. Maybe if she stretched out her hand, it would disappear. But her face is real, with long eyelashes, like two small curved fans. When you look down in this way, you can see the black velvet-like eyelashes one by one. It's very long and clear as if it was carefully drawn by someone, almost like a fake. In fact, she cried before, and after washing her face, she didn't put on makeup. Her face was very clean and had a girly lustre. He has also seen women without makeup, but he always feels that something is missing, even if they are beautiful, they seem to be a bit discoloured. But she was so clean and so delicate, even her breath was a little sweet, reminding him of her grimace and little red tongue.

He shook his head suddenly, and suddenly felt the urge to slap himself, and stretched out his hand to wake her up without thinking: “Shoushou, don't sleep, I'll take you back. ”

She opened her eyes bleakly, looked at her watch, and only felt thirsty to sleep: “It's almost three o'clock... I'll just take a break here. ”

“That won't work. "He has an arrogant attitude, “I'll take you home, there are no guest rooms here." 

“Then I will sleep on the sofa. ”

“No way! ”

“Then I will sleep in your bed. "She is inarticulate, but her thinking is still clear, “You sleep on the sofa." ”

“No way! ”

“You are very annoying. ”She muttered, squeezed herself deeper into the warmth, and fell asleep again.

When she woke up, her feet were a little swollen, because she was wearing jeans and slept all night without even turning over.

Shoushou thought for a while before remembering where she was.

Ji Nanfang's bed is very large. In fact, because the bedroom is large, it is more than fifty square meters, and it still has curved windows on the entire side, facing the empty skyline. Without curtains, Shoushou opened her eyes and saw the blue sky outside the window, with clouds slowly flowing past, so low that it seemed to be within reach.

She lay there for a while before she got up. The master bedroom and bathroom are also very large, with many mirrors, which look a bit empty. Like the bedroom, the main colours are black and white, which makes it look a bit deserted. Because the quilt was too warm, she slept dryly. After washing, she went downstairs. It was also very warm downstairs. The double-layer glass was covered with fine white mist as if it was covered with a layer of screen curtains. Ji Nanfang was wrapped in a blanket and slept motionless on the sofa. She felt naughty, walked to the sofa on tiptoe, then stretched out her hand, and was about to scream, when he suddenly opened his eyes: “What are you doing? ”

She was taken aback, he almost scared her soul away, so she patted her chest and said, “It scared me to death. ”

“Who told you to have bad intentions?” He sat up and scratched his hair. In fact, his hair was not messy, but he was wearing pyjamas, which was somewhat different from his usual appearance. Shoushou was angry to be scared by him, and deliberately despised him: "It turns out that men who don't dress up can't meet people.”  (illa: She is implying that when he doesn’t dress up he looks bad)

He didn't want to fight with her: “Wait a minute, I'll take a shower, change clothes and take you home.”

She didn't want to go home, so she asked him to take her to the west of the city. After the car stopped, he looked at the building and frowned: "Where is this place? ”

“Dormitory, divided by the administration office.”

“Haven't you graduated yet?”

“I'm in an internship. It's not convenient to run around. The administration office took care of me and gave me a room. ”

His car is too expensive, there are already passing neighbours looking back, and she hurriedly wants to get out of the car: “Third brother, I'm leaving.”

A word rushed to his mouth and rolled, but he swallowed it in time.

Seeing her open the car door, he couldn't help but catch up with her: “Be careful and take care of yourself. ”

But before he could say much, she had already run far away. In the late autumn dawn, she was covered with faint sunlight, leaping lightly, turning her head like a fawn, and answering him crisply: "Ugh! ”

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