Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 3.3

Chapter 3.3

In the first half of the senior semester, there are not many courses. Everyone is doing internships, and few people go back to school. In the afternoon, she went to get a few books. The campus in autumn is actually very beautiful. The leaves of the French sycamore have turned yellow, like carefully made bookmarks, which have receded the greenness, leaving only the context of autumn. The weather was a bit cold. She only wore a thin sweater. Walking on the road was a bit strenuous, but she felt cold.

At first, when she was about to return to China, her mother was very angry and her father was even more puzzled, but she just wanted to come back. In the end, her parents finally gave in, with conditions attached: she still had to go abroad for a master's degree.

She was actually very tired, what is the use of getting a PhD, since she had already made her parents angry, she simply picked her favourite major. She didn't go to the school arranged by her parents, so she chose such a university instead. The campus is very small, and the beauty is like a cloud, it is easy for her to pass into oblivion in the crowd.

She never thought that she would meet Yi Changning here.

One of her youngest cousins, Ye Shenxuan, has a middle school classmate, Zheng Zhiheng, who is also in this university and is only two years older than her. Ye Shenxuan specifically called and asked him to take care of Shou Shou. Zheng Zhiheng said without saying a word: “Don't worry, your sister is my sister. ”

As a result, this elder Brother Zheng really took good care of her. He was the president of the student council and a popular figure. He responds en masse, and everyone has his face. She was taken care of by such an elder brother. Since entering the school, the biggest danger she encountered was just a bug while eating candied fried chestnuts in her bedroom. The days are calm and happy, and she is almost panicked from boredom.

On this day, Zheng Zhiheng came to ask her specifically: "Yi Changning came to the college to give a lecture. Would you like a ticket? ”

She asked, "Who is Yi Changning? ”

She felt guilty when she saw Zheng Zhiheng's expression, but Zheng Zhiheng didn't laugh at her, and briefly described Yi Changning to her. His great achievements entered from this ear and came out from the other ear. In the end, she only remembered one word: Ox 牛 ! (Romuse: slang for awesome)

In fact, Shoushou has seen a lot of great people. One of her uncles is an authority in the field of missile guidance systems. He has spent half of his life in laboratories and experimental sites. The research projects he presided over were all codenamed and were all-state secrets; one of her uncles who is far away in the United States is a world-famous conductor; another uncle is an expert in financial theory; she also has a cousin who is an executive at an investment bank in Wall Street. She is well-dressed on weekdays and looks like a decent-looking career woman. Her only hobby in her spare time is paragliding, and she won a world record as a result. 

As for the brothers' friends, they are even more diverse, and there are all kinds of ox. For example, Ye Shenrong was involved in the Internet since he was a child. His company was listed on Nasdaq when he was less than 30 years old. His name was shining with golden light. A simple web search would lead to a bunch of photos, and there would always be a bunch of little girls screaming and idolizing him; Another example, is Ye Shenkuan has a close brother who can speak eight foreign languages, including Latin and Greek, he is second to none in China.

Yi Changning is a young talent in science and technology. The main content of his speech that day was digital TV and communication prospects. He was extremely eloquent, knowledgeable, and humorous. The students in the auditorium listened with relish. Only Ruan Jiangxi, who was punctual and interrupted from time to time in fascination: “Why are the current technological talents so young and handsome? ”After a while, she whispered to Jiangxi again, “Xizi, why do people in this world look so good in white suits?" ”

Jiangxi couldn't bear it. She wrote the word “boy-crazy” on the note and pushed it to her. Shoushou suddenly hated “Alone is what I have, alone stands by me.'. She ignored Jiangxi and stared intently at Yi Changning's every move. Ye Shenrong would not even pull off a hair-raising white suit, but wearing it on Yi Changning's body reminded people of “white victory.” And his hair is jet black and thick, his face has real sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, and the corners of his mouth are slightly pursed and hooked upward, a clear smile like the sun.

Finally, the speech came to an end, and the host came on stage. Originally, the host was the elder brother of the broadcasting department, and he was usually quite chic and similar to Zhou Zhengyi, but when he stood next to Yi Changning, his temperament was different.

Shoushou remembered reading "The New Words of the World" when she was a child, and there was a passage in the middle: “Emperor Wei Ming sent his younger brother Mao to sit with Xiahou Xuan. At that time, people said, ‘Cymbal and Jade Tree 蒹葭倚玉树’. ” She suddenly felt that the description of the ancients was really timely. Seeing the host standing with Yi Changning, isn't it Cymbal and Jade Tree ?"

(illa: Cymbal and Jade Tree 蒹葭倚玉树: Reluctant to recite an ugly beauty Jade tree can not be compared. Also used as a courtesy to borrow others' light.)

Yi Changning is of course the charming jade tree.

He was born to wear white again today, and a circle of cast lights on the stage of the auditorium hit his head, and a faint golden beam of light caged his whole body in it, giving an almost illusory appearance. And he turned his face slightly to the side and smiled at the public, almost perfect close to unreality. Shoushou's heart was pounding, and she felt that this person looked familiar as if she had seen him before, but she hadn't, but she understood, he was it. 

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