Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 32.2

Chapter 32.2 - How Dare You Touch My Person (2)

“Accompany?” Su Jinbei’s face was sinister, “How do you want me to accompany you?”

“Of course…”

“Jinbei!” Xia Lu suddenly stood up suddenly, with embarrassment and guilt on her face, “It’s too late, you should go back first!”

Su Jinbei also stood up, “Go back, what about you?!”

Xia Lu glanced at the men, her voice was very soft, “I still have something.”

“Xia Lu!” Su Jinbei clenched her fists and calmed herself, and she said softly, “Come with me, I drank too much, can you send me back?”

Xia Lu’s eyes were red, “I’ll call Ah Ying.”

“No, I want you to send me.”

“Jinbei, you drank too much, huh? Come, I’ll send you, I’ll send you.” Producer Jiang quickly stood up. “I booked a room in a nearby hotel, how about I take you two to rest there?”

Producer Jiang said as he came to pull Su Jinbei, but he was blocked by Xia Lu. “Mr. Jiang, no need, let me take her home.”

Producer Jiang’s face suddenly sank, “Xia Lu, what do you mean by this, you want to leave? Heh, do you not want the role anymore?”

Xia Lu bit her lip, “I… I will apologize to you next time.”

“Next time, if you leave this time, there won’t be a next time. Who do you think you are, coming and going as you please?” Producer Jiang said coldly, “You said you were going to accompany me tonight. What’s the matter, now that your best friend’s here, your words don’t count?”

“You shut your mouth!” Su Jinbei suddenly kicked Producer Jiang, “Accompany you?! What are you!”

It happened so suddenly, the people present were shocked.

After they came to, the crowd quickly went to help Producer Jiang.

“You, outrageous! Are you crazy?!” Jinbei wore high heels, and she definitely had not kicked lightly. Producer Jiang sat on the ground and could not stand for a while.

Su Jinbei looked down at him from above, “Remember this, if you dare to mess with Xia Lu, I won’t let you off easy!”

“You little girl! Do you know who Producer Jiang is?” The person on the side who appeared to be the assistant director exclaimed.

Su Jinbei sneered coldly, “I don’t care who he is.”

“Follow me.” Su Jinbei took Xia Lu’s hand and directly pulled her out the door.

“Stop them!” Producer Jiang finally got up, “I will show you who I am right now! “

Several other men quickly stepped forward to pull Su Jinbei, Xia Lu was crying anxiously on the side, “Don’t bully her. I’ll stay. I’ll stay, okay?!”

“She must stay too!” Producer Jiang stepped forward and reached out to pinch Su Jinbei’s jaw. When he stepped forward, the smell of wine quickly filled the air.

Su Jinbei stared at him angrily, but she couldn’t move, “This damned stinky thing, I’ll give you a chance to let me go!”

Producer Jiang’s eyes narrowed, pulled Su Jinbei, and threw her to the table beside her.

Su Jinbei’s lower back hit the corner of the table fiercely. The sharp pain made her almost faint. But she had no time to respond before the fat and greasy body of Producer Jiang climbed on top.

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