Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 32.1

Chapter 32.1 - How Dare You Touch My Person (1)

“Jinbei, why are you here?” Xia Lu stood up in panic. “You, you…”

Su Jinbei stepped forward and looked around. There were five men, Xia Lu was the only girl.

“I should be the one asking you, why are you here.” Su Jinbei lost her usual haughty look, her face dark.

Xia Lu cleared her throat, and said reluctantly and calmly, “Uh, let me introduce you, this is Producer Jiang, this is Director Chen…”

Su Jinbei didn’t want to hear her introduce these people. She looked at Xia Lu and asked, “Xia Lu, is this person your boyfriend?”

“Ah?” Xia Lu froze, “What, what boyfriend.”

“I saw that you guys were so intimate, I thought he was your boyfriend.”

Xia Lu’s complexion changed, “Jinbei…”

“Ah, you are Su Jinbei, seeing once is indeed better than hearing a hundred times!” Producer Jiang was drunk and you could tell from his face, “Truly so beautiful.”

Xia Lu pushed Su Jinbei out, “Jinbei, please go first, I will explain later.”

“Don’t go, sit down and have a drink together.”

Others present also added, “Yeah, yeah, let’s have a drink, pretty lady.”

Xia Lu was anxious, “Jinbei.”

Su Jinbei glanced at Xia Lu, and suddenly sat down where she was, “Okay, let’s have a drink, let’s talk.”

Seeing Su Jinbei sit down, the eyes of all the men present were glittering, and Producer Jiang said, “Xia Lu, why didn’t you tell us earlier, turns out you’re close with Su Jinbei.”

Xia Lu sat down hesitantly, “En…”

“That’s really good. The drama I told you has another character undecided, you two can act together.”

Xia Lu’s eyes lit up, “Mr. Jiang, you agreed?”

“Heh, it’s no problem.” Producer Jiang’s eyes analyzed Su Jinbei, “Of course, you have to help me bring Miss Su over, our drama is lacking a representative.”

As soon as Xia Lu heard it, she subconsciously turned to Su Jinbei.

Her eyes were too expectant, Su Jinbei felt a sharp pain in her heart when she saw them.

She had always known that the entertainment circle was very chaotic, that many people in the circle would cling to others for fame and resources. They would use their bodies or other things, but Su Jinbei never thought that the “many people” included Xia Lu, the Xia Lu who in her heart she thought of as pure and lovely, the Xia Lu who liked to play with her.

“Producer Jiang, right? What kind of drama are you talking about?” Su Jinbei looked at him with a smile.

Producer Jiang said, “It’s an adaptation of a novel by a well-known romance author. It’s a big IP. Whoever stars in it would definitely get famous. Oh, right. The male lead will be played by Yang Shang. What do you think, Miss Su must be interested?

Su Jinbei hooked her lips and smiled, “Big IP, the male god Yang Shang… Then what role are you going to give Xia Lu?”

“Second female lead.”

“Oh?” Su Jinbei said again, “Then since you’re telling me to join you, what role will I be playing?”

“Also a very good character. Sigh, actually, you can take on the role of the female lead, but the female lead role has already been decided, although…” Producer Jiang suddenly reached out and stroked the back of Su Jinbei’s hand, “If you are desperate, I may consider helping you. “

Su Jinbei felt a chill in her heart. The scene of the pervert touching Xia Lu just now lingered in her mind. She drew back her hand abruptly, “Producer Jiang is really a good person, willing to help me take the role for free. I must remember this kindness.”

“It’s not free.” Producer Jiang and the few men present looked at each other. “If you are willing to accompany us, this matter… will certainly be no problem.” 

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