Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 32.3

Chapter 32.3 - How Dare You Touch My Person (3)

“Jinbei!! You let her go, I beg of you!” Xia Lu was held back behind, with tears on her face.

Su Jinbei struggled desperately, but after all, she was just a girl, no matter how powerful she was, she couldn’t withstand a big and tall adult man.


“Ouch!!” Suddenly, Producer Jiang was kicked hard on the ground.

Su Jinbei’s body became light and fell directly onto the table. Zhou Shiyun’s eyes were swift, and he stretched his hands to embrace Su Jinbei’s waist.

“Who are you!” Seeing this, the others quickly came forward, Zhou Shiyun glanced coldly, and put down Su Jinbei lightly.

He blocked the hand of one of the men and pressed hard with his finger. The man screamed, “Stop, stop, stop!!! Let go!” The others quickly came forward to help. Zhou Shiyun let go, and in a few moves, the people coming to help fell on the ground. He was agile, so agile that the two men at the back cast a swift glance at each other, not daring to step forward.

Su Jinbei leaned to the side, stunned, “Ba-Baby Zhou, you can fight?”

Zhou Shiyun didn’t answer her but looked at Producer Jiang on the ground with gloomy eyes.

Just now a waiter came to the room and said that Su Jinbei might be in trouble. He had been puzzled until he pushed the door in and saw the scene in front of him.

Anger, shock, maybe even… murderous intent entered him. He had kicked the man away without thinking! Only when he embraced Su Jinbei did a trace of calm emerge in his panicked heart.

Producer Jiang could not get up for a while, and could only move away on the ground, “You, you, you, you! Impudent! Call the police! Call the police! This is assault!!!”

Zhou Shiyun narrowed his eyes and took a step forward. A “very careless” foot stepped on his ankle. “Call the police? To catch you?”

“Ahhhhhh!!! Who the hell are you! This is our room, it has nothing to do with you!”

Zhou Shiyun’s eyes were cold, “You touched my person. Say… is it not my business.”

Producer Jiang is stunned, “Your person?”

“What’s going on!” The owner of the restaurant hurried over when he heard the news and saw that the room was messy. When he saw Zhou Shiyun stepping on Producer Jiang, his back became damp with cold sweat.

He remembered what the waiter had told him on the way, coming to the conclusion that it was probably Producer Jiang who had offended Zhou Shiyun. So he quickly apologized to Zhou Shiyun, “Second Young Master, I’m really sorry, I’m truly sorry that this happened in my restaurant.”

Producer Jiang was also a regular visitor of the place. When he saw this, he scolded, “Old He, what do you mean by this?”

Boss He wouldn’t look at him, “Second Young Master, do you want to report to the police?”

Zhou Shiyun loosened his feet, “Yes, send him in. The reason…”

“The reason is that he wanted to rape a young and beautiful girl! But he was not successful.” Su Jinbei said to the side, “Boss, you have CCTV here, right? You’ll know what he did to me when you check the footage”

The boss nodded again and again, “Yes, yes.”

“Shiyun.” At this time, Zhou Yan pushed Zhou Zhengxian in. He frowned, “What’s the matter.”

“Mr. Zhou…” Boss He bowed repeatedly, “Sorry to trouble you.”

On the other side, Producer Jiang stared at everyone, “You dare touch me! Do you know who is behind me!”

“Stop talking! These are people from the Zhou family of the Imperial Capital!” Boss He said lightly.

“What Zhou family…” Producer Jiang suddenly stiffened, and immediately sobered up.

Although his behavior was very improper, he was indeed a bit powerful in the entertainment industry. He had also been in contact with many influential figures, the Zhou family, the Imperial Capital? To bring up the Zhou family with such seriousness…

He suddenly widened his eyes, “You, you, you are…”

The men next to him didn’t know who the Zhou family was, but they just stepped forward and said, “Producer Jiang, tell them, let them take a good look!”

“You f*cking shut up for me!” After roaring, Producer Jiang dared not speak loudly again. He only watched Zhou Zhengxian and Zhou Shiyun, stuttering, “Sor-sorry, I drank too much, I didn’t know that she, she was yours… “

He screwed up so bad! What bad luck!

Producer Jiang’s heart chilled, he had offended such powerful figures. He had no more expectations for any development in the future.

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