Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2 - An Exemplary Beauty (Part 2)

     Ai Jingchu stood behind them and could see these clearly. One of the youngest children ran the slowest in fear. Through the flickering light, Ai Jingchu suddenly saw the child's face, his heart moved, and he grabbed the child while the other party was about to escape from him. 
     He squatted down, clasped the child's hand and said, "Let uncle see your face. ”
    How could the child be obedient and kept twisting around, but he desperately refused to do so, so Ai Jingchu let go of his other hand to clamp the child's chin. 
     The child's face was the same as he guessed, with a piece missing from the middle of the nose and the middle of the lips. It is a very serious cleft lip and palate. The child seemed to be very concerned about the defect and turned his head hard. Ai Jingchu was afraid of hurting him, so he didn't dare to push too hard, so he had to say, “If you are obedient, I will let you go. ”
     The child nodded. 
     He didn't know that when he let go, the child was like a loach, and he jumped out a few meters away as soon as he ran away. After catching up with his companion, he looked back at Ai Jingchu. Ai Jingchu wanted to chase a few steps, but when he saw that the children wanted to continue to run across the road, lest a car hit them, he had to give up. 
     After going around like this, the drunkenness in his body basically disappeared, and he stopped a taxi to go home. 
     Zeng Li returned to Carol's, flipped out the phone that had been broken in half and put it abc together. After turning it on, there was no network signal, so she opened the back cover and pounded the card slot again before returning to normal. However, the phone had no previous call information, and she didn't know who had called her just now, as it had gotten smashed by her.
     Ma Yiyi said, “Wu Ying won't be here at night, so she said that they will have dinner in the department. ”
     “It's almost the New Year, and there are dinners everywhere. Our unit will go on an outing next week. The curator said that you can take your family members. Will you go? ”
     “Where to go for an outing? ”
     “Dongshan, soak in hot springs. ”
     “Don't waste it for nothing! "Ma Yiyi smiled. 
     After that, Ma Yiyi began to leave the customers in the store, opened the shopping website, and figured out what swimsuit to wear, “Hey, who is going in your club? ”
    Zeng Li said, “You might as well just ask if there are any handsome guys. ”
     “Those who know me surely know me. "Ma Yiyi laughed. 
     “Don't dream, it's not that you haven't seen it before. Is it either terrible or attached, otherwise does my mother still need to take me to have plastic surgery? ”
     “You finally admit that you are undergoing plastic surgery. "Ma Yiyi said. 
     After a while, Ma Yiyi asked again: “Do you think I look good in a one-piece, or in a segmented style? ”
     “It looks best if you don't wear it. "Zeng Li replied solemnly. 
     “Zeng Li, you have been corroded by the women in your club. ”
     “I have always been pure. ”
     Ma Yiyi glanced at her, “It's not that I haven't eaten with your club.”
     Zeng Li always called Ma Yiyi when she used to sing karaoke at small dinners in the club. She has now resigned from her job and is taking care of Carol's by herself. Except for her former classmates, she basically has no interpersonal contacts and knows very little of the opposite sex. Therefore, as long as the club has group activities, whether AA or public funding, Zeng Li and Wu Ying will call Ma Yiyi whenever circumstances permit. 

     When the cafe was about to close after a while, Ma Yiyi's mother came to the door and made a special trip to deliver her a good soup. Mother Ma greeted Zeng Li to eat and drink together. Mother Ma is the kind of middle-aged woman who can speak very well. There is basically no generation gap with Ma Yiyi. She talks about idol dramas on TV while eating. Zeng Li smiled and watched their mother and daughter chatting enthusiastically, almost unable to interrupt. 
    The next day, Zeng Li opened the forum when she went to work, and the pages were almost full of posts from yesterday's event, as well as many live photos. After a while, she found a private message from Ning Feng on the station: Zeng Li, the website is going to set up a cycling club, do I sign up for you? 
     She wanted to ask when it was and whether it would waste time, but after a closer look, he had already gone offline, so she gave up. 
     These past few days coincided with the beginning of the children's winter vacation. It happened to be when the library was lively and busy. In addition, the beginning of February was the Spring Festival holiday. There are many things such as year-end debriefing and summaries for clubs like them. If you want to ask for leave, it will be extremely difficult. 

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