Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.1

Shoushou couldn't help but chuckle privately with the senior sister. Indeed, whether it is the decoration style or the Ming-style tables and chairs, this office gave people a classic and ancient feel.  Shoushou was curious for a while, wondering if Yi Changning would walk in a snow-white Tang suit later. His gestures were all Confucian style. Thinking of his appearance in white clothes, Shengxue couldn't help covet over him. 

 The senior brother in charge of the camera thought that a blue and white pen holder on his desk was blocking the lens: “When you film from the bottom up, this gets in the way, it's better to put it aside. "Shoushou took a look, then picked it up and took a closer look, and said with a smile: “Yo, this may be the real Yongzheng official kiln. In a room full of things. You can count this as the most valuable. You should give it a scene later." ”


Before her voice fell, she suddenly felt that the brothers had quieted down. When she looked back, it turned out that Yi Changning had already walked to the door. It turns out that today he is wearing a black suit. It was originally a very well-behaved businessmen's clothing but when he wears it, it looks very dignified. It is very different from when he was giving a speech at school. He stood at the door with a slight concentration, which made Shoushou think of the word “Yuan stands like a mountain”. 


 She regretted her rashness a little, spit out her tongue, and obediently shrank behind her brother. Jiang Jiedan hurriedly stepped forward to say hello and introduced the members of the interview team to him one by one. When he introduced Shoushou, he said briefly: “This is Ye Shenshou, the camera assistant. "Yi Changning shook hands with her as usual, but there was a flash of light in his eyes, as if with a certain smile: "Miss Ye is really wise." 


 “You flatter me " She smiled helplessly, in fact, because his fingertips were slightly cold, but holding her hand, there was a strange power, as if the slight coolness followed the ends of his fingers all the way to her heart. She was in a mess in her mind, and before she understood what she was thinking, he had already let go of her hand. 


Jiang Jiedan chatted casually with Yi Changning before starting. It was mainly to prepare for a formal interview and let the two parties enter the role as soon as possible. Only after this chat did he know that Yi Changning and Jiang Jiedan were elementary school alumni, but Yi Changning immigrated with his parents before graduating. Jiang Jiedan joked: "Then you are my senior brother. ”


 The interview went well. Although they were only on the school broadcasting station, they were from the top class and were used to seeing big scenes and people, and their professional quality was no weaker than that of any TV station. On the other hand, Yi Changning is young and promising and has extensive experience in dealing with the media. Both guests and hosts are familiar with the road, and the interview process is very pleasant. 


 It was already dark, and Yi Changning said casually: "Since you are Jiang Shimei's younger brothers and sisters, then you are my younger brothers and sisters. We worked hard today. I’ll treat everyone to a meal. ”


 Jiang Jiedan naturally refused, but Yi Changning insisted. Jiang Jiedan had no choice but to bow and said humorously: “Since the big brother asks us to a rare sumptuous meal, it is better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously. ”


 They were all young people, and they laughed loudly, and the atmosphere became much more lively. 


 That year was the peak season of boiled fish, so Yi Changning invited them to eat Sichuan cuisine. 


 The shop has only opened a short time ago, the environment is very beautiful, and the fish is even more spicy and fresh. Shoushou, who is addicted to spicy food, is almost cheering, and she is elated when she eats it. 


 Jiang Jiedan is skilful, covering everything, and mobilizing the atmosphere in the room very enthusiastically. She first gave Yi Changning a toast on behalf of the interview team. She did not call “Mr Yi” or “CEO Yi”. Instead, she followed the words of the office and called Yi Changning “Big Brother”, which immediately brought their distance closer. . After all, Yi Changning was young and didn't have many shelves. After a while, he mingled with everyone and talked about his age with a glass of wine. It turned out that Shoushou was naturally the little senior sister. 


“The little senior sister can't drink, so let's toast to the big brother. "Jiang Jiedan said very carelessly because according to the rules on the wine table, everyone has to make a toast before they can put down the cup. 


 Of course, Shoushou obediently obeyed, holding the cup, smiled and shouted: “Big brother! ”


 On the ceiling of the box, there are the so-called “starry sky” dense spotlights, which shine brightly, shining on her face clear, bright and smooth, with a pair of smiling eyes reflecting the light, faintly as if there were stars flashing. Yi Changning was taken aback for a moment, only to feel that the girl's eyes were so bright, he smiled and said, “You're welcome. ” And drink up the wine in the glass. 


 It is a fruity wine, sweet and mellow, and only slightly alcoholic when it enters the throat, which makes it thin. 


 Putting down the wine glass, Yi Changning seemed to say inadvertently: “The little junior sister is young, but her eyes are really amazing. ”

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