Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2

Shoushou only gave him a standard smile. 


 “But that blue and white pen holder is not the most expensive thing in my office.” His eyes were as dark as unfathomable in the light," the little senior sister may not have noticed. The value of Wu Zhonggui's 《渔趣图Fishing Fun Picture》 on the wall should be far higher than the pen holder. ”


 Shoushou didn't think about it for a while, and blurted out: “If that Wuzhen painting is real, of course it is more expensive than the pen holder. ”


 As soon as she spoke, she immediately understood that she was a bit rash, and bit the tip of her tongue with regret. But Yi Changning was only taken aback for a moment, and then laughed easily: "Although this painting was bought from a friend, I have also asked several acquaintances to see it, and they all think it should be authentic. Although the little senior sister is young, she has a lot of knowledge. She only glanced at it twice and concluded that it was a fake? ”

He said it so politely, but she could hear the teasing in it. His words have other meanings, laughing at her for being a hairy girl who knew nothing about antique calligraphy and painting. She was a little annoyed, her self-esteem was damaged, but she smiled on her face: “Big brother, why don't we make a bet! If it is a copy, then the big brother will treat us to another meal. If this《渔趣图 Fishing Fun Picture》is authentic, then I will invite the big brother to dinner.”


 She looked so innocent, Yi Changning nodded without even thinking about it: "Okay! ”


 She stretched out her hand and shook it: “High five is an oath! ”


 Her hands are very white. Her palms were warm and delicate, and he patted them lightly, but he didn't dare to use force. But she was very rough, she slapped three soft applause, and then there was a slight smile in her eyes as if she was a little fox who had succeeded in her treachery. 


 He originally felt confident, but when he saw her shiny eyes, he suddenly felt fooled. 


 It was originally a half-joking matter, but after a few days, he really sent the painting to an authoritative connoisseur who studied Wu Zhen's calligraphy and painting. Maybe he thought this little girl was too arrogant, maybe it was just for fun. It is also interesting to ask her to invite him to a meal. But when the result came out, he was a little dumbfounded. 


 That little girl was right. This 《渔趣图Fishing Fun Picture》, which he spent a lot of money to acquire, turned out to be a copy. 


 “It's really a good thing, although it's not an authentic work...” The connoisseur took a magnifying glass and looked at it over and over for several hours, before finally coming to a conclusion. He admired every inch with admiration, “It should be a copy of the Qing Dynasty. Look at this seal. The seal is red. How beautifully it is done, and this question... It can be really messy...” he couldn't put it down for a while, “If it weren't I who have studied for more than 30 years about Wu Zhonggui, , I'm afraid I would be fooled. ”


He blurted out to ask if it was possible for a girl who was in college to be able to tell at a glance that this was a fake. After thinking about it, he swallowed this sentence. 


 Save vomiting blood. 


 Before calling Shoushou, he hesitated for a while, what kind of tone and wording should be used to save face. Who knew that when she called, she only cheered: “Big brother, are you really inviting me to dinner?" Then I want to eat fish! Boiled fish! ”


 Yi Changning was a little dumbfounded for a while. he had been tumbling in the mall for a long time, thinking too deeply and complicated about his heart, but he didn't think much about it, she just thought it was a simple bet. 


 “But the senior sisters are not here, so they have gone to Xi'an to do a show." She said with infinite regret, “It will take a few days to come back." 


 “It's okay, I'll treat you first. When they come back, we will have a meal together. ”


 “OK." She is very happy, “Then I can take advantage and have two meals." ”


 It sounds very greedy. In fact, she eats well, but she is not greedy. Her upbringing can be seen in many subtle places. This girl must be from a good background. He smiled and watched her eat fish, like a kitten, very light. 


 She was a little embarrassed by him, and took a sip of the juice: “I finished this fish. ”


 He said: "It's okay, I prefer beef. ”


 In addition to fish, the signature dish of this shop is Jiangshi fat beef, but she doesn't touch it at all. 


 She said: "Once my fourth brother took me to eat a private home cuisine. It was similar to this. It was just a stone pot. It was hot when brought up. The meat was a bit white and the slices were very thin...” Speaking of this, she remembered something and stopped abruptly, only to say, “Anyway, I won't eat that kind of dish ever again. ”

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