Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 33.2

Chapter 33.2 - Don’t Cry (2)

Su Jinbei’s tears finally fell to the ground when she could no longer see Xia Lu’s figure. 

Zhou Shiyun supported her like this, without speaking. He looked at her sad state, unexpectedly feeling sad along with her. He thought that being bright and energetic most suited her, tears didn’t suit her at all. 

Zhou Shiyun reached out to wipe the tears from her face. 

Su Jinbei looked up at him, unable to prevent her eyes from being confused and flustered. 

Zhou Shiyun swallowed his words and only heard her voice say coolly, “I should have cared more about her.” 

“This is not your fault.” 

“I think of myself as her friend, but I don’t even know what she wants or how much she is suffering.” Su Jinbei slowly leaned on his shoulder, “Zhou Shiyun, she said she wanted some time. Could this mean we won’t be contacting each other anymore? “

Zhou Shiyun raised his hand and hesitated for a moment before resting it on her shoulder gently, “No, she will come back.” 

Su Jinbei squeezed the fabric on his chest. 

Zhou Shiyun didn’t know how to coax people, but he did his best at the moment. Because she was suppressing tears, he slowly caressed her back, “Don’t cry.” 

Su Jinbei wiped her tears on his shoulders, and said hoarsely, “Hey, let me tell you, I don’t usually cry.” 


Su Jinbei looked up at him, “I’m serious.” 

“En.” Zhou Shiyun nodded.

After Su Jinbei finished explaining, she reached down and wiped her tears with ease. 

For a long time, she was quiet. Su Jinbei raised her eyes, looking at Zhou Shiyun with complex eyes. Seeing her, Zhou Shiyun thought that something had happened. 


Su Jinbei sniffed her nose and asked extremely seriously, “Is my makeup messed up?” 

“… It’s okay.” 

Su Jinbei went back to pick up her bag and then took out the small cosmetic bag inside to touch up her makeup. Crying is enough to vent, but crying alone will not solve the problem. 

“Baby Zhou.” Su Jinbei suddenly turned her head to look at him. 

Zhou Shiyun was stunned for a moment. A second ago she was crying like raindrops on a pear blossom and she calmed herself in the next instant. What was this woman doing? 

“I once vowed in front of my mother, I will never rely on her even if I die. Now, it’s time to break that promise.” Su Jinbei looked at the phone, conflicted. 

“What do you want to do.” 

“Xia Lu’s acting is actually very good, but she lacks opportunities, and no good entertainment companies are willing to sign her. I used to ignore it. I thought that as long as one works hard, anyone can do it…” Su Jinbei said, “She needed someone to notice her, right. I want my mom to help Xia Lu. “ 

Su Jinbei said as she dialed. Suddenly, her cell phone was taken away by Zhou Shiyun. 

Su Jinbei looked at him suspiciously, “What’s wrong?” 

Zhou Shiyun’s eyes were deep and quiet, he said slowly, “You have me, why would you look for your mom.” 

When they arrived home, Zhou Shiyun took Su Jinbei directly back to her room, “Lie down, I’ll go get some medicine.” 

Su Jinbei nodded, fireworks still going off in her head. She was done for, she felt that when her Baby Zhou said “You have me”, he was so effin manly!! She was about to faint! 

“Hey, what are you doing, you look stupid laughing like that.” 

Su Jinbei suddenly recovered, she looked to the side of the bed. Shao Suying was standing there. 

“Why are you here.” 

Shao Suying snorted coldly, “You think I want to come over? I was forced to come by Elder Brother. We’re going back to Beijing tomorrow, he won’t let me play outside.” 

Su Jinbei lay on the bed, smiling, “I didn’t expect Miss Shao to listen to her brother so well. He won’t let you play outside so you won’t play outside.” 

“Don’t even! Would I do this if it weren’t for you?” Shao Suying pouted and puffed angrily, “I didn’t even do anything. Gao Zitong was the one behind it all. Why am I being punished too.” 

Su Jinbei became interested, “Oh? How are you being punished.” 

“I’ve been grounded! I wouldn’t have been able to come out if I hadn’t apologized to you this time.” Shao Suying felt that she had been wronged greatly, “My cards are frozen, Daddy doesn’t even care for me anymore…” 

“Apologize?” Su Jinbei raised an eyebrow. “When did you apologize?” 

Shao Suying stared at her, “I don’t care that you were drunk and didn’t hear, I won’t apologize again.” 

Su Jinbei thought about it carefully. It seemed that there was such a thing, but she couldn’t recall much. 

“Where did you get hurt.” Shao Suying suddenly asked. 

Su Jinbei looked at her suspiciously, “Waist, what’s wrong.” 

“Time for medicine.” Shao Su raised her hand. “Otherwise, what am I doing in your room.” 

“You? You’re giving me medicine?” 

Shao Suying ignored her, “If it wasn’t for Second Brother I wouldn’t want to, thank you!” 

Su Jinbei glared at her, “I also don’t want to let you, alright? Who knows whether you will take the opportunity to kill me! Shao Suying, I tell you, my waist really hurts!” 

Shao Suying said with an evil smile, “I know you’re really in pain.” 

As she spoke, she came to lift her clothes. 

Su Jinbei shouted immediately, “Ah! Zhou Shiyun! Zhou Shiyun, you come here quick!!” 

Shao Suying slowly applied a little ointment, “Go ahead and scream, I don’t care if you die of pain.” 

“Don’t put too much force. If I die of pain, you won’t have a sister-in-law.” 

Shao Suying chuckled, “Who cares.” 

“Suying.” Suddenly, Zhou Shiyun’s cold voice came from the door. Shao Suying turned her head, “Ah?” 

Zhou Shiyun said, “Lightly.” 

Shao Suying, “…” 

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