Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 34.1

Chapter 34.1 - Discrimination (1)

Under the strict eyes of Zhou Shiyun, Shao Suying gave Su Jinbei her medicine huffing and puffing. 

“Hey, did you get hurt to save your friend when she was going to do some shady stuff?” 

Su Jinbei gave her a glance, “Who told you.” 

Shao Suying snorted, “I went to the restaurant to find Elder Brother. Whatever business he dealt with over there, isn’t it easy for me to find out just by asking an employee?” 

Su Jinbei supported herself with her hands to get up. 

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t move.” Shao Suying said angrily. 

Su Jinbei, “Little girl, don’t “hey” me like that, I am your senior.”

“Don’t “little girl” me either, you’re not that much older than me.” 

“Not much older than you?” Su Jinbei scanned her up and down and deliberately embraced her, “Your figure isn’t developed yet, I thought you were a minor.” 

“You!” Shao Suying stuck out her chest, “Minor? Are you blind!” 

Su Jinbei didn’t speak, holding her head in one hand and slowly adjusting the collar of her top using the other. Compared with Su Jinbei’s growth ‘somewhere’, Shao Suying did seem a little underdeveloped. 

Shao Suying choked, and her eyes were set alight by her movements. She glared at Su Jinbei fiercely, and ran out of the room angrily, “Brother!!” 

When Zhou Shiyun came in, Su Jinbei quivering on the pillow. She couldn’t laugh as hard because of her back pain, she could only try to control herself. 

“What are you doing.” Zhou Shiyun looked at her like she was a fool.

Su Jinbei smiled and said, “Eh? Where’s your sister.” 

“She just left with Elder Brother.” Zhou Shiyun said, “Did you make her angry?” 

Su Jinbei widened her eyes and lied, “Nonsense, she told on me?” 

“No.” Zhou Shiyun thought back, “She just asked Elder Brother if she looked like a minor.” 

“Pft… hahahaha, ouch…” Su Jinbei placed a hand on her back, trembling with laughter. 

Zhou Shiyun frowned, came over and supported her, “Don’t move.” 

“Fine, fine.” Su Jinbei gradually calmed down, “That sister of yours is really funny.” 

Zhou Shiyun gave her a strange look, “I thought with her being like that, you would dislike her very much.” 

“Like what?” 

Zhou Shiyun, “Suying had a good relationship with Gao Zitong before, and she knew all about Gao Zitong’s paying the reporters.” 

“Did she instruct Gao Zitong to do it?” 

Zhou Shiyun thought for a while, “No.” 

“Hm, with her temperament it looks like she just wanted to see me humiliated.” Su Jinbei said with some doubts, “I used to think that Gao Zitong messed with me because your sister told her to. Since that isn’t the case, then why?” 

“Xu Jiawei.” 

“Ah?” Su Jinbei looked confused, “What does this have to do with him.” 

“Elder Brother said Suying confessed to everything at home. Gao Zitong likes Xu Jiawei, and Xu Jiawei…” Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, “likes you, which is why this whole thing happened.” 

Su Jinbei suddenly realized, “It turned out to be because of a man, and I was to blame too!” 

Zhou Shiyun ‘hm’ed softly, it’s good that she knew it was the price of the love affair she inflicted on herself. 

Su Jinbei of course didn’t know what Zhou Shiyun was thinking. She leaned forward and said, “But Zhou Shiyun, were you really the one who helped me settle Gao Zitong and the whole Internet thing?” 

Zhou Shiyun’s eyes were calm, “She asked for it.” 

Ah… Asked for it. Why was her Baby Zhou so likeable even when he turned evil! 

“Oh, Baby Zhou, I really love you to death.” Then, she got up and rushed over. 

“Su Jinbei!” Zhou Shiyun frowned. She was so careless, jumping up and down. Didn’t she know that there was a wound on her waist. 

“Eh, don’t move around, it hurts.” 

Who’s the one moving around… Zhou Shiyun looked at her, “Get down.” 

Su Jinbei clung on, and even snuggled her face into his neck, “I wont! Hm? Zhou Shiyun, you smell quite good.” 

Smell good?? Zhou Shiyun stiffened, grabbed the back of her top and pulled her back, “Lay back down!” 

“Okay, okay.” Su Jinbei shook her head, “I just wanted to thank you.” 

Zhou Shiyun stood up. Because of her sudden intimacy, there was a touch of red behind his ear, “No need.” 

“I want to. About he matters from before, as well as Xia Lu’s matter, I’m really grateful.” 

“Oh.” Zhou Shiyun turned to the door and stopped halfway. “About your friend, Zhou Yan will handle everything, don’t worry.” 

“En, I’m relieved!” 

“Have some rest.” 

“Good night, Baby Zhou.” 

“…good night.” 

The next day, Zhou Shiyun went to the hospital. Su Jinbei stayed at home. 

At noon, He Di sent her several sets of clothes and shoes. 

“You’re going to be recording tomorrow, can you do it in your current condition?” He Di asked. 

Su Jinbei waved her hand, “It’s not a big deal. I was only pretending to be weak in front of Zhou Shiyun. I can jump well, too, do you believe me?” 

He Di rewarded her with an eye roll, “You’re so extra.” 

Su Jinbei’s eyes twinkled, “I only do it in front of the right people.” 

He Di shook her head a few times, “Fine, whatever, I will pick you up on time tomorrow, I will go first.” 

“Okay, bye.” Su Jinbei sent away He Di, and after a while, another person came to the door. Since Su Jinbei moved in, Zhou Shiyun’s house had more visitors than ever. 

Xue Ying put down her backpack and circled around in the living room. “Damn… This Dr. Zhou’s really rich, huh, a fuerdai doctor.” 

Su Jinbei leaned back on the sofa, “Ah Ying, you’re not busy today, right? I’m so bored at home, I’m so glad you came.” 

“I’m not, really, how can I dare be busy when the big celebrity summons me.” Xue Ying looked back at her, and was startled by the way she walked. 

“Ah… my waist was injured.” 

“What happened?” 

“Uh… I accidentally hit the corner of the table.” 

Xue Ying gave her a glance, “Are you serious? Are you a child.” 

“Xue Ying, do you want to die?” 

Xue Ying ignored her, “Oh, right, I called Xia Lu yesterday. She asked me if I knew. Knew what? She wouldn’t tell me, told me to ask you directly.” 

Su Jinbei paused, “… What else did she say?” 

“That’s it.” Xue Ying leaned forward, “Hurry and tell me what’s going on, Xia Lu is being weird! What little secret are you two not telling me?” 

Su Jinbei pursed her lips, remembering what happened yesterday. Her heart was still as stuffy and uncomfortable as before. 


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