Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.1 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 1)

Grandpa Ai gets up after six o'clock every day, so as long as he is free, Ai Jingchu will get up early to accompany Grandpa for a walk. In the morning after Zeng Li stayed up with Wu Ying until midnight, Ai Jingchu also got up late. When he went out, the nanny, Aunt Li, had already pushed Grandpa Ai for a walk by the lake. 
     When he was jogging and was about to go home, his cell phone rang. 
     Ai Jingchu slowed down, took a deep breath, and picked up the phone. 
     “Teacher Ai, sorry for bothering you.” A peaceful and low male voice came from the handset, “I am Mu Chenghe from the Department of Physics." ”The other party was probably afraid that he had forgotten, so he reported his identity first. 
     “Hello. "Ai Jingchu said. 
     “There is a child in our family we want you to have a look at. "Mu Chenghe explained, “I talked to Dean Feng yesterday. He said that you are the expert in this area. Let me consult you. I also heard that you are going to take a plane out for a meeting today, so I disturbed you so early." ”
     Ai Jingchu listened to the other party's words, stopped, stood on the shore facing the lake, and asked bluntly, "What's the matter with the child?" ”
     “My sister's child is still in her mother's belly, but six months old now, the B ultrasound shows that the lip line is incomplete. ”
     Ai Jingchu continued to ask, “What is the interruption distance? Is there any interruption of the superior alveolar bone? Is it unilateral or bilateral? ”
     These consecutive questions obviously stumped the physics teacher. The difference in the profession makes one feel worlds apart. Mu Chenghe on the other end of the phone paused. He didn't understand much about it. When his wife gave him this task, he thought it was just a noun, but he didn't expect there to be so many multiple-choice questions. 
    Ai Jingchu looked at his watch and said, "Well, Teacher Mu. I have a noon flight today, so I'm afraid I won't have time to speak to you face to face, but I'll be back on Wednesday night. If you can trust me, just wait until early Thursday morning and we will have a face-to-face check-up. ”
     Mu Chenghe breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and replied, "Okay, thank you. ” Then he hung up. 
     Ai Jingchu looked at the phone screen, thought for a while, typed a few words, and saved the number just now into the number book. The school expands its recruitment every year, and the campus is repairing more and more. Most of his colleagues he can hardly call by name or has never seen before. He and Mu Chenghe are not completely strangers either. They have taken a car together and talked, and he often hears people mention him. Occasionally, the old subordinates who come to see the old man also talk about him, but they have never talked about his personal affairs. 
     Early Thursday morning, Ai Jingchu met Mu Chenghe by appointment. Behind Mu Chenghe is a petite girl, holding a pregnant woman with a big belly, who is holding a B ultrasound test sheet in her hand. Ai Jingchu took it and read it carefully. One line read: “The continuity of the upper lip on the right side is interrupted, and it is about 7mm wide. ” He looked, again and again, it was the inspection report of the hospital attached to University A." 
     Ai Jingchu raised his eyes and asked, “What do your family members think? ”
     When the pregnant woman heard Ai Jingchu's rhetorical question, she didn't say a word, but she burst into tears first. 
     The petite girl next to the pregnant woman said, “Teacher Ai, do you think there is a mistake? ”
    Ai Jingchu looked at her, thinking about how to be more tactful. He was not impatient, so he paused. Perhaps this pause made the other party misunderstand, and the girl hurriedly explained: “I am Mu Chenghe's lover, and this is my sister. I am not suspecting that there is a problem with the skills of the hospital, I am just wondering if there is something wrong. How can a child have a cleft lip? No one in our family has ever had this disease. ”
     Mu Chenghe got closer, patted her on the shoulder, and comforted her: "Xue Tong, don't worry, listen to Teacher Ai slowly. ”
     Ai Jingchu said: “It's the peak time. There are more people watching B-Ultrasound in the associate hospital in the morning. Let's go to the radiology department over there to borrow their equipment. Let's check it again and I will confirm it on the spot. ”
     The pregnant woman thanked him when she heard the words. 
     When he arrived outside the B radiology department, Xue Tong went in with her cousin, while Mu Cheng stayed outside. 
     This time, the examination was done more carefully. Ai Jingchu held his arms and stared at the black and white images on the display screen with a serious expression. He didn't say a word for nearly ten minutes from start to finish until the patient and his family members left the clinic first. 
     The doctor next to him asked Ai Jingchu, “Someone you know? ”
     “Ok. ”
     “What do you think? ”
     Ai Jingchu said lightly: "Not only is there a problem with the right lip, but the superior alveolar bone is also missing, and the child's tongue can be seen. ”The fluorescence on the screen reflected the outline of his face, and he couldn't see the expression. 
     “It's too serious, better to abort the child. ”The man said. 
     Ai Jingchu did not answer, but instead got up and said, “Old Wang, I’ll borrow the office next door to you. ”
     “Okay, whatever, use it as long as you like. ”
    Ai Jingchu went out and glanced around at the three of them, and said, “I want to talk to the child's mother alone. ”After obtaining permission, Ai Jingchu took the pregnant woman to the next room. 
     Ai Jingchu asked, “Are you Mu Chenghe's sister? ”
     “No, I am the cousin of his lover. ”

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