Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 4.4

Chapter 4.4 - An Exemplary Beauty (Part 2)

    Later, halfway through the summer vacation, Wu Ying suddenly called Zeng Li, “I want to put something at your house, is it convenient?" ”
     “What is it? ”
     “Luggage. "Wu Ying replied. 
    “What are you doing? "Zeng Li smelled an unusual breath. 
     “I'm going to find him, I'm going to elope. '' Wu Ying said excitedly on the phone, "Taking the train next Monday, I am afraid that my mother will catch me, so today I will move my luggage out while they are away." ”
     “You..." Zeng Li's heart jumped suddenly, “Have you thought about it?" ”
     “I already thought of decades down the road, I am not impulsive. ”
     “What about studying? You finally got admitted, you will be expelled from school like this. ”
     “It's okay to get expelled. There are many people who have succeeded without going to university. I wanted to stop studying for a long time already. "Then Wu Ying complained a lot, and then Zeng Li didn't persuade her anymore. 
     Although she had never thought about eloping with anyone, she had never thought about running away from home and waiting for ten years to get some achievements before returning home. It's a pity that the longest time she left home since she was a child, only lasted for one day. She doesn’t know if her mother even knows at all when she came home at night. She even nag at her, saying that she was not revising work at home during the day, and she went out to play with classmates. 
     After thinking about it, Zeng Li suddenly admired Wu Ying's courage. 
     “What did Ma Yiyi say? "Zeng Li asked. 
     “I didn't dare to tell her. "Wu Ying replied. 
     “Why? ”
    “Her family is too familiar with mine, so they will know if there is a little bit of wind and grass. Besides, if I disappear, my mother will definitely be the first to find her. She doesn't know then it's still okay. If she knows and leaks it out, it will come to naught. Besides, I'm going to City E. Yiyi’s hometown is at City E. If I really haven't looked for Yiyi, my mother will definitely rule out that place. This is called the Empty city plan! " Wu Ying analyzed and told  Zeng Li like a spy movie. 
     After sharing this shocking secret, the relationship between Zeng Li and Wu Ying suddenly became closer. 
     Wu Ying's plan was originally very careful, probably because her mother was a little aware of her daughter's abnormality, so she had to be more cautious. Taking advantage of walking the dog in the morning, afternoon, and evening, she moved her luggage and clothes out again and again, and put the things she moved out in the coin-operated storage box on the first floor of the big supermarket on the other street, and then asked Zeng Li to pick it up at night. . 
     On Monday morning, Wu Ying told Mother Wu that she is going out to buy sanitary napkins, and then she swaggered away from home with two empty hands. 
     Wu Ying's battle plan was more tortuous. She first went to City E to experience the life of flying by herself, then stayed for a month, and then went to City T to meet her boyfriend after the weather calmed down. It just so happens that Zeng Li also has a good junior high school classmate in E City. She did not continue to study after graduation, worked hard there for a few years, Zeng Li called her to hand Wu Ying over to her. 
     However, as everyone knows, that month would not be calm. 
     On the day Wu Ying disappeared, Wu's mother didn't see the letter she left on the bed until night, and then she went crazy looking for her everywhere. As expected, it was Ma Yiyi who was the first to accept the cross-examination and suffered, but under the bombing cross-examination of both parents, Ma Yiyi only showed honesty and blankness. 
    After several rounds of investigation, Wu Ying's parents found Zeng Li here. To be honest, it would be a lie if Zeng Li said that she was not afraid, this is a big living person. If Wu Ying had an accident, her number one accomplice would be her. However, now that she was riding a tiger, she can only reply to questions saying that she knows nothing about it. 
     Mother Wu turned and said, "I know we are too strict with her. She fell in love with that young man on the Internet, and her father beat her up several times after he found out. I have persuaded her father. Our daughter is older now and her self-esteem is stronger, how can he beat her as he wishes? We should have communicated with her. Now that we don't know where she has gone, she just says that she wants to live her own life. If she really goes to the young man, we can rest assured, now that her whereabouts are unknown, how can we face her dead grandparents? ”As she talked, Mother Wu burst into tears, “You classmates, if you really have any news about her, just tell us, just let her come back, or let us go and find her, in short, as long as we can have her news, we won’t beat or scold her, she can do whatever she wants. ”
     Zeng Li was a little moved when she heard this, and almost blurted out Wu Ying's news several times, but then she remembered the oath she made in front of Wu Ying and endured it again. Later, Zeng Li didn't know the development of things. At that time, they were all too willful and naive, they had never understood society, nor experienced what frustration was, and they simply could not understand their parents' painstaking efforts. 
     After school started, Wu Ying still didn't come back. A few days later, Wu's mother came to the school with the hospital certificate and asked for a long vacation for Wu Ying in a low-key manner. Only then did Zeng Li tell Ma Yiyi about the matter as promised. Ma Yiyi jumped up on the spot and almost didn't strangle Zeng Li. 
     When Wu Ying came back, it was already halfway through a semester. 
    Wu's father went through some back doors and asked Wu Ying to continue studying in the medical department. He got rid of some old family rules in the family and promised never to beat her again. The young man from T City was also taken in by Father Wu and arranged a job. Although the two parents are far apart, they often interacted, and everything is developing in the direction that Wu Ying likes to hear and see. 
     But in the summer of the following year, Wu Ying and the young man broke up. 
     Zeng Li said: “They used to oppose it so much, you two went through so much, and you wanted to be together despite being so far apart. Now they don't oppose it anymore. Why are you doing this?”
     Wu Ying smiled bitterly and did not answer. 
     No one could give an answer.

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