Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 4.4

Chapter 4.4

 She was very happy and forwarded these posts to Yi Changning to see. In fact, he brings a bit of American style, the senior executives under him are almost all the original team members he brought back from the United States. They are all young people. The entire corporate culture is free and lively, so female employees openly drool at the boss on BBS. 


 After breaking up, he went back to the United States, and the homepage of her browser remained unchanged. Every time she opened it, it was his company's website. There is no other hope, just taking a look at the webpage related to him, is good enough for her. The familiar LOGO, the full-page business message, occasionally mentions his name. Every time she sees the words “Yi Changning” or “Cheney Yi”, she will always be startled for a long time. She always habitually clicks on the BBS in the upper right corner, but it is always a “ding” sound. 


 Clicking over and over again, the system rejects always sounded in her ear, and the small box pops up over and over again: “Sorry, you don't have permission to request this page. ”


She should have uninstalled the agent software a long time ago and cut off the last trace of contact between them. He was so cruel that he pushed her away, and then left her alone forever, wandering without a direction. 


 When she came back from school that day, she received a call and arranged a business trip the next day. Although she was an intern, the director took great care of her, but she volunteered and asked to run the field with the column team because she was afraid that she would be idle. In the past few months since breaking up with Yi Changning, once she had free time, she would feel uncomfortable. 


She went out with the column group on Mondays. By the time she came back, it was already the weekend. The days went by very quickly, she was tired. Often upon reaching home, she would immediately fall asleep, which made her less troubled. 


 However, there are exceptions. On this day, the column group came back from Shenzhen and it was almost dusk when they left the airport. The boss said in the car: “Someone will hold a reception for us tonight. It's Mr Wan from Wanteng. He insisted on inviting us to dinner over the phone, I tried my best to reject him but to no avail. ”


 When it came to Mr Wan, the photographer Xiaosun couldn't help but become a little incoherent with excitement: “That poem, is it the one who wrote the poem, Mr Wan?" ”


 “It's not! ”The boss said, “This is a group activity, and no one is allowed to ask to take a leave. Brothers, we are to share happiness and suffering with each other. ”


 The few people in the car were all happy immediately, and they laughed in admiration. “Hey, you didn't go to the last interview with Mr Wan, it's a classic. "Xiao Sun said to Shoushou Feifei, 

As soon as Mr Wan appeared, he said, 'Don't look at me as a businessman. In fact, I have a literary heart." 'Then with a wave of his hand, he asked the secretary to give each of us a collection of his poems. Not to mention, the collection of poems is beautifully made, all imported coated paper, bronzing cover, and a commemorative coin of Wanteng Group is embedded on the back cover. The preface written by the vice-chairman of the All-China Federation of Literature and Art is said to be limited to 30,000 copies. He would not give it to normal people...”


 Shoushou smiled a little absent-mindedly, listening to her colleagues giggling and telling jokes. The twilight was heavy, and the street lights were lit up one by one as if someone had sprinkled countless beads and chains to light up the entire city. It was a bright night and the first bloom of freshness. 


Mr Wan ordered a large luxury package. Not only did he send a secretary to wait in the lobby, but he also personally stood at the door of the box to greet her. He was really enthusiastic. The team leader introduced: “This is Xiao Ye, an intern in our group.” In fact, as soon as she got off the plane, she was travel-worn. She casually added on a white fleece jacket on the car, and she also had a pair of white casual flat shoes on her feet. She has short fluffy hair and looks like a high school student. Her eyebrows are lighter and look like a white lotus. She called out politely: “Mr Wan." Mr Wan suddenly felt that his eyes lit up, and he held her hand and said, “You're welcome, you're welcome, my name is Wan Hongda, the magnificent Hongda, and the prosperous Da. It would be too courteous to call me Mr Wan." ”


 Shoushou has a slight cleanliness pet peeve, not to mention how awkward it is to be held by such a person. Fortunately, the leader said from the side: “Let's go in and talk, Mr Wan, let's first go in and talk. ”


 Only then did Wan Hongda let go. Fortunately, the order was for a large luxury private room with a large table. Shoushou deliberately picked the position farthest from Wan Hongda and sat down next to Xiao Sun. Wan Wanhong could be regarded as a person who had seen big scenes. After seeing this situation, he was not surprised. When he talked about his family history during the meeting, his face was even smiling from ear to ear, talking nonstop. 

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