Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 34.2

Chapter 34.2 - Discrimination (2)

“Jinbei, between us, are there still things you need to hide from me.” Xue Ying knew it was no small matter just by seeing her expression, “Is Xia Lu’s situation serious?” 

Su Jinbei put her chin on the pillow. After a long time, she asked with a little frustration, “Ah Ying, how much do you understand about Xia Lu.” 

“Understand? Why all of a sudden?” Xue Ying thought it strange, but still said, “I only knew Xia Lu because of you. Logically speaking, you knew her earlier and you’re working in the same industry, you must understand her better than me. “ 

“…Is that so.” 

“Yeah, but I think Xia Lu is a very cute girl. When you get to know her, you can feel that she cares about her friends and has a good temperament. En… from what I can see, she’s also very diligent when working.” 

“Yeah, Xia Lu is indeed like this.” Su Jinbei sighed, “Tell me, how much did she force herself that she would choose to do such things.” 


Su Jinbei looked at her and finally told Xue Ying what happened yesterday. 

Xue Ying, “How, how is this possible.” 

“If I could, I wouldn’t want to believe it either.” Su Jinbei said. 

Xue Ying saw Su Jinbei blaming herself and patted her on the shoulder. “This is her choice. It has nothing to do with you. You don’t need to take her words seriously, she was agitated when she said it. Look at me, I’ve known you since high school. If I felt inferior by your side, wouldn’t I have gotten depressed a long time ago?” 

Su Jinbei glared at her, “Is this you comforting me?” 

Xue Ying nodded affirmatively. 

“Come on, she won’t want to do it again after this time. Didn’t you say you asked for someone’s help to change her entertainment agency?” Xue Ying suddenly froze, “Wait, just now you said you enlisted Dr. Zhou for help. Hey, how much of a fuerdai is he that he can get involved in such matters?”

“He himself doesn’t have much control, he might have to ask his brother to do it.” 

Xue Ying narrowed her eyes, “Jinbei, he helped you so much, even pulling out all the stops when it comes to your friends. Has your relationship developed to this level of intimacy?” 

Su Jinbei blinked and looked at Xue Ying seriously, “Ah Ying, did I forget to tell you something?” 

Xue Ying, “What is it?” 

“About Zhou Shiyun… He is actually my fiance.” 


She was scolded by Xue Ying the entire afternoon. In the end, she endured until Zhou Shiyun came home. 

Su Jinbei ran to Zhou Shiyun’s side, slippers pitter-pattering against the floor, “Baby Zhou, you’re finally back, that woman is going to nag me to death.” 

Zhou Shiyun froze for a while, looked behind her to see Xue Ying, and then nodded indistinctly. 

Xue Ying quickly greeted him back politely, and flicked Su Jinbei a glance! Nag her? She was already showing mercy by not killing her. To only just now reveal the fact that she was already engaged since childhood, unbelievable! 

“What did you buy?” Su Jinbei automatically ignored Xue Ying’s eyes and focused on Zhou Shiyun’s hands. 

Zhou Shiyun, “Dinner.” 

Su Jinbei made seductive eyes at him, “I knew you would miss me, who is at home on the verge of death, ah… Food from Tian Xiang Ju, how did you know I wanted to eat food from there.” 

Of course, Zhou Shiyun wouldn’t say that it was because she mentioned it before, he just carelessly said, “It was nearby.” 

Xue Ying saw that the young couple was about to eat and was going to go back. “Uh, Dr. Zhou, Jinbei, I will go back first.” 

Su Jinbei, “Isn’t your Hubby Gao traveling on business? You have to eat alone when you go back anyway. Join us.” 

Su Jinbei assumed the tone of a female lead character. Xue Ying coughed softly. If Su Jinbei was alone, she would definitely have stayed, but this Zhou Shiyun… looked cold and definitely not hospitable. It would be wise of her to retreat first. 

“It’s okay, there is food at home.” 

“Just stay, don’t you like to eat food from here too?” Su Jinbei said to look at Zhou Shiyun, “Baby Zhou, what do you say.” 

Zhou Shiyun nodded. His gaze towards Xue Ying was absolutely not amiable, but it was absolutely polite, “It’s getting late. Ms. Xue should leave after dinner. I’ll send you back.” 

Xue Ying was overwhelmed by this unexpected favor and waved her hands repeatedly. 

But Su Jinbei wouldn’t let her refuse, and she was dragged forward with one hand, “OK, let’s eat.” 

The three of them sat down to eat, while Wutong was lazily eating high-quality cat food beside the table. 

Su Jinbei ate chopsticks after chopsticks of vegetables, and rarely moved towards her beloved meat. Xue Ying had long been accustomed to her habits. After all, this was how Su Jinbei controlled her diet the past few years. 

Zhou Shiyun, on the other hand, wasn’t, and put a chopstick-ful on her plate, “Eat meat.” 

Su Jinbei stared at the mouth-watering rib, staying silent for a moment, and obediently ate the dish he had given her. 

After a while, he gave her another piece of meat. 

Su Jinbei continued to eat. 

Yet another piece… 

Down the stomach. 

Xue Ying, who was staring at them from the side, was stunned. In the past, she forced Su Jinbei to do something and ended up getting lectured long and hard about not knowing how to maintain her body, you are what you eat… Now when someone else did it she didn’t even make a sound! This was discrimination, blatant discrimination! 

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