Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 35.1

Chapter 35.1 - Living Together (1)

Su Jinbei ate until she was about to burst under Zhou Shiyun’s meat attack. She finally surrendered. 

“I’m really full…” 

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, making sure that she was telling the truth before responding with an “en”. 

Xue Ying silently said, “Jinbei, are you trying to gain weight recently?” 

Su Jinbei shook her head violently, “Of course not.” 

“Then you…” 

Su Jinbei pointed to Zhou Shiyun, “This guy said, my diet will only reduce my metabolism, which is not good for the body, but…”

She stared at Zhou Shiyun and said sullenly, “I can also get full by eating vegetables. They’re healthy too! Zhou Shiyun, you giving me so much meat is unhealthy!” 

Zhou Shiyun calmly replied, “You are too thin.” 

“Although thin! But in the places where there should be meat, I do have meat! See for yourself!” Su Jinbei generously stuck out her chest. 

Beside them, Xue Ying was choked. 

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, “The more meat, the better.” 

Zhou Shiyun meant to gain some weight, but to Su Jinbei it sounded like… 

“You’re telling me my chest is not big enough, they still need to be bigger?”

“Cough, cough, cough!” Xue Ying choked out. 

Zhou Shiyun was stunned for a while, got up, packed his chopsticks and left. 

Su Jinbei frowned and looked at Xue Ying, “He even thought my chest was not big enough? Hello?” 

Xue Ying smirked, whispered, “Men, everything’s not good enough.” 

Su Jinbei, “…” 

After eating, Xue Ying was going home. Although she repeatedly stated that she did not need to be driven home, Zhou Shiyun still drove her home by car. 

First of all, it was because it was late now, it wasn’t safe for a woman to be out and about. Furthermore, it was due to etiquette, Zhou Shiyun was a gentleman who had been educated since childhood. 

On the way, Xue Ying sat rigidly upright, and Zhou Shiyun drove without a word. Feeling inexplicably awkward in the car, Xue Ying had to speak up, “Dr. Zhou, Jinbei said you’re her fiance?” 


“Ah… But Jinbei said that both of you were not present at the engagement ceremony, could this also be considered an engagement? Um, why didn’t you go?” 

Zhou Shiyun paused and recalled a little, “There was something wrong with my patient.” 

“What kind of patient was it that you had to do it yourself?” 

“A very important patient.” 

Xue Ying narrowed her eyes, very important… There were so many doctors in the hospital, was it so necessary that he, who was going to be engaged, go? Could it be a woman?! 

“A female?” 

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her from the rearview mirror, “A child.” 

Xue Ying sighed, relieved. Jinbei, I almost thought you had a rival. 

Zhou Shiyun continued to drive. Since Xue Ying did not continue to ask, he did not say anything either. In fact, that time, he rushed to the engagement banquet. But when he arrived, they had long wrapped up the event. 

Zhou Shiyun delivered Xue Ying back home. He suddenly remembered that he had owed Su Jinbei an apology for not attending the engagement banquet. Breaking promises was indeed a huge taboo of the Zhou family. 

“You’re back.” Su Jinbei was holding the clothes delivered by He Di today, and was headed for Zhou Shiyun’s walk-in closet. 

Zhou Shiyun, “What are you doing?” 

“The dresser in my room is too small to put my clothes in. Oh, and my shoes, too, I’ve put them in your closet.” 

Zhou Shiyun put on his slippers and followed her into the walk-in closet. After seeing the scene inside, Zhou Shiyun froze, “Since when did you have so many clothes and shoes in my house?” 

The closet was originally for his use only, and the color was the same cold tone present throughout the place. Now that there were more clothes from Su Jinbei, the atmosphere of the whole room had been enriched. Of course, this was not the point, anyway, he still had a lot of space here. The point was that the clothes and shoes were all over the place at the moment… 

It was an extremely difficult sight for Zhou Shiyun who had to have things in their proper places. 

Su Jinbei squatted on the ground and put pair after pair of her beloved shoes on the shelf. “The clothes that were originally in the cabinet have been moved here, as well as the clothes He Di sent one after another. I was just thinking that since I’ll be living here later, it was necessary that I have clothes here.” 

“Wait, you’ll be living here in the future?” 

“That goes without saying.” Su Jinbei shrugged. “I had a room booked for extended stays at the hotel but I’ve cancelled that now. After all, we have this home, we don’t need to waste money by staying in a lavish five-star hotel, right.” 

Zhou Shiyun couldn’t refute, she was his fiancee, and his home would indeed be hers. 

Su Jinbei arranged her things for a while, finally hanging all her clothes in the closet and placing her shoes accordingly. 

“I’m exhausted.” Su Jinbei stretched her waist lazily. “He Di didn’t bother helping me at all and only lazed around on the bed.” 

Done talking, she turned and walked towards the door. 

Zhou Shiyun easily dragged her back, “You consider this finished?” 

Su Jinbei was stunned for a while, “It’s… done, though?” 

Zhou Shiyun squeezed his eyebrows, feeling a headache forming, “Go in and sort the clothes, preferably by color too, and the shoes, sort… sort by height.” 

Su Jinbei glared at him, “I spent half a day arranging it, I can’t anymore.” 

Zhou Shiyun leaned in slightly, his light-colored eyes sharp, “Go, right now.” 

Su Jinbei pouted, aggrieved, “Baby Zhou…” 

“If I’m not satisfied with it, I will throw them all out tomorrow.” 

Su Jinbei heart twitched, all of them thrown out?! Did you know how many new edition products from brand names there were here! Did you know how many high-heeled shoes there were here! To throw them out! He might as well throw her life out instead. 

Zhou Shiyun looked at her “I would rather die” face, and said, “Su Jinbei, do you remember what you said on the first day you came here.” 

Su Jinbei asked weakly, “What…” 

“You promised not to mess up the place.” 

“I did not make things messy.” 

Zhou Shiyun glanced behind her, “With the degree of disorder in your things, it looks like a bomb has gone off.” 


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