Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 35.2

Chapter 35.2 - Living Together (2)

Su Jinbei scrunched up her face bitterly and walked back in. She was waddling because of the bruise on her back. Zhou Shiyun had planned to supervise her, but now seeing her posture, he sighed helplessly, “Stand here.” 

He stepped forward and moved her aside. 

“Ah?” Su Jinbei wondered. Then the next second, she saw Zhou Shiyun personally start to help her sort everything. The slender and straight back was facing her, and her clothes were hung in the closet by category. 

“Baby Zhou, actually I think it’s all sorted out, do you have OCD?” Su Jinbei sat on a display cabinet for ties and watches in the middle of the room, and asked leisurely. 

Zhou Shiyun ignored her. 

“Oh, but that’s fine. I like clean boys. My mother used to always say that my room was messy. Now that you’re here, it won’t be messy then.” 

Zhou Shiyun’s mouth twitched, “Tidy things up yourself next time, or else…”

“Or else you’ll throw everything out, right.” Su Jinbei giggled, “Okay, okay, I’ll listen to you, but in all seriousness, if you dare throw them out, I will.” 

Zhou Shiyun glanced back at her, waiting for her to continue. 

Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, and charmingly added, “I will drug you and force myself on you.” 

Zhou Shiyun was startled, and his face suddenly turned black. 

Su Jinbei saw the change in his expression and shook with laughter, “Oh, I’m just kidding, why are you so uptight?” 

Zhou Shiyun turned away with a sullen face, no matter what Su Jinbei said to get a reaction out of him, he only thought of her as air and ignored her. 

After half an hour, Su Jinbei’s clothes, shoes and bags were finally neat and tidy enough to satisfy Zhou Shiyun.

He turned and looked at her, “Go back to your room and go to bed.” 

Su Jinbei stared at the neat closet dumbfounded, “I want to applaud you.” 

Zhou Shiyun was obviously speechless. He wanted to walk out of the closet room, but after one step, there were cries of pain behind him. 

“Baby Zhou, my waist hurts. I can’t get off.” 

She went up fine, but now could not come down… 

He clearly knew she was doing this on purpose, but Zhou Shiyun couldn’t help but turn back. 

“Come and help me.” Su Jinbei reached out to him. 

Zhou Shiyun was silent for a moment, walked up to her, reached out to support her, “Get down.” 

Su Jinbei was happily helped down, “Oh, right.” She suddenly looked up and looked at him with a smile. 

Zhou Shiyun lowered his eyes, the eyes lingering on him were her glistening ones. Su Jinbei suddenly lifted herself on her tiptoes and kissed his lips hard, “muah!” 

She exerted a lot of strength, and her powerful voice rang through the closet room. 

Zhou Shiyun’s heart skipped a beat. He had no time to react and Su Jinbei had already ran quickly to the door. “I was really touched seeing you maintaining the household so well so I gifted you a kiss as a token of appreciation. Good night.” 

Su Jinbei flashed out of the closet room, and there was a burst of vague laughter from outside… 

Zhou Shiyun stood in place, slowly raised his hand and touched his lips gently, and when he lowered his hand, there was a light touch of pink on his index finger, her lipstick. 

“Meow.” At this time, Wutong popped its head in at the door. Its eyes were sparkling, it looked extremely cute. 

Zhou Shiyun stepped forward and squatted down to carry it. 


Zhou Shiyun’s mouth slowly hooked up, and his tone was a little doting, “There is another troublemaker in the family.” 

“Meow!” Wutong expressed dissatisfaction, what do you mean another, are you talking about me? 

Zhou Shiyun walked out of the cloakroom and stopped when passing by Su Jinbei’s room. From inside came the sound of singing, with unpredictable melody and inexplicable lyrics. 

Zhou Shiyun suddenly felt that having a new addition to his home seemed pretty good. Although she was noisy, chaotic, and did annoying things from time to time, his heart seemed to be much happier than before. 

Just like just now… 

Zhou Shi’s eyes glowed with soft light. Even though she was troublesome, she was his future wife, after all, it seemed all he could do was accept it all. 

Early the next morning, He Di came on time to ring the doorbell. 

The door was opened by Zhou Shiyun, He Di saw his casual appearance at home, “Dr. Zhou, uh… is Jinbei up.” 

Zhou Shiyun pointed to the dining room, “Eating breakfast.” 

“Eating breakfast?” He Di glared and muttered, “I’ve always had to wake her up again and again in the morning. All of a sudden she’s awake and eating breakfast already…” 

“Please come in.” Zhou Shiyun left the door and walked back to the dining room. 

Su Jinbei greeted He Di, “You’re here, wait a few minutes for me, I need to finish drinking the milk.” 

He Di, “You can take your time today. I came early because you can’t get out of bed usually. But Jinbei, you are punctual today.” 

Su Jinbei pointed to Zhou Shiyun, “My baby said, it’s good to get up early for breakfast in the morning. He Di, we have to listen to what the doctor says.” 

Zhou Shiyun’s hand holding a fork paused, my… baby? 

He Di had black lines running down her face, this was Su Jinbei? Was this f*cking really the Su Jinbei who could only get up at noon and didn’t get up in the morning, who didn’t even have breakfast in her dictionary?! 

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