Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 5.3

Chapter 5.3 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 1)

     After he waited for Mu Cheng and his group to leave, he returned to the laboratory to wait for the two students. After more than ten minutes, the two children who selected the topic for their thesis and asked him to look at it were late. It is estimated that the two dared to come to Ai Jingchu together because of their mutual courage. 
     After finishing his work, Ai Jingchu was going to go home to sleep, but the jet lags still affected him. The flight was delayed last night, and he finally got home in the middle of the night. He hardly closed his eyes and went to the hospital to see Mu Chenghe early in the morning. It was too cold last night, a lot cooler than a few days ago. He felt that he had a cold and seemed to have a fever. Ai Jingchu ate something made by Aunt Li, went upstairs and lay on his bed. He glanced at the date on the screen of his mobile phone. Tomorrow is January 19th. He has to keep his spirits up no matter what. Thinking of this, he closed his eyes and forced himself to fall asleep immediately. 
     At the same time, Zeng Lizheng and Ma Yiyi were preparing their luggage for Dongshan. 
     Dongshan is about a two-hour high-speed drive from City A. The road conditions are very good. There are many temples on the mountain and a wide range of believers. It is also a famous hot spring village. 
    Every Friday afternoon, the library will be closed early, and all employees will participate in political learning. This time for group activities, the curator pretended to help himself and save time for political study. At noon, he notified everyone to get off work early and sent a car for everyone to take action first. Ma Yiyi was suddenly too busy in the store, so she asked Zeng Li to leave with her colleagues and said that she would drive later. 
     When the large army drove to the resort hotel on the mountainside of Dongshan, it was only after three o'clock in the afternoon. After Sister Wu from the labour union allocated the room, everyone put down their luggage and took their equipment to soak in the hot spring. Zeng Li thought of Ma Yiyi in her heart, so from time to time, she paid attention to whether there were calls on her mobile phone. 
     It wasn't until dinner time that Ma Yiyi called, “I'm OK, finally! ”
     “Where are you now? Do you want me to wait for you to eat? ”
     “No, just prepare the room and wait for me. I have eaten something just now, and now I will go on the highway right away. It is estimated that I will arrive at Dongshan Toll Station at 8 o'clock. "Ma Yiyi replied. 
     “Oh, then I will wait for you at the intersection of the mountain at the foot of the mountain. ”
     “Don't,” Ma Yiyi hurriedly stopped, “if you tell me the way from the bottom of the mountain, I can just drive up. ”
     “No, it's too late. I don't worry if you drive the night car alone and walk the mountain road. " Zeng Li said categorically. 
     Colleagues had their dinner, some have an appointment for an evening game, some are going to soak in hot springs, and some are going to see the night view. Zeng Li didn't bother anyone, so she took her things and prepared to go out alone. 
    It's actually very simple for tourists to go down the mountain. If you don't have a self-driving car, you can take a sightseeing cable car to get off the cliff and you would arrive in more than half an hour. The cable car is open from 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening. After Zeng Li asked the hotel staff at the front desk about the timetable of the cable car going up and down the mountain, he hurried over, just in time for others to get off work. 
     Under the mountain is the ancient street of Dongshan Town. 
     It is said that it is an ancient street, but it was actually repaired in the later stage for the development of tourism. The planning in the previous few years was not very good, but it has been quite chaotic until now. There are countless people who run private cars on the street, solicit customers for family hotels, sell souvenirs, and even introduce tourists to high-level monks. As the night fell, a lot of people dispersed, but there were still some lingering around Zeng Li. From time to time, they asked if she wanted to ask the master to take a good look, whether she wanted to live in a shop, or take a car up the mountain, and some people rode motorcycles around on the road to solicit business. 
     Seeing that it was still early, Zeng Li strolled around the town's largest daily grocery store which is just a small supermarket less than 100 square meters. She didn't buy things, she just used it to kill time, so she walked from this corner to that corner, and stood in front of the shelf and read the ingredient list of many products. Later, the boss in the supermarket almost thought she was here to look around, so she simply sent a salesperson to stand next to her and stare at her. In order to prove her innocence, she had to awkwardly pick up two bottles of water and take them to the cashier to pay. 
     When Zeng Li went out with the two bottles of water, she felt that he had bought the worst thing. She didn't bring a bag, she took some change out of convenience, so she could put both hands in her clothes pockets to keep warm, but now she has to hold a bottle of cold mineral water on a cold and windy night. If she just throw it away like this, it would be too wasteful. 
    She returned to the entrance of the town again and waited for Ma Yiyi under the archway that was the only way to go up the mountain. Seeing that the crowd was getting scarcer and scarcer, there were almost no passers-by except for the security guards in the parking lot. At this moment, the mobile phone rang. 
     “Xiaoyu, it's not good! " Ma Yiyi opened her mouth and said anxiously. 

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