Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.1 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 2)

Suddenly someone next to him laughed, “You kid, not pulling customers for your car, when did you start a hotel business?" ”
     “Didn't my wife and her sister just open a hotel? Introducing business. ”
     The man muttered in a low voice: "You want to introduce this beautiful woman to your own house because your wife is not at home, right? ”
     The voice was very small, but it was extremely clear, which immediately made a few people on the side of the road laugh. 
     Zeng Li stood still at a loss, and was about to call Wu Ying or a colleague for help when someone across the road called her, “Girl, little girl! ” The uncle who guarded the mountain gate just now pointed at her breathlessly and shouted, “Hey—didn't you say you were going up the mountain?" There is a car! There is a car! ”
     It turned out that as soon as Zeng Li left, a car went down the mountain. The other party happened to go down the mountain to buy medicine in town, so he stopped and asked this uncle which way to go to the pharmacy. As a result, the uncle kept an eye on him at the time and asked if he would go back. Therefore, when he got the news, the uncle rushed here to find Zeng Li before he even had time to take an umbrella and braved the light rain. 
     “I saw that the young man driving the car was quite decent, not like a bad guy. Go and talk him. ”Uncle said. 
     Zeng Li was moved to thank him. 
     “Don't linger, hurry up and find him. What if we delay and he leaves? " As he said, the old man pointed in the direction, and did not forget to urge anxiously, “Hurry up!” It is a car with a black City A license plate. ”
     Zeng Li didn't dare to delay and trotted towards the pharmacy far down the street. 
     The lightbox with the signboard at the entrance of the pharmacy was very bright, and Zeng Li saw it at a glance after turning a corner. When she ran closer, she found that a black off-road vehicle with A City license plate was parked not far from the pharmacy. 
    She seemed to have caught a little hope, panting and speeding up. 
     She got closer and closer to the pharmacy, and she could basically see the counter of the pharmacy and the figure in front of the door. The man turned his back to her, she couldn't see his face clearly, and couldn't verify whether the “not like a bad guy” that his uncle said was true. Then, the man turned an angle and descended two steps, walked out of the pharmacy, and then, Zeng Li saw the side profile of the other party. 
     Handsome eyebrows and tight lips. 
     That person was actually Ai Jingchu. 
     For a while, Zeng Li felt as if she had been lost in a claustrophobic and dark underground cave for a long time. Suddenly, she found a passage with bright sunlight, and it seemed that she was forced to be bound in the sea, when she almost suffocated, she suddenly had fresh oxygen. 
     She trotted and shouted, “Teacher Ai. ”
     He seemed to hear it, but he didn't seem to hear it again. He slowed down and glanced behind him uncertainly, while Zeng Li was standing in the dark across the street, across the road, people and trees just blocked his sight. 
     After that, she called a second time when she crossed the road. 
     A motorcycle with a subwoofer happened to pass by, and the music was deafening. When it flashed by, it happened to cover up Zeng Li's voice. 
     He was tall and long-legged, and he was about to take a few steps back to the car to clear the dust. 
     Zeng Li panicked and didn't care so much. She ran to catch up. With all her strength, she grabbed his sleeve from behind, and at the same time, she shouted his first name and last name in her mouth.:
     “Ai Jingchu! ”
     Ai Jingchu turned around in surprise and saw Zeng Li. 
    Many years later, Ai Jingchu can still recall this scene. On a rainy winter night, in an over-developed tourist town, the girl with a flushed nose and face and panting for breath stood in a panic on the disordered and muddy sidewalk, pulling his clothes and calling his name loudly. Probably because of the cold wind, her eyes were moist and shiny with tears. A few strands of hair on her forehead were stuck to her skin in a mess, and she was holding two bottles of mineral water strangely in her arms. 

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