Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 5.4

Chapter 5.4 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 1)

     “What's the matter? "Zeng Li asked. 
     “My grandma fell! ”
     “Is it serious? ”
     “I don't know, I'm going to Wu Ying's hospital. I might have to turn around and go back right away. ”
     “Then hurry back. "Zeng Li also became anxious for her. 
     “Ah, Wu Ying's call came in. I don't know if my grandma has been taken to the hospital yet. Not sure if the situation has changed, I will talk to her first. "Ma Yiyi said. 
     “Sure! "Zeng Li hung up the phone quickly. 
     Zeng Li stood alone in the wind, waiting for news from Ma Yiyi. 
     After two minutes, Ma Yiyi's call came for the second time. 
     “How's it going? "Zeng Li asked. 
     “Wu Ying asked for my father's phone number, and they can contact directly, so as not to delay time when I passed the message. ”
     “That's good. ”
     “Can you fine alone? " Ma Yiyi suddenly remembered the situation on Zeng Li's side, “Are you waiting for me at the foot of the mountain?" It's better for me to come to pick you up first, anyway, I'll be there in 20 minutes. ”
     “It's okay, I have a few colleagues who came with me. They went to the streets to play anyway, and they will drive back to the hotel in a while. Just leave me alone, hurry up and find the nearest toll booth and turn around and go to the hospital to see your grandma. " Zeng Li knew Grandma's position in Ma Yiyi's heart and had already used the few minutes just now to figure out how to coax her. 
     “Truly? ”
    “Truly. "Zeng Li said, “More true than pearls." 
     Ma Yiyi pretended to be annoyed with her and said, “The next time you swear, can you change your lines? ”
     Zeng Li couldn't help laughing herself. 
     After the call was hung up, Zeng Li was left alone in the night, and only then did she start to worry about her situation. 
     She walked to the security pavilion and asked the security guard: "Uncle, do you know if there are still cars going up the mountain? ”
     The man was originally watching TV in a chair and baking the electric heater. He heard a voice and raised his head and said, “The cable cars and buses have closed early. Weren't there many private cars soliciting customers here just now? You go to the street over there and ask. ”
     “Oh. ”
     “However, it's late now, and many people don't run mountain roads anymore. You have to take some trouble. ”
     “Oh, thank you. ”
     “Why did a little girl think of going up so late? Why were you doing when it was early? "The uncle muttered. 
     Zeng Li smiled, did not answer, and walked towards the street he pointed to. 
     As a result, she finally stopped a taxi without even asking where she was going. They said that she was not carrying passengers as she came home from getting off work. A driver driving a private car on the opposite side said loudly: “Sister, where are you going? I'll drive you! The price is negotiable. How can there be taxis in our countryside? Everyone is going home. ”
     Zeng Li didn't dare to get in the car, didn't even dare to answer, only dared to walk forward. The car drove slowly, followed her for a while, and when he saw that she was determined, she went to recruit other businesses. Zeng Li continued to look at the taxi on the side of the road. How would she have known, as the fat driver said just now, it was impossible to get a regular taxi in this place. 
     It's raining again. 
    Her heart became more and more panicked. Before she was unwilling to throw the two bottles of mineral water, she moved to one side of her arms, released a hand to touch the money in her pocket, and secretly blamed herself for being too careless when she went out. Finally, she made up her mind, returned to the private car with a bang, and asked, "Master, will you go to the Dongshan Hotel on the mountain? How much does this cost? ”
     The fat driver originally opened the window to smoke, but was stunned when he heard Zeng Li's words, and asked, "You said you want to go to the scenic spot?" ”
     “Yes." Zeng Li nodded. 
     “After so long, you are going up the mountain? "The fat driver had the expression of “why didn't you say it earlier”, and waved his hand while refusing, “It's too slippery, not going!” Not going!”
     Zeng Li was dumbfounded for a moment, this was a situation she hadn't expected at all. She just thought that even if the cable car and scenic sightseeing bus got off work, even if Ma Yiyi couldn't come in an emergency, even if there was no taxi, even if the black car took advantage of her weak position to overcharge her, it would be easy to solve things. 
     Someone on the other side of the road also said: “It's raining lightly now, and the mountain must be frozen, and the tires are going to slip. ”
     The fat driver said again: "And after sending you off, I have to rush back down the mountain overnight. Last time we had a friend who sent a guest for some money on a snowy day, but when he came back, he slid out of the corner and almost lost his life. ” After speaking, he ignored Zeng Li. 
     Someone said, "Sister, if you are not in a hurry, I can introduce you to a place to stay, and you can go up the mountain tomorrow, ok?”

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