Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 33.1

Chapter 33.1 - Don’t Cry (1)

Zhou Shiyun no longer restrained Producer Jiang on the ground. He turned to look at Su Jinbei, “Are you all right?”

Su Jinbei nodded reluctantly, “It’s manageable, but my back hurts a little.”

Zhou Shiyun frowned, reaching for her, “Can you walk?”


Her back hurt so much at the first impact, but she felt much better after taking some deep breaths. But although she could walk now, she still wanted to put most of her weight on Zhou Shiyun’s body and let him take her away.

Su Jinbei recalled the moment when she was pressed down by the fat pig, it was impossible to say that she was not afraid at all. But she knew that he would show up, the waiter would definitely go to their room to notify him after seeing her offend someone. It’s just that Producer Jiang was so bold that he exceeded her expectations and almost took advantage of her.

In conclusion, it was because he was there that she dared to fight with this group of people so brazenly…

“Jinbei.” Xia Lu ran up, “Jinbei, are you okay.”

Su Jinbei bit the corner of his mouth, reaching for Xia Lu’s hand, “Come out with me.”

Xia Lu lowered her head, her lips were a bit pale.

After the three of them went out, the group of troublesome people in the room looked ashamed.

Zhou Zhengxian listened to the waiter’s recount inside, he was expressionless, but his eyes made the people looking scared sh*tless. His eyes were obviously calm, but it was more like the calm before the storm.

Boss He sighed silently in his heart. This group of people, they shouldn’t be offending anyone and yet they dared to offend people of the Zhou family. The Zhou family was famous for being protective of their kind, these people no longer had any future.

Zhou Shiyun took Su Jinbei back to the original room, and Xia Lu followed silently and waited for Su Jinbei to sit down before she said, “Jinbei, since Mr. Zhou is here to take care of you, then I, I will go… “

“Xia Lu,” Su Jinbei pulled her, “Why.”

Xia Lu was startled, “There is no reason.”

Su Jinbei was furious, “No reason? Why would you let that pervert touch you for no reason! For one drama, are you really that willing to sell yourself?!”

Xia Lu took a deep breath and wiped her tears fiercely, “You are not me!”


“Yes, I sold myself for a drama.” Xia Lu suddenly turned around and looked at her, “Jinbei, you won’t understand, if I don’t do this, I will never be recognized, hell, I will never be able to act. “

Su Jinbei, “How come, you had roles even when you weren’t doing this.”

“And what kind of roles were they, fourth female lead? Fifth female lead? Or an extra?” Xia Lu smiled sadly, “I have no background, my family is poor! So I want to make money, I want to make a lot of money. Su Jinbei, how could a young lady from a rich family understand this! You say you’re fine as long as you can act, I’m not like that! I want to be famous! I want to climb up! “

“I’m different from you. You are pretty, you have money, oh right,” Xia Lu glanced at Zhou Shiyun. “Your boyfriend seems to be an extraordinary character. You see… you have everything. While I have to go through extreme, extreme, extreme difficulties to get what you easily have. So don’t look down on me, will you? We just have different starting points. “

Su Jinbei stared at Xia Lu, she never knew Xia Lu had these thoughts in her heart. When they first became friends, Xia Lu also spent money extravagantly, she never thought Xia Lu was from a poor family. It’s not that they never brought up talk about their families, it’s just that every time the topic was brought up, there wasn’t much to say…

Unspoken rules? Su Jinbei could not connect such words with Xia Lu.

“This is still not reason enough for you to accompany people.” Su Jinbei’s eyes reddened, “Xia Lu, we are friends, you can discuss with me if you have problems, I can help you.”

Xia Lu chuckled softly, “You help me… Jinbei, do you remember, we only got close to each other in our third year of university. At that time I envied you so much, you wore the best clothes and carried the best bags. I was always trying to keep up with you, I didn’t want you to look down on me. I accepted commercials, photoshoots, and a lot of small roles… I worked hard to make money at that time, the entire time hoping to shine brightly by your side. I didn’t want you to see my weaknesses! Heh, won’t you say I was faking it too much, I was too greedy and wanted to be the best? But all I wanted was a little dignity. However, now this little dignity is probably gone, you can look down on me.”

“Xia Lu…” Su Jinbei’s heart was empty and devastated.

“Say no more, Jinbei, everyone has their own lives.” Xia Lu wiped her tears away, and she bit the corner of her mouth, revealing an unsightly smile. “I’m going now, I think… I need some time. “

“Xia Lu!” Su Jinbei abruptly stood up, and the bruise on her back made her bend down in pain. Zhou Shiyun quickly reached out to hold her.

Su Jinbei frowned and looked at Xia Lu walking towards the door, “I will never look down on you! No matter who you are, what happens to you, I won’t!”

Xia Lu paused in her steps and bit her lip to prevent herself from crying. She did not dare to look back. Everything that happened today made her reveal her most vulnerable side in front of her. She didn’t know how to face Su Jinbei.

Xia Lu trembled as she opened the door, and finally, she no longer hesitated and went out.

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