Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.1 - An Exemplary Beauty (Part 2)

He has always believed that the treatment given to patients by orthodontics should be both psychological and physical. 
     While thinking about this, the phone vibrated a few times, and he took it out to take a look. It was a text message from an unfamiliar number: Is this Ai Jingchu? 
     Ai Jingchu stood up, left the living room, walked to the balcony outside the dining room and dialled the phone back.    “Is this Ai Jingchu? ”The man on the other end of the phone asked. 
     “I am. ” He replied. 
     “I'm Yu Yi, man, your number hasn't changed. Are you free? Come out to catch up? ”

     After making an appointment for a meeting place, Ai Jingchu said a few words to the old man and drove out. 
     Yu Yi was a classmate of his while studying in Philadelphia. He said he was a classmate, but he was actually just an alumnus. One holiday, Yu Yi's landlord, the old lady, passed away. Her children and grandchildren were about to sell their real estate. Suddenly, he had no house to live in. They happened to know that Ai Jingchu, a fellow in medical school, had spare rooms, so they asked him for help. Later, the two gradually became friends. After a few years, Yu Yi went to Singapore, and Ai Jingchu returned to teach at A university. 
     In the bar, Yu Yi's first words when he saw Ai Jingchu were: “This kid hasn't changed at all. ”
     Yu Yi is slightly older than Ai Jingchu, but when he first came to Penn University for medicine from China, Ai Jingchu was about to graduate. 
     At that time, Ai Jingchu was a well-known young top student in the circle. His age and grades were all amazing. According to his conditions, he could go to a top medical school, but he stayed in Pennsylvania. He usually doesn't like to interact with people, and he always kept a distance from strangers, he rarely reads gossip, but on the other hand, Yu Yi has a sweet mouth and an easy-going personality. Naturally, he attracts girls more than he does. 
    Ai Jingchu glanced at him and sat down. 
     “Still teaching? "Yu Yi asked. 
     “Ok. ”
     “Got a wife? ”
     “No. ”After answering, Ai Jingchu asked back for the first time, “How about you?" ”
     “Me? "Yu Yi smiled, “It's the same as usual." ”
     Yu Yi said again: “You are the only one who is ungrateful. I made several phone calls, but it is either the phone didn't go through, or you couldn't come as you had something to do. ”
     “How many days are you back for? "Ai Jingchu asked. 
     “I will leave in the evening. I am back home for a seminar and flying off at eleven o'clock. ”
     Ai Jingchu nodded and turned to ask, "What do you want to drink? ”
     “Let's not return without getting drunk? ”
     “I want to drive, don't you have to take a plane? "Ai Jingchu said. 
     “Teasing you. " Yu Yi smiled, "I have quit drinking. I can't drink like I did when I was studying. I have to be restrained. If my hands are shaking in a few years, how can I have surgery?" ”
     Yu Yi then suggested: "Let's have some beer. ”
     Hearing this, Ai Jingchu turned around and asked the waiter to get the wine. 
     Yu Yi sighed: “You used to be better than me in everything. You shouldn't have returned home. It's better to develop outside. ”
     “You have sisters who can take care of things at home, which is different from me. "Ai Jingchu replied. 
     The two of them touched their glasses without a word, and after a while, half a dozen of them drank beer. When the time was almost up, Yu Yi took a taxi to the airport. Ai Jingchu put him in the car and stood alone on the side of the street. He has good alcohol tolerance but he doesn't like to drink. Maybe, as Yu Yi said, he requires fine work on his hands, so he can't drink too much. At this moment, he doesn't dare to drive anymore. 
    He looked at his watch, expecting that the old man must have fallen asleep, so he simply walked a few laps by himself to relax. 
     It was originally sunny during the day, with the sun shining brightly, but at night it was colder with little wind. He came out of Bar Street, walked around the square by the river, and then went back. 
     At this moment, when the bar street was lively, two young girls came out from inside. A child of about six or seven years old stood up from the steps in the dark and followed, “Sister, I'm hungry. Give me some money. ” He repeated it several times while walking, even grabbing the corners of their clothes. 

     The two girls couldn't help it. Looking at the dirty child next to them, they took some change from their wallets and gave it to him. The child stopped happily and raised the banknotes in his hand across the street. In an instant, a group of dirty children suddenly jumped out of the darkness, like a swarm of hornets with a signal, rushed over from the other side of the road, and chased the two girls together, with the words in their mouths: “I'm hungry, give me some money. ”
     The two girls were so frightened by this battle that they turned around and ran into the bar where they had just come out to ask for help. 
     The security guard of the bar heard the news, and walked out and yelled, and the children scattered in pieces again. 

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