Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2.3

   For the first time, Ji Nanfang felt a little at a loss. Many people shed tears in front of him, and many people left him crying, but he never thought that Shoushou would cry in front of him. In his heart, she was just that stubborn little girl. In fact, she was still crying like a child, crying like a child, exhausted all her strength, and even her body trembled slightly when she cried. He thought, what would be so painful to make this carefree little girl so painful. He gave her his handkerchief, but she didn't answer. Passers-by have already looked sideways frequently, and he asked, “Shou Shou, will you come to my car first?" ”


   She just cried. He half-forced her to get into his car. She seemed to want to grab something, but she didn't have anything, so she only grabbed the clothes on her chest. With such force, he once mistakenly thought that she was trying to pull her own heart out. She cried until she curled up in a ball, like a small baby, and like a very weak animal. At first, the howling gradually lost strength, and in the end, there was only a whimper, and her lips turned purple from crying. He was a little worried that she would faint, so he hugged her like a child: "Shou Shou, don't cry, Shou Shou...”


  He called her nickname one after another, and she was still trembling all over, like a child who had closed her breath. After a long time, she sobbed. The fingers that were holding her chest were finally released, but she immediately grabbed his jacket again. , Like a little koala, lying softly there. He asked carefully: "Shall I take you home? ”


   Her lips were still trembling, and she finally choked and said a word: “I don’t want to go back. ”


   “Then first stop crying. "He was a little worried, and a little bit indescribably upset: “Have you had dinner yet? Shall I treat you to dinner?” ”


   When she was a child, she was greedy, and she still was like this when she grew up. Ye Shenkuan and Ye Shenrong invited her to dinner as soon as they offended her, and so did he. 


   “I don't want to eat. ”She sobbed all over his body, her fingers still clinging to his jacket, Ji Nanfang finally remembered that this was still a problem that she had when she was five years old. The weather was very hot that summer. They were in Beidai Lake. A group of children played crazy and forgot about the high tide. She was stuck in the depths of the water alone, watching the waves rush over, and she forgot to cry. When she was finally rescued, she clung to the adult's jacket tightly, just like now, she didn’t calm down for a long time, let alone cry. Later, whenever she was frightened or sad, she always subconsciously grabbed someone, as if she was about to drown, with a kind of desperate shock. 


   Ji Nanfang drove around the inner ring road, and then asked her, "Shall I take you home?"


   Shoushou was exhausted from crying, her face was swollen, and she shook her head almost stubbornly, just didn't want to go home. 


   Ji Nanfang had no choice but to get off the auxiliary road nearby and drive the car forward. 


  Shoushou curled up in the back seat, feeling a little tired, and wanted to sleep in a daze. After only closing her eyes for a while, Ji Nanfang had already stopped the car and patted her face lightly: "Shoushou, wake up. ”His voice is very low, a bit like her eldest cousin. When she was a child, she was disobedient and was locked up in the piano room by her grandmother. Her cousin handed her snacks from the window, just like now, he called her and stuffed her with delicious cookies. Cookies. She was a little lost in her sleep, opened her eyes, and saw that it was Ji Nanfang, but she didn't want to talk for a while. 


   It was an apartment. They went directly upstairs from the underground parking lot. The personal butler was waiting at the door of the elevator. He was in a well-behaved British style, but he spoke Chinese: “Mr Ji, good evening. ”

   Shoushou remembered that when she went to Ye Shenrong's place once, the personal butler was also standing at the door of the elevator, but his words were in English. She thought of the mouthful lines in the movie: “An authentic London accent has a lot of face. ” She couldn't help laughing, so she had to grin desperately. The more I endured it, the more I couldn't help it. The housekeeper was a bit puzzled by the smile, but the professional indeed has professional quality. Even if she smiled like that, he still smiled politely in return. 

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