Cinderella’s Dream: Together Forever 佳期如梦之今生今世 Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3

She was a little angry: “I will be nineteen soon, what's so young? When you were nineteen years old, your girlfriends changed several times. ”


 This sentence almost didn't choke Ye Shenkuan to death. Later, Ye Shenkuan sighed to Ji Nanfang: "Hey, even Shoushou has started to have boyfriends. We are really old. ”


 “Bullshit! "Ji Nanfang sneered at Ye Dazi, who was holding a beautiful woman and a glass of wine, “You are only two years older than me. You are thinking about the return of the prodigal son who washed his hands in a golden basin so early?" It's better to go home with your wife now. ”


 “Don't say,” Ye Shenkuan, who has recently been newly married, is not without pride, “There are still benefits to getting married. Why? It's convenient to play. As long as your wife doesn't speak, the old man must turn a blind eye. Anyway, even his wife doesn't squeak. What else can the old man say? So in the south, get married, it's over, this is the benefit of getting married. ”


 There were also women around Ji Nanfang, so she was half angry and half annoyed, and said, “Oh, it's terrible to say something like this. ”


 Ji Nanfang didn't have any worries, pinched her chin and laughed: “Our group of people, everyone is terrible, you, you have fallen into the mouth of a tiger. ”The two of them laughed and made trouble for a while until they got tired of it. 


 Riding a horse that day, there was a small accident. Zhang Keru finally fell off the back of the horse and twisted his foot. She don't know if she hurt any bones, but Zhang Keru fell on the battlefield and couldn't stand up for a long time. 


 No one cared. Even Ji Nanfang just called the driver and asked him to take Zhang Keru to the hospital, but Shoushou said, “I will accompany her to the hospital." ”


Now even Zhang Keru was very surprised and said in a loud voice: "Miss Ye, no need, I can go by myself, you are fun, don't spoil the fun. ”


 “I will accompany you. ”Shou Shou insists. 


 Ji Nanfang didn't take it too seriously: “Then you can accompany her. "Casually instructed the driver, “Take care of Miss Ye." ”

 Shoushou laughed and laughed, obviously Zhang Keru was the one who was injured. After getting in the car, Zhang Keru apologized a little bit: “There is really no need to trouble you like this. ”

 Shoushou felt guilty in her heart, but in fact, she just wanted to find an excuse to run away. Because of this sense of guilt, she accompanied Zhang Keru to register her registration very seriously and helped her into the elevator. After the x-ray was scanned, the driver helped to pick it up. She sat on the bench with Zhang Keru and waited. As a result, a nurse passed by and immediately recognized Zhang Keru. , Very conscientiously let out the screams of fans, and then a group of people gathered around, rushing to sign autographs. 


 Zhang Keru didn't have any shelves. She smiled and signed autographs for them. Shou Shou was separated from a group of people. She rarely felt a little funny when she was left out and excluded in this way. In fact, this Keru is very young, not much older than her. She has picturesque eyebrows and a delicate face, with her small face, she must look good on camera. 


 Zhang Keru frowned on the car back: “Oh goodness gracious. If I can't start work in ten and a half days, my company will scold me to death when I go back. ”


She is very afraid of her agent, who is said to be the most famous face in the industry with a sour face and a hard heart, and has won countless big names, so Zhang Keru is afraid that she will die. Zhang Keru quickly took Shoushou and went to dinner with her: “If I’m going to die, I Should be a full ghost first, and then call him when I'm full, so that he won't scold me and not allow me to eat. ”


 Such a delicate and beautiful person is even more moving when she whines. Shoushou can't help but beg her softly to accompany her to dinner. 

Zhang Keru is from Hunan. She eats spicy food and is also addicted to spicy food. The two of them have the same taste and eat a table of dishes. Zhang Keru sucked her breath, her lips were flushed, and the corners of her mouth curled slightly, indescribably charming and beautiful: “It's so happy, I usually don't let myself eat it, because I'm afraid it will affect my throat. ”


 Shoushou was curious for a while: “They don't even let you eat casually? ”


 “Yeah, I don't want to eat too much. It's just salads and fruits every day. I couldn't help but eat a pair of chicken wings last time. As a result, the body coach asked me to jog on the treadmill for three hours. Oh, I died tragically. ”


 The girl in her early twenties, who was still a little childish, made a grimace: "Anyway, I am inexcusable this time, since I just broke the law, I should go all the way. ”


 With that said, Shoushou thought Zhang Keru was actually quite interesting. 

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