Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 1.4

Chapter 1.4 - Wheel of Fortune (Part 1)

     It was a cold and windy winter evening, and it was not a weekend, and Carol's was a little deserted. 
     Ma Yiyi was foaming the latte. 
     The little girl Doudou, who works in the shop, had nothing to do. She took out the tarot cards in the drawer and played for a while. A guest called for water. She put the cards on the table and went to work. 
     Zeng Li casually help her keep the cards together, but a card fell on the ground. 
     "Wheel of Fortune” 
     She looked at the card and put it back in place in silence. After a while, she took out the follow-up card in her bag and unfolded the small paper card. 
     The inner page of the card says the time for the next follow-up visit, and then she turns it back. There are the names of the attending physician and the patient on the front, and “Zeng Li” is written on the top of “Ai Jingchu”. 
     Actually, he didn't know her. 
     As for her, she guess didn't “know” him too. 
    However, that wheel of Fortune is really a strange thing. 
     After half a month, when she went to the follow-up clinic, her gums had almost recovered. Nowadays, she can't laugh too presumptuously, otherwise, she would grin and show a missing tooth on the left and right sides of her mouth, which would be very embarrassing. 
     This time she took her toothbrush, toothpaste, and water cup with her, and brushed her teeth carefully before going in. 
     As soon as she was lying on the treatment bed, Zhou Wen invited Ai Jingchu to come over. 
     He opened the drawer next to him, replaced the gloves in his hand with a new pair, and then sat down. Several students who were listening also surrounded Zeng Li, turned on the lights, lowered their heads, and looked at her teeth like a giant panda. Among them, there was also a big-bodied black student. 
    As soon as he opened his mouth, Ai Jingchu spoke everything in English. Zeng Li didn't understand a word of the unfamiliar and lengthy professional vocabulary but saw him comparing pictures of her teeth while talking. 
     She did not dare to look at him. 
     Zeng Li has been afraid of doctors, teachers, and leaders in her life. If you have any headaches and brain fever, go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine and make do with it. If it hurts, go online and search to see if it's a big problem. If it's just a minor problem, bear it by yourself. In short, if you can hide, just hide. 
     Zeng Li didn't dare to look at anyone above her head. She could only be used as a living teaching model, opening her mouth stiffly and looking straight ahead. But after a while, the orange light dazzled her, but she couldn't move casually. 
     She squinted her eyes, a little uncomfortable. 
    He was talking about the depth of the upper and lower teeth covering the jaw. The phrase “overbite-depth indicator” in his mouth paused for a while, and at the same time, he used the back of his gloved hand to dial down the handle of the lampshade waves. The angle of the lamp was fine-tuned, and the light could no longer pierce her eyes. 
     Afterwards, after they finished fiddling, Ai Jingchu gave Zhou Wen a few words of advice and then turned to the next patient. Zhou Wen asked the nurse to help and took a dental model for Zeng Li. 
     Zhou Wen said, “Next time, you can come on a weekend. ”
     “You also work on weekends? ”
     “No, it's almost winter vacation. If I don't rush to make it for you, you will delay it for another month. Moreover, if you are doing full-mouth Dental braces, it will take several hours to stick. On normal days when Teacher Ai visits the outpatient clinic, there are too many patients. There are more than a hundred people. How can we even manage? I will work overtime for you on weekends alone. ”
     Zeng Li smiled embarrassedly, “Sorry for troubling you. ”
     “Teacher Ai handed your case to me, this is my business. By the way, you can write down your number here. If you have something to consult, the nurse will receive your call and tell you where you can find me. Teacher Ai doesn't have time to answer the phone. ”
     She followed Zhou Wen's gaze and saw that another new patient was coming. Ai Jingchu was standing there with his back to them and was communicating with others. Every patient, even if they just come for follow-up, he must personally look at it, ask questions, and then teach the students in charge of the patient what to do next, and finally examine and approve their diagnosis. 
     There are very few superfluous words in his words, and he doesn't laugh. He has almost nothing to do with the words “approachable” and “amicable.” It's no wonder that he always feels stern. 
    “Is it okay this weekend? "Zeng Li asked. 
     “This week," Zhou Wen thought for a while, “I have to make mould first, and then compare the sizes. I'm afraid it's too rushed. Let's do it next weekend. I haven't left for home at that time yet. It will definitely work. ”
     “Oh, that's good. ”
     “Nine o'clock, I’m just waiting for you only. If you don't come, you must call me in advance, otherwise, I will wait in vain." Zhou Wen said, took Zeng Li's follow-up card and wrote the time and date.

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