Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 27.2

Chapter 27.2 - A Seasoned Expert (2)

His eyes were laser-focused. They were clearly icy cold, yet she felt a tinge of warmth, “Where, where am I red?”

Zhou Shiyun reached out and grabbed her face, “Your face.”

Su Jinbei put her hand over her cheek, “This, this is from blush! You know, makeup blush!”

Zhou Shiyun thought for a while, “Did you not just take a bath.” That implied that she should have removed her makeup.

Su Jinbei choked, and braced herself to stare at him, and silently murmured in her heart: She was a prodigious master! She’s here to tease Zhou Shiyun! How could she be at a disadvantage!

“I took a bath but I haven’t washed my face,” Su Jinbei looked on arrogantly, “Also, I’m a seasoned expert, why would my face be red?”

A seasoned expert? Zhou Shiyun kept his thoughts and only said, “Is that so?”

“Yeah, you don’t believe me?”

Zhou Shiyun clenched his teeth, “Not. At. All.”

Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes. Maybe because she felt looked down on or because the beauty in front of her was overwhelming, either way, when she realized what she was doing, her body had already unconsciously jumped up and wrapped around Zhou Shiyun’s body like a koala.

Zhou Shiyun didn’t respond in time and was knocked back by her a few steps. He was finally backed against the bookshelf, but the person in front of him…

She had her hands hooked around his neck, legs around his waist and her lips covering his… No, more like biting his lips. At this moment her beautiful eyes glared into his as if to say: are you convinced now?!

Zhou Shiyun’s heart thumped hard and his usually clear mind was now dazed and confused.

Su Jinbei happily bit on. As expected of the beautiful Dr. Zhou, his lips were even softer than jelly.

Su Jinbei clung onto him in the first place and after a while, she was bound to come down. But, just as she was about to let go and jump down, a pair of powerful hands suddenly caught her ankle. The warm, slightly calloused fingertips gripped onto her skin. Su Jinbei was stunned for a moment. Her entire body was twirled in this position.

The earth spun, she was now pressed against the bookcase. She was no longer the attacker, instead, she was now the one with her lips being bitten.

He was very close, the two’s slightly quick breathing and the friction of their clothing mixed in the quiet air, charming, ambiguous. Su Jinbei was a daring person, but she had no real experience. Zhou Shiyun, who she had originally thought wouldn’t react, was suddenly taking initiative, she was now stupefied in her terror.

“En…” The entanglement of lips and teeth made her subconsciously moan, and it was precisely this moan that awakened the two intoxicated people.

Zhou Shiyun’s lips retreated a few centimeters, his eyes deep.

Su Jinbei blinked and gasped for air.

“A seasoned expert?” Zhou Shiyun’s voice was no longer cold, instead, it contained a trace of fierceness, “As I see it, you’re lacking experience.”

Su Jinbei, “…”

Zhou Shiyun put her down and whispered softly, “Remember to think twice next time you speak.”

Su Jinbei, “!!!”

Su Jinbei was looked down upon, and it was by the celibate Zhou Shiyun who had never had a girlfriend.

She. Could. Not. Accept. This!

The next morning, Su Jinbei answered He Di’s call with a pair of panda eyes, “What now!”

He Di was startled, “What’s the matter, why are you so mad?”

Su Jinbei rolled on the bed, buried her face in the quilt, and murmured indistinctly, “My tofu was eaten and I was looked down on too!!”

For Su Jinbei, who prided herself having played with all the delicious little fresh meat of the entertainment world, being laughed at and called inexperienced was a big slap to the face!

He Di didn’t understand clearly, “What? What?”

“It’s nothing…”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.” He Di said, “Jinbei, I’m calling to tell you that the public’s opinion of you changed for the better today. Hey, is it an order from your family?”

Su Jinbei, “My family? Impossible, when I entered the entertainment circle, my mother emphasized that she would never care about me again. When did she ever help me clear up a scandal.”

“That’s true, then what’s going on with the news now…” He Di couldn’t figure it out, how come all of a sudden influential figures of the entertainment industry were coming to speak up for Su Jinbei?

“Could it be Dr. Zhou’s side?”

Su Jinbei, “No way, he was with me the whole day yesterday, I didn’t see him do anything.”

“Are you stupid, does he need to personally do this kind of thing? Now there is almost no news about the “mysterious fuerdai guy” Dr. Zhou on the Internet. It’s obviously been suppressed by somebody. Also, the rumours about you being a mistress have all been debunked, the entire internet is saying you’re a good woman.”

“Is that so.” Su Jinbei said, “I’ll look at it for myself, I’ll hang up first.”


Su Jinbei hung up the phone and quickly went online.

Sure enough, the number of antis was obviously down by a lot today, and the groups that were clearing her name were innumerable.

“Do stars have to get hate just because they’re dating? You groupies must be insane.”

“Just because she’s pretty she’s automatically a mistress? Where’s the evidence?”

“What do you mean exploiting a fuerdai? Su Jinbei’s own career is also booming, there is no need for her to find a sugar daddy. Even if she did get together with a fuerdai, they would be well-matched in social and economic status. There’s no such thing as her not being a good match for him.”

“Exactly, I even feel that the guy’s the winner here, she’s such a beautiful woman, hello?”

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