Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 27.1

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Chapter 27.1 - A Seasoned Expert (1)

Su Jinbei finished her shower, put on Zhou Shiyun’s shirt, and came out holding the clothes she changed out of.

“Zhou Shiyun, where to put these?” She asked the man who was standing in front of the bookshelf arranging things.

“For the ones that need washing, put it in the basket. For those that don’t need washing…” Zhou Shiyun turned around inadvertently. When he saw the scene in front of him, his gaze focused.

The lights over where she was were bright. The fog was barely discernible. A woman stood there lazily, with the softness and freshness of post-bathing.

Su Jinbei was tall, but his shirt was even longer, covering the middle of her thigh. But, only until the middle… A pair of long, supple, symmetrical long legs were naked. She wasn’t wearing slippers, and her beautiful white feet stepped directly on the tiles, clean and enchanting.

Just like Zhou Shiyun himself said, he was a doctor, the object he touched the most was the human body, men, women… he had long gotten used to it.

But Zhou Shiyun found out that there was still a difference between people. As Su Jinbei walked forward slowly at this moment, he seemed unable to stick to his former beliefs.

“Where to put those that don’t need washing?” Su Jinbei said.

Zhou Shiyun suppressed the restlessness in his heart and turned his gaze slightly. He put the book in his hand on the shelf and said, “Take it to your room.”

“Is my room ready?”


Su Jinbei freed one hand and patted his shoulder, “You’re quick, huh.”

The buttons of her shirt were not fully fastened. With her movement, he could see faint traces of her collarbones under her neck. Zhou Shiyun thought, his clothes were really too big for her…

Zhou Shiyun took her to her room, the guest room, but no one had ever slept in it before. He had only changed the bedsheets while she was in the shower.

Su Jinbei put down her clothes and walked around the room, “Zhou Shiyun, must your house be so uninviting.”

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, “Is it.”

“Yeah, it looks deserted. If it weren’t for the succulents still alive on the windowsill, I would have thought no one lived here.” Su Jinbei said with a smile, “Of course, after I move in, it’ll be much prettier.”

Zhou Shiyun stared at her, this lady would jump at any opportunity to toot her own horn.

“Hey, let me go see your room.” Su Jinbei was really curious if his room was as drab as the guest room. Thinking so, she grabbed Zhou Shiyun’s hand and dragged him out the door.

“This is your room?” Su Jinbei looked back at him, “I can go in and look, right? Know this, I’m asking as your fiancee.”

Zhou Shiyun watched his hand tightly held in hers, with slight humor in his tone, “You don’t need to emphasize that. Afraid I won’t open the door?”

Su Jinbei hooked her lips, put a hand on his chest, and slowly rubbed it like she had learned from the charming foxes in dramas. “Exactly, I’m scared you won’t open the door. For such an upright Dr. Zhou, without my special identity as your fiancee, how would I be able to get close to you, am I right? ”

Zhou Shiyun’s eyes lost focus. He grabbed her restless hand, “I think you should go back and choose a coat first.”

Su Jinbei was stubborn. She winked, and her two white jade-like arms glided smoothly over his shoulder. “The air conditioner is turned up so high, why would I need to pick a coat, ah… are you shy?”

Zhou Shiyun’s face changed mildly, it seemed she was spot on.

In Zhou Shiyun’s lifetime, excluding corpses and patients’ bodies, he had never been in such close proximity to a woman. One, because he was originally cold in nature. Two, because in his heart there was already a vague figure that he had resigned his fate to. A member of the Zhou family would stick to their promise; since he already had a fiancee, he would not mess with other women.

At this moment, that vague figure stood clearly in front of him. Although different from the woman he had imagined, deep down, he didn’t disapprove.

“Hey, are you shy?” Su Jinbei was immensely satisfied with herself. What did she say, white shirts were a man’s weakness!

Zhou Shiyun didn’t feel shy, it’s just that she was so close… he wasn’t used to this at all. He bypassed her and walked in. “Are you done looking? Once you’re done, go back to your own room and go to sleep.”

Su Jinbei teetered behind him, “You haven’t told me whether you’re shy or not…” She suddenly paused and looked at Zhou Shiyun with her big eyes. His back was to her, so she could clearly see his ears that were slightly glowing a light pink.

Su Jinbei swallowed, his ears were red? F*ck, what to do, he’s so cute?! Her Dr. Zhou was actually shy!

Zhou Shiyun heard that there was no movement for a long time behind him. He was about to turn around to look at her when his ears suddenly became cold.

The room was silent, and both were stunned.

One person reached out and pinched the other person’s ear, the other was caught off guard, the pink color deepened unwillingly.

Su Jinbei was just doing it instinctively. She felt it was cute, so she went to touch it. But she didn’t expect the one who would get scared would be herself. Compared to other things she had done, this was nothing… but her heart beat fast inexplicably.

“What are you doing.” He clasped her wrists, his eyes darkening.

Su Jinbei should have teased him, but now she couldn’t say anything.

“Your, your ears are red.”

Zhou Shiyun looked down at her. She took off her high heels and was shorter. Add to that her thinness, she looked small and exquisite in front of him. Zhou Shiyun clenched her wrists slightly, “En, so.”

“So, so it’s red.”

Zhou Shiyun pulled her to her side and leaned down slightly, “You’re the one who should be red.”

“En?” Su Jinbei looked up at him, they were eyes to eyes, chest to chest.

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